Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rest Days and the Duckie

Well, yesterday was a rest day, although I did spend most of it walking around.  I went to the expo to pick up my packet for tomorrow's 10K.  This year, since the Great Race hooked up with the Pittsburgh Marathon people, they promised a "bigger and better" expo at the Convention Center.  It was definitely bigger... not sure about better, though.  Like the marathon expo, it was a lot of non-running stuff and really, too spread out for what there was.  But, it wasn't all bad.  I mean, when I walk out of somewhere spending hundreds of dollars, something's gotta be good, right?  lol  Gosh, I'm so bad.

Before I left the expo, I got suckered into signing up for 2 races, the local running club (who I've honestly been milling over joining for ages because, well.. they're literally right down the road from here and I run past their headquarters on just about every run.  Oh and also - when I'm doing weekend runs, so are they and I get caught up in the "traffic" so much I may as well be an official part of it... lol), and I bought some stuff on sale at Elite Runners.  I love Elite.  We all know this.

Just a couple of the things I acquired yesterday.  Swiftwick socks are my new fave, btw and I'm gradually working on just using those and Smartwool.

After the expo, Nick and I went to lunch at Kelly-O's and then wandered up and down the Strip a bit.  It was a nice afternoon and somehow I managed not spending a single dime.  I think my purse was crying after all I bought at the expo.  ha.

Later yesterday evening, we took the kids to see the Rubber Duckie.  Yes, there is a huge (40 ft) Rubber Duck floating in the river now.  It's going to be here for a few weeks but it just arrived last night and there was a bridge party for it.  We walked down and the bridge was SO crowded.  You couldn't even move there were so many people and I was getting nervous because I was being shoved, my feet stepped on, my heels clipped, etc.  All I could think was "omg I'm gonna be so mad if I can't run right because of this crap!".  After we finally got off the bridge and over to the other side of the river the crowd thinned and we just hung out for a while, taking pictures of the duck and walking.  We made the wise decision to take the T back over to the other side instead of dealing with the bridge crowd again.  It was a fun time, though.

 From the North Shore.
Goofy Tori.  She thought it was great. 

Rubber Duckie, you're the one! lol

Today is Garrett's 4th birthday!  We don't have big plans for the day really.  Aside from our little family cake and ice cream party, he just wants to go to the playground this afternoon and then have pizza for dinner.  Sounds good to me!  I can't believe my baby is 4.  Wow.  Time goes by in a flash.  Makes you appreciate the fact that you need to enjoy life while you can.  I know I'm guilty of stressing over all the details and making mountains out of molehills and just... totally missing the point some days.  Something I'd like to personally work on is getting over that and trying to just take more things in stride.

Speaking of taking things in stride - yes, tomorrow is the Great Race.  While I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous, I really feel good and I think unless something terrible happens I'm going to do well.  Will I PR and hit my sub-50 minute goal?  Probably.  My training went awesome, I never missed a run and I nailed all my quality runs. What if I don't?  Life goes on.  I'll live to run another day.

Hope everyone out there is having a great weekend!


  1. You were in my hood, we love Kelly O's!

    Good luck at the GR!

    1. Thanks! Kelly Os is awesome! They have the pumpkin pancakes out now. Nick and I love diner food. It's such a guilty pleasure!