Friday, January 31, 2014

It's gone!!

I lost my nostril ring this morning....  I'm not sure where or how.  I think I had it in when I got up in the morning, but somewhere between getting into and out of the shower and getting dressed and beginning to put makeup on.... poof!  I have putting on makeup around it down to a science so as I'm there in front of the mirror just rubbing moisturizer all over my face I realized "uhh... where did it go?".  I looked at the sink.  Nope.  The floor.  Nope.  The shower floor.  Nope.  Shook out my dirty clothes as well as the clean ones I'd just put on.  Gone.  Just gone.  Nick even came in and shook out the bathmat and everything.  I'm guessing while I was washing my face I got into my nose a little hard and it just went down the drain.  That's just really odd because it's happened before but I felt it come out so I was able to catch it.  Oh well.  So, now I have some cutesy heart shaped thing in there, which I don't know if I'm a big fan of.  It's also a screw, and I dislike screws because they always produce a "booger effect".  Bleh.  Now I'm on a quest to find new "L"s because that's what I like.

But I bet you're not that interested in the goings on of my piercing tragedies.

Wanna know what else is gone?

My pains/twinges/pulls/oddities/etc.  Nonexistent today.  Not there when walking, going up or down stairs (even kinda hopping), taking short little steps, big long steps, bouncing on the bad leg to put pants on -- nada.  It's sort of weirding me out and I know I can and should expect it to return in some way at any time now, but.... for now I think I can take this as a good sign?

Oh, and I started watching Bad Grandpa with Nick last night.  OMG so funny.  Maybe not as riproaring hilarious as old school Jackass, but definitely produced a few rib hurting chuckles out of me... and we're not done yet.  I was lame and got tired and wanted to be responsible and go to bed so I could wake up all bright eyed in the morning.  Getting old, you know.  ;)

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