Monday, May 5, 2014

Pittsburgh Kids Marathon and Expo 2014

What a weekend!

The expo on Friday...  Hmm.  Well first of all, we must of gotten there at the perfect time (a few mins before 11) because shortly after they held up the line due to a ribbon cutting and it didn't move for like an hour.  We just slipped right in and had NO lines to deal with inside at both the kids packet pickup and mine.

The volunteers as usual were great there.  Such cheerful people.  I hope they were still all smiley after several hours went by..

The shirt.  I like it!  Mine has a huge snag on the side of it, though.  :(

We wandered around for a while (hours).  After all, I had a shopping agenda!  Unfortunately, I hardly got anything.  For the life of me I couldn't find any Bondi Bands, Swiftwick socks, or my favorite flavor of Roctane (which I'm coming to learn may be discontinued??  OMG!).  So, I just bought a vest that was on super clearance at Elite, new armsleeves from One More Mile that say "There will come a day when I cannot do this.  Today is NOT that day", and a phone case that says RUN.  Oh, and I got a wristband for Nick to get into SCRR's post race tent.  

Saturday was the kids marathon.  This was Garrett's first race!  The kids all had a great time and after I get some official pics I will post them because they are awesome.  Nick ended up carrying Garrett on his back through most of downtown.  haha.  Vincent ran at like a 7:14 avg (his pace was 7:07 on my watch when I left him go ahead so I could get back with Tori.  I'm judging by the time clock in the finish line pics.  Speedy kid!), and Tori beat her time from last year with a 10:18 avg pace for that 1.2 miles.  She keeps thanking me for pushing her and not letting her quit. My pleasure, baby girl! :)

Little Runners of Steel!

Next up:  Race day!  Separate post for that since it's wordy and long!


  1. That is so amazing to share this sport with your children. I ran my first full on Sunday, and while waiting for a train from the Science Center to the hotel, my 9 year old daughter said "i'm hearing about a children's marathon, what is that, i'd like to run it" and i nearly fell out of my chair. Total fail parent moment, I completely didn't ask her about it before the event entirely sold out. I felt about as big as a toad right then, only thinking about my own race, but she was enthusiastic to choose another kids run some time this summer which I promise to deliver on. Glad to see you did it right and got your kids into the Pittsburgh run!

    1. I only did it right this year because I learned my lesson last year! My little girl didn't tell me she wanted in on it until the last minute last year... I literally signed her up at the expo - thank goodness it wasn't sold out then. This year it really went quickly... I just went ahead and signed all 3 kids up when I registered myself. You should do the Liberty Mile with your daughter! That's another one my kids really like!

  2. OMG, I thought I saw you run passed! I was sitting on the bridge, on the far left, so you prob didn't see me. Watching the kids run was so much fun, they were really enjoying themselves! (some of the parents I saw, were struggling more to run a mile, than their kids).

    1. Aw, no I didn't see you! The kids run is so fun and I like that they get a medal to show off.. all 3 of them wore them all day. I noticed the struggling parents too. Hopefully they had fun and keep on running so next year it isn't so hard!