Sunday, September 1, 2013

Farewell, August! Hello, September! Week in Review.

Can you believe it is September already?  Wow.  I'm glad for the cooler temperatures and pretty scenery ahead, but I still have a smidgen of sadness thinking about how fast a year goes and the kids getting older, and I'm getting older... and ok, I'm getting all sentimental now.  I'll stop.

Anyway, I'm having a cup of coffee out of my favorite autumn leaves mug and reflecting on the last week in the life with regards to my training.  It's a lazy Labor Day weekend around here - the weather is kind of icky and we really have no plans to go anywhere and do anything special.  We might head down to Ribfest or have a little cookout, but that's all.

Tuesday:  I ran a little over my 4.5 planned miles, but not much.  The weather was back to hot and humid again, which... just yuck.  Sometimes that can make me feel like total crap through a run.  This one wasn't too bad, but it wasn't all woohoo wonderful, either.  After the run I got the kids out to school and then did Upper Focus.  I used my heavy weights through the whole workout again and it felt great.  My arms were like jello at the end.  I love that.

Wednesday:  When I woke up it was raining, hot (74 degrees), humid, and the schedule called for speedwork.  Nope, I was not having that.  So, after hitting the snooze button once (bad me), I got up and did Speed 2.0.  That was the kick in the rear I needed to go have an awesome day.  Once the kids were safely in school, I headed to the gym and got my speedwork done on the treadmill.  I know it's not the best thing, and that it is kind of cheating to do, but I didn't want to sprint in the rain and chance doing something stupid.  I'm blonde and clumsy and would rather watch the rain outside as I do the hamster on a wheel thing.  BUT - I got in about a mile warmup, all 9 of my 400s, and a cooldown.  5.27 miles in all and I felt wonderful.  Probably the easiest speedwork day I've ever had.

Thursday:  Another sticky humid run.  My legs felt a bit tight, especially at the start.  I chalked it up to the 400s the day before.  By the end of the run I felt pretty good.  Post run I did Rip'T Circuit, which I felt really strong during.  I really think I'm enjoying not wussing out and using the heavier weights even if I have to focus harder to get through the workout.  I'm burning more calories and feeling better in general.  I headed to the gym and did my full routine there as well.  I did up some weight here too.  I was a little leery of doing that a couple of days before a race (fearing DOMS), but I didn't have much of an issue with it at all, so I must have made the right call.  It was a successful Beast Mode Day!!  :)

Friday:  I started off with Dynamic Core, which was great.  For some reason, my HRM said I burned less calories this time around, so I'll make a conscious effort to push myself a bit more next time.  Granted, I was going easy on any jumping movements since I knew I had a 5K the next morning.  Usually, I would take the day off before a race, so I was nervous sticking with the T25 plan, but I did it anyway.  After Dynamic Core, I did Core Speed (which I explained in detail in Monday's post).  Core Speed is crazy!!  It's on another level, but follows the same format as Speed 2.0.  The moves are more difficult and much quicker and boy does Shaun love his burpees (and one armed burpees at that!!).  I liked the workout, though not as much as 2.0, but enough that I will continue with my plan of finishing Beta phase with it.  I fully admit to modifying a lot of the burpees with Tania - again, because I didn't want to do something stupid and mess myself up before my Saturday race.  Next time I'll go all out and see what happens, but I burned 207 calories in the 25 minutes of this workout using the modifications for the burpees.

Friday evening we went and hung around Ribfest and all the happenings on the North Shore a bit.
The kids love the geese.  I personally find them (and what they leave behind) annoying, but the kids think they're great.  lol

Saturday: Gatorade/Steelers 5K!  I PR'ed!  22:04!  Recap here.

Sunday:  I really felt great and like I could have ran a long one today, but I wanted to stick with the plan.  I ran easy for 30 minutes (and 4 seconds, but who's counting) and covered a little over 3.5 miles.  My legs felt a little tired, but they always seem to the first couple of miles of a run anyway.  This was a very nice run.  I did T25 Stretch as planned when I got back.

It was a great week!  It had some ups and downs with the weather, having to use the treadmill for intervals, and tired legs.  Then again, it had some great ups - great Beta workouts, and hello new shiny 5K PR!  In total, this week I ran 20.73 miles.  Pretty good for a cutback race week for me.  My T25 workouts were great, and I'm looking forward to giving Core Speed my full attention next time.  I'm also feeling awesome about my progress with the lifting.  I'm starting make huge strides and gain a lot of strength, which I love.

Nutritionally, I've been doing pretty well.  I'm starting to crave fall foods (pumpkin spice everything, all those hearty stews and warm comfort foods.  And carbs... I want all the carbs) and if I'm being totally honest I'm really lusting after every beer I see and smell.  Which is a lot, considering the fact that I live near 2 major sports stadiums.  So, I'm starting to struggle, but I'm strong and I'll make it these last 2 weeks of the T25 challenge at least.  :)  I have incorporated some new recipes this week to keep things interesting.  I'll share one or three later in the week.

The month of August flew by!  I ran 105.45 miles - so I'm back over my 100 miles per month goal for the year after having a sluggish July.  I can say with certainty that Focus T25 has helped me more than hurt me.  I'm starting to wonder if I'm just better off being a 4 day per week runner as opposed to 5 and keeping with the crosstraining?  I have never felt stronger and most little nags that pop up are gone in no time.  I don't know... only time and trial and error will tell, I guess.

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