Friday, December 20, 2013

I can't run, but I'm still winning!

I'm not even kidding when I say this has been the most productive holiday season ever.  EV-ER.

Usually we're the last minute types.  We're lucky to have the tree up the week before Christmas.  Other decorations may or may not happen.  We wait until 2 or 3 days before Christmas to throw the cards in a mailbox and hope they get there on time.  Cookies for Santa may be partially store bought.  We're still picking gifts on Christmas Eve and we wrap until the wee hours of the morning knowing that we will not sleep more than an hour (if that) before the kids are jumping on us wanting to rip everything open.  You get the point.  We're those "way too busy and can't slow down and actually enjoy the time" people.  Which is sad.

This year, however, I have pent up energy to get rid of and a lot of spare time on my hands.

Our tree has been up for quite some time:

That Cars poster is essential.  See this kid?  You don't want to break his heart.  Oh, and he's been wearing that hat constantly! lol

We also have a second tree in our office/gym/misc room as well as Christmas lights in the window!  The nativity is on the mantle!  We have other things on the walls!

There's a wreath on the door:

Cards have already been mailed and even include pics of the kids!  I've also been playing the role of Betty Crocker and have been making everything from gingerbread to stuffed chicken breast.  So, this year Santa will have plenty of homemade goodies to much on.  Well, there will still be some Candy Cane Joe Joe's, but come on.  How can there NOT be?  I've reclaimed my love for being in the kitchen but loathing of the one I currently have (I need Pioneer Woman's! Size matters here!).

Our shopping is done (thanks mainly to Amazon and my husband's willingness to take my detailed lists to these crazy local stores) and everything except one package I'm waiting for delivery of is wrapped.  Yes, totally wrapped, tagged, bowed, organized, etc.  There will be no all nighter happening on Christmas Eve this year!

We even accomplished standing in line for over three hours to see Santa.  I admit to being totally worn out after this, having had to crutch it through the busy mall and then stand there.  In fact, I'm taking a rest day today because I am feeling a little weaker than I'd like... that was the most I've been vertical and on my feet at one clip in almost 2 months!

My brood.  Getting too big! <3

Speaking of rest days and whatnot, I've started a new weight training plan, and to be honest, it's great to have a schedule to check off again.  I'm definitely feeling it.  I love being sore in all the right places and the right ways!

All I have left to really do is just enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and deliciousness of these coming days!  So, even though I have no training reports or running tales to tell, I'm still feeling accomplished.  Sometimes when I'm feeling great (or really down) I like to wear a race medal around the house to remind myself of what I've done and what I CAN do.  Today?  I'm wearing the 10 miler medal.  It may have been the race that broke me, but I've been blessed with a wonderful start to a great holiday season.  Maybe next year I won't have to have an injury to accomplish the same.  :)

If I don't get to post beforehand, I hope you have a Merry Christmas.  Be safe, be joyous, be you!

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