Thursday, January 9, 2014

I'm on my way!

Thrilled is an understatement.  Happy, for sure.

I had my followup with the Ortho yesterday and finally, after all these weeks I got the all clear to go full weight bearing and start some cardio exercise again.  Now, he did make himself perfectly clear in saying "remember, you need to learn to walk before you can run", and I fully understand that.  I'm not asking to open the door and go run for an hour and totally exhaust myself in bliss today.  It's just great to hear that I can log MILES again, even if they are simply walking and riding the bike (which I haven't been able to do due to the location of my injury - um, ouchie?!).

I'm scheduled for 4 weeks of PT starting on Monday.  It will be 1-3 days per week based on the therapists assessment of me on Monday.  So, we'll see.  But, as I've been told they'll get me running again.  I'll be headed back to my doctor in February for another (hopefully final) followup, and by then I *should* be at least run/walking... which, at this point, is totally fine with me.

I've been keeping up with my lifting all week and had a good leg session just this morning.  I felt better about doing some things now that I've got the clearance from the doctor.  Today I was able to even up the weight on both sides for lunges as well as do a set of kettlebell deadlifts without stabilization OR wobbling around.


One thing I am definitely looking forward to is breaking a sweat for a steady period of time again.  I've softened up in some places and I don't like it, so it will be nice to blast the fat off and reveal more of this muscle I've got going on underneath.  I've missed my cardio so much.  I love lifting too, don't get me wrong, but I don't get near that endorphin rush or long lasting high with the weights.  I just don't.  And I go as hard and heavy as I can, so it's not like I'm slacking off.  I'm just a heart racing junkie.  :)

Tomorrow is Shoulders and Core day and then I believe I will rest until Monday.

I can't wait!

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  1. That's great news! You'll be back to hitting the pavement in no time!