Saturday, September 14, 2013

Final Focus T25 Results!

First of all, I'm sorry this has been a pretty weak week (har har) for posting out of me... This week has been crazy CRAZY freakin' crazy in just about every which way imaginable.  And when I did have a few minutes I always had something else to do than blog (or was just damned tired).

Anyway - I am officially finished with Focus T25 Alpha and Beta phase!  I hope to get Nick to get some pics of me in the same outfit as when I started, but for now here are my total results.

Weight:  -4.4 lbs
Chest:   -2"
Waist:   -1"
Arm:   +.5"
Thigh:   -.5"
Body Fat:   -2.7%

So, for not trying to lose weight, I sure did and I lost a nice chunk of body fat in these 10 weeks!  I also lost some inches, but mostly I feel stronger and my running has gotten a boost!  I truly believe I have gained greater power and agility due to the types of exercises (pylometric based) in the workouts.

I'd say this program is very effective.  If someone were in need of more weight and body composition change than I was at the start, I'm certain that they'd see results.  Especially if they followed the nutrition plan to the letter and/or utilized MyFitnessPal to calculate an appropriate deficit in calories.

I have some great things to say about this program and some not so great.  Many more great things, though, I'm happy to say.  I'll do a full review of Beta phase as well as the program in its entirety when I can.

Edited to add this pic:

Left:  Night before starting Focus T25.  Right:  Morning after finishing.  You can see that I lost fat in my midsection and have more ab definition that before (than I've ever had, actually!).  Also - check those arms!  This is a great strength builder as much as fat blaster!

I'm satisfied with my results!  Thank you Shaun T!

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