Monday, October 14, 2013

Last Week's Wrap Up

Oh my.  I know I'm late, but here's my post on how the last week went.

As you can probably guess due to my lack of posts, I've been busy.  Crazy schedule.  Tons of stuff happening out of the realm of my fitness world.  Granted, it wasn't all duties and "work".  We spent some good times together as a family.  It's getting close to Halloween - our favorite holiday!  Lots of time has been spent planning and shopping for costumes and decorations and goodies.  I will fully admit as well that when I have had downtime I haven't really wanted to blog.  I've been catching up on all my recorded shows on DVR (getting real tired of Cristina on Grey's), reading, baking, cooking, and playing WoW.

On Saturday, we went out to Living Treasures in Donegal.  We always get a yearly membership because between this one and the one up near Moraine it makes for a nice day trip, plus the October at the Zoo event is awesome.  The kids tend to enjoy it more than other zoos because you can get really close and pet and feed the animals.

The kids love the kangaroos.  They are SO soft and gentle! 
Bison.  I love Bison.  Tastiest burgers and meatloaf ever. 

This cute little guy was literally sitting there begging food, which the kids gave him handful after handful of. 

Turtles just rock. 

Tori made a new friend. 

As did Vincent.

And Garrett.

It was a fun day. :)

So how did my workouts go?
Tuesday: 5 mile easy run that was really just that.  I followed it up with Jillian's 30 Day Shred.  Just level 1, but it felt good as a little "extra".
Wednesday:  I hated every moment of this run.  10 sets of 400s.  I was pretty sure that I failed most of the 400s and got pretty pissed off and almost quit.  Then I turned around and finished after figuring that if I wasn't hitting my pace that at least I was doing some good strides.  I just kept getting more and more mad and was so irate after the intervals that I needed an extra while to cool down (mentally) and ended up running over 7 miles that morning.  Once I got my watch synced to my computer and saw my splits I was shocked to find out that I in fact did meet my paces afterall (a couple just barely) and was all pissy for nothing.  Oh well.  More miles for me!  Since I did run over 7 miles, though I didn't do any other workouts that day.  I figured the run was enough.  ha.
Thursday:  Thankfully after Wednesday's frustration, I had a fantastic easy 3.2 mile run.  I followed it up with Alpha Cardio and then went to the gym.  Since at this point it's less than 10 days out from a half race, I cut back on my weights.  I kept the load the same, but instead I only did 2 sets of every exercise instead of 3.  It worked out well.
Friday:  Glorious rest.
Saturday:  The plan called for 3 miles between 7:30-7:40.  It was hard to keep a steady pace due to the crazy amount of traffic (both pedestrian and motor vehicle), but I did it. 
Sunday:  Last long run before the half!  Admittedly, the first miles were horrible!  My legs just did not want to move.  Seriously, during mile 1 I was begging to just get to a normal pace!  I think I finally felt good around 3.5 miles in.  Then it was like butter.  I don't know what caused the rough start, but I've been around enough to know that it happens and to just not quit.  I ended up feeling good enough toward the end of the run that I picked up the pace quite a bit to judge how much I had left in me just as kind of a tester for the race.  I felt really good, wasn't hurting, wasn't overly tired.  It was nice.  I ended up doing my tradition of going over 12 miles - I did 12.21 this time - just to have in my head "you have less than a mile to go".  Silly, I know.  But I am full of silly.  The good thing is I think I've nailed down my fueling strategy for Buffalo Creek (will be the same as Pittsburgh... not sure why I ever expect things to change if they work).  I did T25 Stretch when I got home.

So this was another over 30 mile week (right around 31), and while I did cut back on some stuff, I still think I did a lot.  I'm feeling really good, and aside from some things I need to get ironed out before race day (where Nick and the kids are going to be, what I should wear in case of rain, should I carry my handheld, etc), I'm pretty confident about the half.

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