Friday, January 3, 2014

Party's Over - Time to Get to It

Yesterday was my birthday blowout.  The kids & husband did a great job of making the day nice.  It was cute how Tori kept wishing me "Happy new age group" throughout the day.

The card they gave me before they left for school for the day.  It plays the "Agent P" theme.... very loudly and for a long... long.... time.  lol

After they were safely to school and I was home alone again for the first time in quite a while, I got to my second leg workout since the injury.

I felt a bit stronger than my initial "leg day" several days ago.  I was able to add a whopping 10 lbs to my left leg lunges and I was able to do some one legged deadlifts on that leg without holding onto something for balance.  I didn't do a lot, but it's nice to feel like my body is starting to remember what it's supposed to do after just 2 leg sessions.  I'm just not nearly as fluid and flexible as I used to be - I still feel pretty tight and stiff in places, but I'm hoping that ongoing PT will help alleviate that.  And time, of course.

Later that night, the kids and Nick got some things together and didn't let me into the kitchen for a while.  When I was allowed back in, they surprised me with a decorated table with a pile of presents and the red velvet cake and chocolate marshmallow ice cream I'd asked for!
Aren't those colored flame candles cool?  I'd never seen them before!

I got some new makeup, a Florida Georgia Line CD with the bonus tracks (I saw them live and they were awesome!), some cool animal print socks, and a set of kettlebells!!  I've been so excited about the kettlebells.  I've been wanting a set for the house for quite a while.

I ate way too much, but we all know that birthday calories don't count, right? ;)

When Nick texted me this picture from our street around 6 pm last night I was pretty certain the kids would be off school today and I was right:

Snow Day!

So, it's been almost like an extension of Christmas Vacation around here today.  I don't mind.  I was planning on taking all the holiday decor down but I can leave it up until Monday.  Although... has anyone else been eyeballing the forecast for the week ahead?  I took this screenshot last night:

Um - that's just too many negative numbers for me.  Pass me a blanket, please.

Victoria has been working out here at home with me and it's been great.  First of all, she really does push me through the last part of a set if she notices I'm having a tough time.  Second, it's great to just spend time together focusing on a goal and talking about things.  Not to mention, I love seeing her getting involved in fitness.  It's a necessary part of life that too many kids are missing out on these days.  We had a great shoulder and abs session... even though we kept having attention starved company..

I was sitting on an exercise ball wanting to move, but he demanded a chin scratch.  Then when I was doing oblique crunches, he'd come lay right against me.  Big baby.

I've been working on some training plans and doing some personal meal planning for the weeks ahead.  I made the household announcement today that once my birthday cake is gone, that's the last of the junk in the house for a while.  I think we've eaten our fill of cakes, cookies, candies, etc from the holidays til now.  I'm looking forward to getting back on a steadier meal plan and more fresh foods.  

The 8th is coming up quickly (thank goodness) and I'm just chomping at the bit to get my doctor's clearance for more activity.  I would like to at least go for a short 10-15 minute WALK next weekend.  I'm not asking for miracles, but if I can jump on a treadmill and put it on even a 2.5-3 for a while I'll hit the roof with joy.  One thing I will be extra careful with in the coming weeks (months, even) is weather conditions as I transition back to cardio exercise in the form of walking and, eventually, running.  Last winter I pretty much ran in any condition other than an ice storm or temps below 0.  Other than that, I was out there in snow, slush, you name it.  I slipped and skidded and enjoyed the thrill of keeping my balance and weaving around to run on the part of the sidewalk/road/trail that had better traction (or so I thought).  This year, I can't take the chance of falling on my ass.  So, in that sense, I guess it is a mixed blessing that I am quite far from running any longer times and distances any time soon.  Short times on the treadmill don't bother me so much.  My longest treadmill run is 7 miles and change and I wanted to scream at the end of that.  lol  But honestly, I'm not looking at anything longer than 30-45 minutes for quite a while.

Tomorrow is a rest day for me, and maybe Sunday too.  Hopefully I can get out of the house and get some food prep accomplished.

Enjoy the snow out there if you're local!  Bundle up!


  1. Happy birthday!

    The weather next week. Yuck. I hate winter, this is horrible.

    1. Thanks! I hope this is a short lived winter.

  2. Good luck in 2014, hope it's an injury free year