Saturday, September 7, 2013

STATurday! Week 4 of Beta Phase!

This is the next to last week of my STATurday updates!  This concludes week 4 of Focus T25 Beta Phase which means that starting Monday will be my final days of this journey with Shaun T and the Shauntourage.  The time has just flown by, but I am thankful to have stuck with it and I've seen quite the benefit.  I'll be sure to do a full review of the program once it is officially done.

Since Beta Week 3:
Weight:  -.4 lbs
Chest:   no change
Waist:   no change
Arm:   no change
Thigh:   -.25"
Body Fat:   +.6%

Since the beginning of my Focus T25 Challenge:
Weight:   -7.5 lbs
Chest:   -2"
Waist:   -1"
Arm:   +.5"
Thigh:   -.75"
Body Fat:   -3.9%

I'm liking where I'm at right now.  I definitely feel stronger than ever.

I've made the final decision - after annoying Nick to no end with my yapping about pros and cons and training plans and life - to stick with my first instinct and NOT buy Gamma.  I have a few good reasons I believe.  Even though a part of me says "quitter" and is curious as to what another 4 weeks of Shaun's coaching would do, I have to look at the situation from a more "global" perspective and remember that a) I've always said my running came first since that is my main interest and where my goals lie. Not to mention I have races already scheduled and paid for through the beginning of 2014.  b) because of that, I need to keep my FOCUS where it needs to be and stay injury free.  I've seen previews of the the Gamma workouts (the Speed 3.0, especially) on YouTube and elsewhere and it looks insane - crazy amounts of burpees and jumping around.  Doing that kind of thing does not jive well for me with running more and staying ouchie free.  Others may have better luck with this - I do not.  I know I've said this before, but I am blonde and clumsy.  During yesterday's Core Speed session, I really screwed myself up on a burpee.  Seriously - I took a huge chunk out of my finger and really pinched some nerve/soft tissue in my hip flexor area.  Not during the same burpee, but different ones in the same workout.  Only I could accomplish something like that, I swear.  Hey, when I go all out on my workouts, I go all out.  This does have its pros and cons... lol  But it was pretty much the push I needed to say "Sorry Shaun, I have to get off the train at the next station and stop when the Beta Phase does".

Also, there's the cost factor:  even with only buying the DVDs for Gamma, not the deluxe pack or whatever else, with shipping and tax it comes to over 71 bucks.  I can't see spending that much on the 3 workouts I may or may not like and 1 that I already know I'm not going to like.  Plus, when looking at the 2 written schedules for Gamma phase, one of them includes Total Body Circuit from Alpha.  I've made it quite known that I absolutely hate that workout.  I could put 71 dollars toward a few more months of my gym membership or use it for a new weight set for home.  You know, things that I know I could get better use out of.

So after this last week of Beta coming up, I will have 2 weeks before my main race for the fall - The Great Race 10K.  I can at least have 1 week where I run for an extra day.  I will still crosstrain and use the T25 workouts from Beta and Alpha phase in there, but I just don't see the benefit for me in starting a new program.  It will also be nice to have a little more flexibility in that if I'm really freaking tired/sore after a speedwork day I can pick and choose the workout that I feel will work best for me that day instead of being tied down to the scheduled plan.  I want to make my own plan, dammit!  lol  I do like many of the workouts between the 2 phases and I could see quite a few options of a "hybrid" type plan utilizing them.  We'll see what I can come up with.  I also have a P90X plan for later in the year before starting marathon training.  Again, let's just see where these next couple of weeks go.

Well gee, I really just meant to come on and update my STATs, and here I am going off on a tangent about Gamma and training and my clumsy self.  haha.  Oh well.  I'm off to enjoy my rest day.  Walking around Kennywood all day.  Because that's resting, right?  If I add some Potato Patch in there will it make a difference?  ;-)

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