Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Randomness

This is the first Friday in a very long time that I have a truly "off" day.  No work, no exercise, and most real life duties are taken care of.  So I have some "wow, what do I do with myself" time.  Here are some random things rolling around this blonde haired head.

1. I can't decide between Chinese or something new for lunch.  Yes, when I'm not thinking about running and other exercise I'm thinking about food.  It's always about the next run or the next meal.  I haven't had Chinese in forever and I'm craving it... unfortunately I'm also well aware that about 2 hours after I eat it I typically feel like crap.  Is it worth it today?  Decisions..  I know darn well if I'm still undecided by lunch I'll end up where I normally do.  Deluca's. 

2.  I got my Brooks official MCM training shirt and hat delivered a while ago.  I took it out of the package but I refuse to try it on, take pics of it, or even take the tags off until it is really training day.  June 23rd.  I know this is a weird superstition of sorts, but I can't help but feel like I'm going to jinx something by putting it on now.  I guess it's kind of like wearing a race shirt for a race that you haven't completed yet.  I can't bring myself to do that either.

3.  I put some tequila in a Sonic Diet Limeade last night.  It was honestly probably the best margarita I've ever had.  I will do this again.

4.  We have absolutely NO solid plans for this holiday weekend.  At all.  We're tossing around some ideas and I'm sure we'll come up with something but it always makes me uneasy not to have plans.  So far we've come up with:  Pirates games, Pittsburgh Zoo (we're members so this is a definite one), Cleveland Zoo, heading up to Presque Isle to hang out for the day, Living Treasures, riding/walking trails. The weather is supposed to be really nice and I'd like to stay outside as much as possible.  

5.  I'm starting to question my political party affiliation.  Once again I've hit a "grey area" point in life where I find it hard to fit into a certain definition.  I can see a bunch of different sides so I don't totally agree with one or the other.  More and more, though, I find myself shaking my head or saying "STFU!" to the main talking heads blubbering on the radio.

6.  I've found some neat stuff at thrift stores lately.  Namely CDs of old music I'd long since forgotten about and don't have anymore (right now I'm listening to AFI thanks to the Goodwill on Mcknight Road).

7.  My 9 year old daughter is full of hormonal rage lately.  If she's this bad now please reserve me a room at Western Psych in another 5 years.

8.  One week ago I rage quit Facebook.  Deactivated my account and even deleted the app off of my iPhone.  Yes, you read that right.  This past week has been one of the most relaxed, reflective and productive weeks in ages.  It has been fantastic not being kept up all night by the bleeping phone notifications and/or waking up to a bunch of notifications and missed messages.  I get too wrapped up in all the hoopla and drama between family, real friends, fake friends, and people I truly don't give a hoot about but can't look away from due to the trainwreck effect.  And yes, I'm guilty of creating and promoting my own drama too.  I didn't win the "Most Dramatic" award my senior year of high school for nothing.  Right now I'm loving being sans Facebook.  I'm not saying I'll never go crawling back into the black hole, but for now - you can have it!

9.  I don't feel nearly as old as I am.  I feel like I'm in fantastic shape (recent bone trauma aside) and I'm strong in both mind and spirit.  It makes me sad to see other "middle agers" looking/acting like it's time for a newspaper and a rocking chair.  There's so much life left and things I personally want to see and do.

10.  I think I have a better chance of winning the Powerball than finding reasonably priced, CAT FRIENDLY, big enough housing in a decent area within the city.  While I can understand the reasoning behind it, I'm tired of seeing "NO PETS" everywhere.  I can assure any landlord out there that my 3 kids will do far worse damage to things than my cats who are old and either declawed or don't realize they have claws anymore.  One is even missing teeth now, for goodness sake.  And my cats don't "go" anywhere but the litter boxes.  Now give my 4 year old a marker, a white wall and 10 minutes alone and we'll see what happens.  And have you ever smelled a cup of milk spilled into a carpet (or sofa) on a hot day?  Yeah.  

Those are some of the random thoughts I'm having this morning!  I hope you all have a great Friday and the rest of the weekend.  If you're travelling - be safe!  Arrive alive and buckle up and all that.


  1. #3--I will have to try that!
    #4--I don't either but since I'm a planner in my job, sometimes I like going plans-free. It should be a gorgeous weekend, so I'm sure we'll do lots of hikes and things outside.
    #8--I'm so not a fan of Facebook and rarely go on it, but now that my mom is on it and gets thrilled when she hears from me, I've been trying to go on more.
    #9--Me too. Isn't it a great feeling?!
    #10--That sucks. Cats are pretty much no problem or mess. Why don't landlords understand that?

  2. Your friday randomness is spot on, I hear ya on pretty much all of them.

    I fully support #2, only wear your training shirt once you're ready to. As an out of towner, I can also fully support #6. When my wife and I visit other cities, we often make a day of visiting a handful of thrift stores, we've been to that Goodwill twice in the past.