Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Week I Could Have Turned Orange.

I'm in full on pumpkin mania.  Pumpkin pie spice?  Goes in everything.  Coffee?  Yes (full fat half & half plus a few dashes of this stuff is better than Starbucks)!  Cottage cheese?  yes!  Greek Yogurt?  Yes!  oatmeal?  definitely!  Ice cream?  Why not?  Pumpkin seeds must go in every salad.  And delicious pumpkin puree - you can put it in much more than a pie.  lol.  I confess that I ate pumpkin oatmeal TWICE yesterday.  Once in the morning as refrigerator oats (Another pinterest recipe.  They were great - but needed some Truvia for me) and then again before bed as my "pre-long run" fuel.  I am now buying multiple cans of pumpkin puree (not the craptastic pie filling) every single time I'm at the store because I'm using that much.  I fully plan on baking pumpkin muffins later.... Why?  because I can!

Oh... and let's not forget:
All the absolutely divine pumpkin beers out there right now.  This one here is one of the best.

Hey, at least I'm getting my vitamin A, right (well, maybe not so much in the beer...)?  

So, other than attempt to turn myself orange this week, here's how my workouts went:

Monday:  in addition to the Upper Focus I already reported in on, I was able to do T25 Stretch after the kids were in bed.  It felt great on my tight legs!

Tuesday:  5 easy miles.  My legs (quads in particular) were very heavy feeling.  It wasn't too bad, and it honestly felt better the more I ran.  The big thing to report about this run was that it is officially really freaking dark when I head out on my early morning runs.  I've started clipping on blinky lights and at least being more aware of wearing bright colored clothing and watching where I run (the really dark park that is covered in acorns in places right now?  Not the best idea... those little bastards cause ouchies).  I don't want to stop running this early until I absolutely have to, so I'm learning to adapt.

I foam rolled more on Tuesday to work some kinks out and instead of doing another big workout, I popped in an old school 10 Minute Solution.  I did the Abs portion and the stretch.  The stretch of course felt great, but the Abs... meh.  After doing T25 this was way too easy.  I don't think I'll be doing it again, so unless Nick decides he wants it for him, this DVD is getting donated.

Wednesday:  I dreaded having to do this run.  45 minute tempo.  My legs still weren't feeling 100% and I told myself (as I always do) that if I head into it and feel too bad to just do an easy run and not worry about the tempo.  I'm not going to lie - I talked myself out of quitting several times during the run.  It wasn't easy AT ALL, but I fought through it, nailed my pace, and then enjoyed a slog back home past PNC park where everyone around was super happy.  ;)  This was one of those runs that proved that sometimes the mental accomplishment is greater than the physical.  This run also proved something else - sometimes I think my legs just need a good hard run after a race to snap back to normal.  After this run I felt perfectly fine.  Still do.  :)

I did Core Cardio after getting the kids out the door for school.  Since I'd just done a hard run and really didn't want to chance anything stupid, I modified the burpees.  There, I said it.  Call me lazy or whatever.

Thursday:  The plan called for a short and easy 3 miler.  I went 3.2 and felt great!  Then I came home and did Lower Focus, which went just fine.  Afterwards I hit the gym for some upper body love and felt really strong!  In fact, I incresased my load on a couple of exercises!  Yes!  Progress is great!

Friday:  REST (also could be termed "recover from hangover".  Oops.)

Saturday:  I was scheduled for a 5 mile run at between 7:30-7:40 pace.  It started off just fine and dandy, but somewhere around halfway I just faded.  It could have been the fact that my rest day wasn't total rest or the fact that it was 70 degrees and humid (93%) or the fact that after a spot on mile 1 I had to take mile 2 like a speed demon and then had to back off... I don't know the why.  What I do know is that I struggled to keep a steady pace and this run was just really hard.  I ended up at 7:30 average, but it wasn't a good run.

Sunday:  So after yesterday I was really craving a slow, relaxing "just run for the love of running" kind of run.  I didn't want to focus on pace, didn't want to obsess over splits or gawk at my watch every tenth of a mile... I just wanted to admire the sunrise, the fall colors starting to pop out everywhere, and just go easy.  And that's exactly what I did.  Surprisingly enough, by doing this I did nearly achieve negative splits and ended up going faster than I was planning.  Even though it didn't feel like it.  I even avoided the half mile to mile long ass cramp I tend to get right around miles 6-7.  It came on for a moment and then I said to myself "oh no, you're not doing this to me today!", fixed my form, focused on my surroundings and it was gone.  Or maybe I'm crazy.  lol  I ran a little over 11 miles and felt really good.  Total comeback from yesterday's stinky pace run.  I was a little sad that they had the area around the duckie gated off so I couldn't run by, but that's ok.  We'll meet again.

Overall this week I ran 30.46 miles.  Wahoo!  I did a few extras throughout the week and I rocked it at the gym.  So far I'm feeling confident heading into the last "long" week of training before my next half marathon at Buffalo Creek.

I'm going to go look for some more pumpkin stuff now.  ha!  But first lemme just say:  LETS GO BUCS!!