Monday, February 24, 2014

The Stuff I Did Last Week!

I worked out last week!  What a shocker! ;)  

Sorry, I'm having a sarcastic kinda day.

Monday: Leg Day!
Supersets of:  Seated Leg Curls - 3 sets of 15 and Dumbbell Lunges - 3 sets of 15
Supersets of:  Stiff legged barbell deadlifts - 3 sets of 15 and bounce/bounce/squats - 3 sets of 15
Supersets of:  Lying Leg curls - 3 sets of 15, and bodyweight squats - 3 sets of 15
Supersets of:  Dumbbell stepups - 3 sets of 15 and stability ball leg curls - 3 sets of 15
Drop set of:  Lying Leg curls - 3 sets of 20
Supersets of:  Standing dumbbell calf raises - 3 sets of 20 and seated 1 dumbbell calf raises - 3 sets of 20

What did I learn?  My hamstrings are still MUCH weaker than my quads.  Pathetically so.  I need to even this up.

Tuesday:  Back, Arms and Abs - Same workout as last week but with more weight.  After the weights I ran 3.5 miles in exactly 40 minutes (doing 9:1 intervals)!  It was one of those "this feels good", "this feels like crap", "this feels good", and on and on type of runs.  Ultimately I'd call it a good run, but not the best or easiest.

Wednesday:  Chest, Shoulders, and Abs.  Like Tuesday, it was the same weight workout as before, just more weights.  Afterwards I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I actually did a 5K - 3.13 miles in total.  That made me giggle.

Thursday:  Rest!!

Friday: Back, Bis, and Abs.  You know what I'm gonna say - yep, same as before.  This time, though I had my husband working in with me and that was.... um, interesting.  ha!  After that lifting session, I did a c25K week 5 workout: 5 minutes walking, 5 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, 5 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, 6 minutes running (I lost track and was feeling good!), then walk to the 30 minute point.  I run/walked 2.33 miles.

Saturday:  Shoulders, Triceps, and Calves.  Not even going to repeat it.  Then, my daughter and I went on our best walk through the neighborhood so far this year!  It was "warm", the sun was shining, and the sidewalks and roads were (mostly) clear!  Admittedly, I was half using this walk as a scouting session to see if I had any chance of running in the 'hood this weekend.  We walked just under 2.5 miles!

It was a beautiful day for a walk with my little girl!

Sunday:  I was excited to get up and run outside in my own stomping grounds, so to speak.  I got up at the crack of dawn for the first time in what seems like forever, inhaled a banana, and headed out.  I walked to the corner and then started to run.  I felt really really good.  My "plan" was to go 6ish miles.  My heart was set on a 10K... because you know, if you're running six, why not just do the extra .2, right? heh.  Anyway, I hid pace on my watch again so I didn't do the gawk at it every 30 seconds thing and I just ran as I felt.  I was supposed to be doing 8:1 intervals, which I checked and double checked that I had setup correctly the day before, but I got screwed over by my watch again and for some reason it spouted off the intervals I had set for myself before my last race!  WTF?  So, to make it easy on myself, I did 9:1, utilizing the 10 minute intervals I'd had bleeping at me.  I felt good pretty much the whole run.  I had one part where I felt like I was fading, but I checked my form, slowed down a tad (or at least I thought) and felt better.  

I ended up running 6.49 miles in 1:07.  I had NO idea I was running that much quicker than I have been lately.  It certainly did not feel like it and had I saw that kind of pace on my watch it honestly would have freaked me out a little.  And aside from a slight increase at mile 4 (I think that's when I felt the fade I mentioned before), I ran negative splits!  Cool!  Talk about a big confidence building run.

That's my week!  Hope you had a good one!

Oh, back to the WTF watch.  I think mine is on the way to dying a terrible death.  Last week I had major GPS problems and syncing issues and now this week it gave me even more problems.  Even before my injury I'd been having problems getting it to sync to my computer and stay charging.  It's a Nike+ Sportwatch, which I realize now isn't exactly the greatest thing out there (it irritates me only being able to see 2 stats at once, and if I'm doing intervals I'm down to 1 other than the countdown).... It was great as a starter/new to running watch, but I think I'm moving on to a big girl Garmin.  Any suggestions from anyone who is reading?  I've heard good and bad things about both the 610 and 620.  210?  310xt?


  1. Awesome! Congrats on the 6.49 miles, that is fabulous!

    I think all of the Garmins have their share of problems too. I had the 220, and returned it due to inaccuracy, and just read a blog from a girl that said the same thing about the 620. I'm sticking w/ my 610 until Garmin fixes the issue with the new watches. They're the ones that told me that there is an issue with the accuracy, and they said as of now, they don't have a solution. Um, no thanks.

    1. I guess at the end of the day they've all got their bugs. Hmm. I watched someone's vlog on the 620 and it was way, way off. I couldn't believe it!