Sunday, September 15, 2013

Another Week Done Way too Fast for Me!

Seriously.  What the heck is up with the time flying all of a sudden?  I'm thinking it is because it is Fall, school is back in session, our schedules have gotten nutso (and are getting worse!), and I keep finding new things to have to do and keep up with.

At any rate - here's how my workouts went this insane week!

Tuesday:  I was really unsure why I had 5.5 miles listed on the schedule.  Just seems like such an odd distance... maybe I wasn't thinking or maybe the cat jumped on me when I was typing it up... I don't know.  BUT, that's what it said, so that's what I did.  It was a yucky humid morning but the run went really well.  As well as it could for constantly having to pull my shorts up.  I didn't tighten up the drawstring before I left the house and they kept falling down.  Yes, I could have stopped and fixed the problem.  Unfortunately my anal retentive personality dictates that once I go, I go until I'm done.  I'd better have a darn good reason to stop and droopy drawers aren't good enough.

After the sweaty run, I did Core Cardio.  220 calories scorched.  After really focusing on the workout since it was the last time for it in the official T25 schedule I've been following, I've decided it's not one of my favorites.  It's ok, but not great.

Wednesday:  Another speedwork victory!  As usual, I was fretting for days about this - 10 rounds of 400m at or faster than 5K pace really isn't my idea of a great time.  Especially when the weather has been in the 70s even early in the morning, and just humid as hell.  I woke up even earlier than I normally do and got out before the sun was up.  Even then, it was bad.  However, I sucked it up, warmed up and pumped out those intervals.  The first couple, as usual were all "pssh, this is easy".  Then the next couple I had to start working for.  The last few are always tougher - I rely on a lot of willpower and self talk like "come on, you can do 3 more", "2 more - that's it!", and "this is the last one, put it all out there and then you can slog home if you want to!!".  Ha!  Go ahead and laugh at me, but talking to myself when running works.  I did a cooldown, was satisfied when I hit the 6 mile point, and called it.

I was thankful that the T25 schedule for the day "only" called for Rip'T Circuit.  Now, I have come to have a love/hate with this one.  It is a pretty decent set of exercises... just thrown together haphazardly, in my opinion.  I do plan on doing it again, and soon, too.  It burns a decent amount of calories for what it is, the time goes by quickly, and it's not too intense after a hard run.

Thursday:  Solid 4 miler (well just over 4).  Nothing much to really say about it, but it was a nice solid run.  Felt good after the previous day's work.

I always like it when the T25 workout on Thursdays is an ab workout.  I think this makes my day well rounded with a run, core work, and weight lifting at the gym.  Good times with Dynamic Core this week.

This time at the gym I went back to my "old" horizontal loading techniques, but did keep the addition of a warmup (5 minutes) on the bike to get my heart rate up to a low fat burning zone.  I kept my weight rotation and amount of weight lifted the same, but I burned ONE HUNDRED more calories than I usually do.  Hmm?  Interesting...

Friday:  The very LAST T25 doubles day!!  I've been looking forward to this because I'm really itching to get my old run schedule back and have my Fridays totally free.  Why?  Because I can sleep longer in the mornings after the kids go to school if I want/need to.  Sleep is essential, ok?  This final day of Focus T25 called for Rip'T Circuit and Core Speed.  I rocked both the workouts and felt great.  It was a good morning.

Saturday:  Rest day!  As always - kinda.  I don't want to get into it, but just drama drama drama.

Sunday:  Another awesome "long" run!  Yet again I was wishing I could go longer than scheduled, so I did just a little bit more.  I ran 9.13 miles total.  I had a bit of a low spot around 6.5 miles, but that quickly subsided and I picked it up and felt fantastic the rest of the run.  It was a gorgeous hazy early morning and defnitely Autumn chilly!  I actually dug my armwarmers out for the first time this season.  It was 47 degrees when I went out.  Perfect.  I always feel good when I shiver a bit on my warmup and then am totally comfortable for the run.  It's nice for a change not to come home bright red and soaked to the bone with sweat.

I did my post run Stretch as usual!

Aside from the hectic schedules and personal issues, this was a great week for me, fitness related.  I'm saying a bittersweet farewell to the T25 program with the intention of still doing a couple of workouts a week from both phases.  I'm really looking forward to running on both weekend days again as well as running more, period.  I'll also be glad to not do what seems like endless burpees and half tuck jumps.  This week I ran 24.79 miles, and they were really great miles!  I have one final week of "hard" training left for my goal 10K race.  It is coming up quickly and I'm starting to get nervous.  Not sure why.

I hope you all had a great week!

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