Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reading Material

Let it be known that I love Half Price Books.  I could spend a day digging around in there.  I've also taken the time to drive to several within the course of a day just to fiddle around in odd book heaven.  It's a great time waster, cheap, and I usually do find some interesting reads.

Most recently, I picked these 2 books out:

I've skimmed the PRE book before, but am glad I finally got a chance to read it all.  A legend, indeed.

Chi Marathon:  Has anyone ever read this?  I haven't gotten a chance to read every word, but I've thoroughly skimmed it.  Of course, I picked it up for the claim of being able to train for a marathon/half marathon pain and injury free.  Upon reading it, though, it seems as if it should have been named "Yoga Running".  I don't know.  I appreciate all the tips on form and subsequent strengthening and flexibility exercises.  But I just can't see myself doing their "Form Intervals" where you set your interval timer for a run and then focus on specific points for each interval.  For example:  spend one minute focusing on softening your glutes, the next minute on pelvic rotation, etc.  Maybe I'm weird (don't answer that, I already know), but when I run I'm thinking about a million things... I'm clearing my head of random BS thoughts rolling around.  "Man, Vince was acting like a little jerk this morning", "What am I cooking for dinner tonight", "This shirt is chafing my armpit", "OMG that bunny is so cute!  I want one!", "I think my foot might be hurting.", "Why did that dude look at me like that?  Is he following me now?  Do I need to get a grip on the mace?  Damn, maybe Nick was right..."  and on and on and on.  I don't know that I can truly focus on these little points for a steady minute on off, especially on a long run.  I've got too much going on.  Maybe I'm an ADD runner?

It gave me some things to think about, anyway...  I'm still trying to research training philosophies and plans for after I feel comfortable being really "back".  I still would like to run a marathon this year - much later in the year, of course, (I have my top 3 race wish list... we'll see what happens) and I want to make an informed plan for myself.  Right now, as far as the Pgh Half goes, I'm not on any kind of official plan.  I'm just working my way back to being able to run steadily again.  That's all the plan I've got and for now, that's all I need.  My previous half marathons have all been done using a Hal Higdon Intermediate plan, but I'm not willing to attempt that now.  Even after I build back up, and complete this half (God willing), I don't want to chance the speedwork for a while.  I'll be happy to spend some time just working on injury free endurance.

Speaking of training.... they rescheduled the Half Marathon Kickoff training run for this Saturday.  I'm tempted to go, but I'm still doing the run/walk deal.  My "plan" for this weekend was to try 5-6 miles doing 8:1 intervals, but I'm flexible.  I guess I'll see how I'm feeling.  So far the weather looks like it's going to be a heck of a lot warmer than it has been.  Warm, but rainy.

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