Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Autumn!

It's the first day of Fall!  Hooray!  My favorite season of the year!  I kicked off my Autumn bliss with a fanfreakingtastic 10 miler.  I'll talk more about that later!

Well, this was the last "tough" week of training for my goal race (Great Race - my "anniversary race") happening one week from today!  It went pretty well for the most part.

Tuesday:  When my husband walked me out bright and early and said "brr" when he opened the door, I knew this run would rock.  I rocked the armsleeves again (I know some people hate them, but I love 'em - have worn them for almost every race I've ever done because I love the convenience) and felt perfect.  As usual, when the temp is chilly I tend to run a little faster than intended, even though it doesn't really feel fast.  If that makes sense... Anyway, it was a great 5 miles.  :)  Then after the kids got to school I did Upper Focus.  I just didn't have a whole lot of "umph" in me for this workout.  I probably should have dropped down to lighter weights part way through the video, but I didn't.  I was really out of gas by the end and didn't really feel good about it.  Upper Focus is a decent workout - not a great workout, mind you, but decent.

Wednesday:  50 minute tempo run.  I struggled a little bit at the beginning of this, but then luckily I found my mojo and the run went great from there.  I nailed my pace and was where I wanted to be.  The last couple minutes were a willpower fight as usual, but I didn't feel too bad.  6.63 miles total.

Ab Intervals was what I'd determined would be a good "extra" for the day.  Unfortunately, it just annoyed the hell out of me.  That kind of shocked me because I remembered liking it a lot - I even just sat here and re-read my review of Alpha phase and I raved about it then.  Maybe it was because I was spent after the tempo run... It just bothered me to be on the mat, then jump up and do cardio, then get back on the mat, then jump back up, etc.  When I was on the mat, I wanted to stay there.  lol  Oh well.

Thursday:  Super easy 3 miles.  I haven't "just" ran 3 miles in the morning in what seems like a while and I was looking forward to a short and sweet one.  It certainly was just that.

After 2 annoying days of T25 in a row, I was tempted to shirk off Lower Focus and just go to the gym.  But, the determined "don't be a quitter" part of me won and I did it.  Believe it or not, I really enjoyed it.  It was a great workout.

Now, what WAS annoying this Thursday was the gym.  I don't know if they just ran a special or what, but it was super crowded with lots of new looking people and just general folks that have come and gone there before.  I was really hoping to be able to get in, warm up, go through my routine, and get out.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do that because due to the crowd I had to stand around and wait on several machines.  So irritating.  And something that really irritates me about this is people who simply sit on machines and talk to people, text or Facebook on their phone, or just chill for a while.  Seriously, people... do your sets and get OFF!!  Especially if the gym is this damn busy!!  Grr!!

Friday:  My first Friday rest day in months... I enjoyed every single moment.

Saturday:  Another short 3 miler.  It was good to be out on a Saturday morning again.  This run wasn't totally easy, though - I felt like I never really got to the "warmed up" point and I was just tight tight tight all over.  I blame a longer than normal bout of DOMS from the gym on Thursday as well as (and probably more so) the fact that I really overdid it Thursday night into Friday.  Bad girl, Nichole, bad!  Live and learn, right?

Sunday:  So, for my fantastic 10 miler I decided to head out through the Point and then over to the Jail trail.  I really like this route.  I'd gotten into a rut of just running North Side for the longest time, so it is nice to get out and "see the other side", so to speak.  I had some weird knee twinge pop up at 3.5 miles, but it went away as soon as it came on for a few strides, so I'm not too worried about it. It hasn't been an issue since.  I had a Mint Chocolate GU during this run (one of my favorites), but really didn't feel like I needed it as I usually do.  I don't want to chance not having it and then crashing, though... Not like it hurts anything.  And this particular flavor is delicious.  I got a whole bag full on clearance from REI.  I'm not sure why it was clearanced - the expiration date is well into the future.  If GU plans on discontinuing this flavor I'd be sad.  lol.  This run was just great from start to finish.  I ran a little faster than intended - again, I guess due to the chill in the air, and also because I really wasn't paying attention to my pace... I was running how it felt easy to me at any given point.  Easy today was just a little quicker.  :)  I ended up going 10.16 miles total.  Came home and did T25 Stretch which is probably the only T25 workout I've yet to be annoyed with other than Speed 2.0.

Like I said, it was a pretty great week overall.  I had that weird off run day on Saturday but it wasn't that bad and it was really my own fault for falling back into overindulgence.  I was annoyed at the gym, but I got it done.  I ran 28.26 miles total this week.  yeah!

As far as T25 goes, I am a bit tired of it.  I'm "scheduled", and I use that term loosely because I'm making my own plan at this point, to do Alpha Cardio for the first time in forever tomorrow.  I'll probably go ahead with that because I really don't remember it much.  If it's good - yippee.  If not - whatever.  This week is kind of a cutback week anyway - I have 2 short and easy runs and 1 last little speedwork day (though not nearly as long as previous interval days).  My goals this upcoming week include:  rest, relax, and stay in one uninjured piece so I can kick ass on Sunday.  Also, my youngest child's 4th birthday is on Saturday, so that'll be a great day on its own (and easy carb loading!  hahaha).

Yay Fall!  Yay Fall running!  Yay Pumpkin everything!  lol


  1. Awesome week Nichole. I'm impressed with the amount you run and do the T25. What's the goal race you're doing? And are you a BeachBody coach? You're the first first I'm hearing talk about not liking T25. What annoys you about it?

    1. Thanks, Meghan! I'm doing the City of Pittsburgh Great Race. There's a 5K and 10K option. Last year I did the 5K and it was my very first race ever! As soon as I crossed the finish line I said "next year I'm coming back and doing the 10K"! Haha. Since that race I've gone on to do many others up to half marathons (I have another half marathon in 3 weeks, actually), but I'm still sticking with the plan of doing that 10K! My goal is sub-50 minutes, so we'll see!
      No, I'm not a Beachbody coach. I'm just someone who has done workout videos since the old Denise Austin VHS days. lol And don't misunderstand me - I really liked the T25 program as a whole! I did the entirety of Alpha and Beta phase as written and had good results. I'm in my second "post-T25" week now and am just pulling random ones out to re-do. I just lacked energy for a couple of the ones I chose this week. I do have issues with a couple individual workouts in the program - my main complaint would be that in the spirit of keeping with the 25 minute time limit, the workouts seem hurried, and in that there's imbalance in some of the exercises. You'll have 11 reps of something on one side, then 8 on the other, 30 seconds on one thing, 20 on the other. Stuff like that bothers me. I'm picky.

  2. Jealous! Brr?! I want BRr! Great week and endurance/circuit training!

    1. Thank you, Kat! I love my Brr mornings! :)

  3. Good luck at the Great Race! I have a great 10 mile loop from the Strip, over to the S. Side trail, and back on the Jail Trail to the Point, and then back to the Strip again. I love running loops!