Monday, September 16, 2013

Workout Schedule for the Week of 9/16-9/22/2013

Well here's to hoping that this is NOT my last post for the week.  Sheesh!  You'd think I was too busy to be sitting around talking about myself/my life/running/fitness/food or something...  :)

Now, as you know I'm done with Focus T25.  So, I'm back to being a bit more free when it comes to workouts other than running.  Today I was really in the mood to do Speed 2.0 again.  I didn't do the entirety of Beta Phase with it since switching off to Core Speed and I just remembered it being really fun.  So I pushed play and had a freaking blast this morning.  After doing it again I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is my all time favorite Focus T25 workout.  It's fun, well cued, has a nice flow, and there are no moves that I dread coming up the entire workout.  In fact, I could easy call this video "Nichole's favorite T25 moves wrapped up into one workout".  Up & Overs?  Aw, yeah.  Speed and Agility?  All time fave!  That X lunge stuff?  Gimme more!  NO BURPEES!  Love it... just love it.  I'd be happy just doing this dvd a few days per week. But I know variety is the spice of life (or so they say), so I'll switch it up.

I really don't have a set in stone plan for the week other than my runs, but here's kind of the idea I'm looking at right now:
Monday:  Speed 2.0  -- done!
Tuesday:  5 mile easy run, Upper Focus
Wednesday:  50 minute tempo run, Ab Intervals
Thursday:  3 mile easy run, Lower Focus, Gym Weights.  I may skip Lower Focus.  I don't know.
Friday:  REST!  Hallelujah!!
Saturday:  3 mile easy run
Sunday:  10 mile long run

After this week is a cutback week because the Great Race is that week!  And my baby turns 4, so I'll be adequately carb loading with cake!  Woohoo!  LOL  (not that you need to carb load for a 10K, but let me justify these calories how I need to, ok?  Ok then.)

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