Monday, August 12, 2013

Workout Schedule for the Week of 8/12-8/18/2013

This begins the first week of Beta Phase for Focus T25!

I did Core Cardio early this morning and let me just say... oh my!  It is a jump in intensity from Alpha cardio that's for sure.  From the very start you are moving quickly - not so much of the "let's ease into it" kinda stuff.  The lunge progression at the very beginning was tough because I just ran a longer run yesterday.  There is a LOT more jumping/plyo movements in this workout, so be prepared for that if you're reading this and have not gotten to that point yet.  The interesting thing that I found about Core Cardio is that it is almost similar to last cycle's Speed 1.0 in that you go all out crazy for a few minutes on a higher impact move and then do some kind of lower impact move in between.  During Core Cardio, you have periods were you slow down and do holding/twisting moves to "focus on the core".... these are short, though because before you get too settled down you're right back into jumping or doing burpees or something else.

It was right at the perfect level, in my opinion.  It was challenging, but not "omg I'm dying and I hate this" hard.  And, the transitions (for me) were MUCH better than in Total Body Circuit, so even though you do go from thing to thing to thing there's a far better flow happening.  According to my HRM:  255 calories burned.  Not too shabby!

As for the total plan for the week:
Monday:  Core Cardio
Tuesday:  5 mile easy run, Speed 2.0
Wednesday:  Speedwork.  Gonna try for 8x400s.  Hold me.  Also, Rip'T Circuit.  Help?!
Thursday:   5 mile easy run, Dynamic Core, Weights @ the gym
Friday:   Upper Focus, Core Cardio
Saturday:   REST
Sunday:   9 mile long run, T25 Stretch

I'm also going to use this week as a "tester" week to see if I need to redo my nutrition plan and goals.  I can't keep losing weight and I really want to put some more muscle on.  I'm enjoying this "feeling strong" thing.

Have a great week everyone!  Stay Focused!

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