Monday, September 2, 2013

Workout Schedule Week of 9/2-9/8/2013

Happy Labor Day, first of all!  Again, nothing exciting happening around here, but I hope you're all enjoying the day with your friends and families.

Over the course of the afternoon yesterday, my calves started really cramping up!  Could DOMS really come on that late after a race?  I mean, I felt fine during and after the race, and during my run yesterday.  It just came out of nowhere!  I foam rolled them out and they felt a bit better.  They are still sore now, but not nearly as bad.  I'll be rolling them out again later since that seems to help.  weird!!

That said, I did get out of bed this morning and get Rip'T Circuit done.  It felt great, to be honest. My soreness didn't seem to affect me much.

That reminds me... I'm still really on the fence about T25 Gamma phase.  Part of me has really been looking forward to the cutback and "break" from the additional program and being able to add back my 5th day of running.  But... the other part of me tells me that I've come this far, and I am feeling great and am stronger (and faster!) since beginning this, so am I cheating myself to "quit" now?  I don't know... I'm really torn on it.  I'm a bit intimidated by the Gamma schedule.  I've heard that Speed 3.0 is the hardest workout ever and in the Strength schedule you have to dig Total Body Circuit (which you all know I don't like) out again to add the rotation.  I've also been hearing that it is burpee city.  Ugh.  I think I'm going to force myself to make a decision by the end of this week.  I just want to commit to something and stop going back and forth with it.

Speaking of this week - here's my plan for my workouts!

Monday: Rip'T Circuit - done!
Tuesday:  5 mile easy run, Dynamic Core
Wednesday: 45 minute tempo run, Core Cardio
Thursday:  5 mile easy run, Dynamic Core, Gym weights
Friday:  Core Speed, Upper Focus
Saturday:  REST
Sunday:  8 mile long run

27 days until my "goal" Fall race!

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  1. Awesome training!!! Rolling really helps my sore muscles! I try to roll right after my runs and then at least once every day.