Monday, February 17, 2014

Be Invincible!

Yep, that's me.  Yep, that's snow.  The hoodie says "Be Invincible", which is kind of fitting.  I'll explain later.

Last week I started a new phase of the lifting plan I'm on.  I only have 3 weeks left (including the one that started today) and I really can't wait to finish.  I've made a lot of gains - much more than I would have thought going into it, but I'm getting tired and I want to back off a little and... well.... focus a bit more on my running comeback!  I do love my arms and back, though, and vainly flex in the mirror almost any time I'm in a bathroom... haha.

Monday was leg day.  Mainly quads and calves.
Supersets of: Leg Press - 3 sets of 15, and bodyweight squats 3 sets of 15
Dumbbell lunges - 3 sets of 15 per side
Goblet squats - 3 sets of 20
Leg extensions - 3 sets of 20
Dumbbell squats - 3 sets of 30
Standing dumbbell calf raises - 3 sets of 20
Calf press machine - 3 sets of 20

Tuesday: Back, Arms, Abs, and elliptical
Supersets of: lat pulldowns 3 sets of 15, and underhand cable pulldowns 3 sets of 15
Work set/Active set of: 1 arm dumbbell row - 3 sets of 15 per side / Exercise ball pull ins - 3 sets of 15
Work set/Active set of:  Seated cable rows 3 sets of 15 / V-ups 3 sets of 15
Bent over dumbbell rows - 3 sets of 15
Supersets of:  Dumbbell alternating bicep curls - 3 sets of 20, and bench dips 3 sets of 12
Supersets of:  Preacher curls - 3 sets of 12, and pushups - 3 sets of 12
Triceps pushdown with rope - 3 sets of 12
Work set/Active set of: 1 dumbbell seated triceps press - 3 sets of 12 / air bikes - 3 sets of 25

After the weights I did 2.94 miles on the elliptical in 30:02.  I was planning to run, but since I ran on Sunday and then again on Monday at PT I thought the wise choice would be to lay off for a day.

Wednesday:  Chest, shoulders, Abs, and RUN!
Supersets of: incline dumbbell presses - 3 sets of 15, and dumbbell shoulder presses - 3 sets of 15
Dumbbell flyes - 3 sets of 15
Pushups - 3 sets of 12
One Arm shoulder presses - 3 sets of 15 on each side
Butt Ups - 3 sets of 15
Supersets of:  side lateral raises - 3 sets of 15, and standing upright dumbbell row - 3 sets of 15
Triple set of: Triceps dips - 3 sets of 15, knee raises on the bars - 3 sets of 15, and pushups - 3 sets of 15.

That triple set sounds simple, but at the end of that workout that about killed me.  Honest.
I hopped on the treadmill and ran 3 miles in 34:26, doing 8:1 intervals.  Not bad!

Thursday:  REST!

Friday: Back, biceps, Abs, and RUN!
Supersets of:  Wide grip lat pulldowns - 3 sets of 12, and medicine ball twists - 3 sets of 12
Superset/Active rest combo: Seated cable rows - 3 sets of 15, low pulley row to neck - 3 sets of 15, and reverse crunches - 3 sets of 25
Supersets of:  Bent arm dumbbell pullover - 3 sets of 15, and decline crunches - 3 sets of 15
Superset/Active rest combo:  Wide grip lat pulldowns - 3 sets of 15, underhand cable pulldown - 3 sets of 15, and stability ball crunches - 3 sets of 15
Standing cable biceps curl - 3 sets of 15
Crunches - 3 sets of 15
Hammer curls - 3 sets of 15
Low pulley curl 21s - 3 sets of 21  (these were terrible!!!!)

I did a c25k week 4 workout, as I wanted to run, but not too much, but needed to get in 30 minutes of cardio.  So, I walked 5 mins, ran 3 mins, walked 90 secs, ran 5 mins, walked 2:30,  ran 3 mins, walked 90 secs, ran 5 minutes, walked until the 30 min point.  Covered 2.25 miles and felt great!

Saturday:  shoulders, tris, and calves
Dumbbell bench press - 3 sets of 15
Bench dips - 3 sets of 15
Supersets of:  standing dumbbell upright row - 3 sets of 12, and arnold presses - 3 sets of 12
supersets of:  side lateral raises - 3 sets of 12, and triceps pushdown with bands - 3 sets of 12
Supersets of:  Incline pushups - 3 sets of 10, and wide set pushups - 3 sets of 10
Supersets of:  standing dumbbell calf raises - 3 sets of 20, and seated one dumbbell calf raise - 3 sets of 20

My little girl and I ditched the idea of walking outside in lieu of some yoga.  :)

Sunday: Run!  outside!
So here we come to the pic at the top.  I've had my mind set and my body wanting to run outside.  The only "safe" clear spot around really, has been North Park.  I was determined to do a lake loop.  I didn't care how much I had to walk or how slow I had to go.  I felt ready and I wanted to run outside.
Well, just my luck it started to snow as we were leaving the house.  I grumbled and announced that this might turn into one of my most idiotic ideas, but I wanted to give it a try anyway.  By the time we got up there, there was a thin coating of fresh snow on the ground, but there were TONS of people running so there was a decent pathway.

I set my watch up to do intervals, but out-of-the-game-too-long me forgot to turn the interval function ON before I started running.  So, I just used the stopwatch function to time myself.  Doing all that maths was a pain in the ass, but I did it.  8 minutes running, 1 minute walking.  A few times I may have been a second or three off, but whatever.  I promised myself I was going to go SLOW, walk whenever I felt I truly needed to, and I had my iPhone with me to call Nick to come get me if I felt I was slipping and sliding too much and hurting myself.  He and the kids were over by the boathouse sledding.  I hid the pace on my watch so I didn't even know how fast or slow I was going.

I'm going to be honest here, as I always am.  I usually don't really consider North Park lake loop to be "hilly".  There are other routes there that will give you a hill workout if that's what you're looking for, but typically the lake loop is just a nice little rolling path to me.  I know other people have their own opinions on that.  BUT - coming off of over 3 months either not running at all or running on a flat treadmill I did notice those incline changes a little more than I'm used to...  It didn't hurt, not one bit, but I felt very weak and definitely slowed way down on them.  I'm sure that stamina will come back with more time and strengthening.

As for the weather, it was snowing pretty well, but it wasn't really "slippy".  There was one part where there was chunky ice under the fresh snow that surprised me and made me stumble a bit, but I did what I promised to do and slowed way down to almost walking until I got through it.  I didn't feel any pulling, pain, or extra stress at my injury area.

All in all, the run went pretty well... for my first run outside in over 3 months.  In the cold, snow, and ice.  lol  I got around that lake in 1 hour and 22 seconds.  Definitely not a PR or any kind of speed record, but this run meant so much to me because it was outdoors, I had to pace myself, and on top of it I had to deal with weather conditions.  I think I did damn good.  Maybe I'll give it another go next weekend.

Until next time, I leave you with pics of happy kids in the snow:
Can you tell Vince likes Star Wars?

Tori and Garrett climbing a big snow pile with Nick looking on.  This was what I saw when I finished my run.  <3


  1. So awesome that you conquered North Park! I was there on Sunday too, but I don't think we were there at the same time. (if we ever are, and you recognize me, say something)!
    I hated how icy it was on the main road part, I ran in the traffic lane when cars weren't coming, which I hate.
    Welcome back though! So excited for you.

    1. Thanks! I was there mid-late morning. Yes - I tried to run that line on the edge of traffic... that always makes me uneasy because some cars just like to fly past and very closely too!
      Oh, if I ever recognize you I will certainly say hello! :)

  2. That main road sucks, it is never cleared and you have to run in the deep slushy stuff. They do a good job of clearing it the rest of the way.

    1. Yes, they usually do a fantastic job of cleaning up the main park area. A plow came up behind me that I let past when I had just a bit over a mile left! Talk about on the spot!