Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Time Has Come.

As of this writing, I am on day TWO of training for my very first marathon - the Marine Corps Marathon on October 26, 2014!  I am excited and I am nervous and there's a part of me that is feeling crazy for even doing this.  But hey, even if I turn into one of those "one and done" marathoners (which I hope NOT to be - I'd love to enjoy it enough to attempt more), then that's still quite a feat, right?

I'm most of all, very happy to have made it today.  I was supposed to begin training for what was to be my first marathon - the Pittsburgh Marathon - back in January, but unfortunately my injury made me have to drop to the half.  I was thankful to be able to complete that, and finish very well on May 4th.  So just having made it to this point is an accomplishment, I think.

I am using a hybrid plan of my creation based on the Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 plan and Pfitzinger's 18/55 plan.  I will also be doing the strength, core, and flexibility workouts from the Advanced Marathoning book.  I've turned into a real fan of hard bodybuilding since being injured (hey, a girl's gotta have attainable goals, even if she can't run), so this is kind of a step back for me, but I do agree with the principles and reasoning behind the specific workouts.  This is actually my second week doing the Pfitz workouts and I like them, although stability ball supermans can suck it for the time being.  They'll get better with time... they have to.  lol

I will listen to my body and give it rest when it needs it.  I will (do my best to) enjoy the process.  I know there will be bad days along with the good... the tough runs and the easy.  That's life.

Today was my first run of the program - 3 miles at an easy pace with 5x 100m strides.  I did the strides after mile 2 so that I'd have them done with enough distance left for a little cooldown of sorts.  The run was good, even though it was 80 degrees, but the intervals were tough!  I haven't done any kind of speed training in months and I sort of forgot the agony.  haha.  I did well, though... much better than I expected.

Want to know what totally made the run, though?  Well, I couldn't run first thing in the morning like usual due to some appointments.  So, it was pushing noon and the kids wanted to go to Sandcastle.  We drove out there, with me dressed in my running clothes.  Nick and the kids went in to the park and I got on the Great Allegheny Passage right there and got my run done.  The eagles sure do draw a crowd!  Afterward, I grabbed my swimming bag out of the van and went in, changed, and jumped into the Mushroom Pool.  It felt freaking awesome!!  I totally want to do that again!  How convenient!  Why haven't I thought of this before?

Two days of training in and I'm feeling good and ready for more.  I've got 5 easy miles on the schedule for tomorrow and it looks like they're gonna be rainy.  That's fine too!

Hope you're all enjoying your summer running no matter what you're training for.


  1. Very exciting! Did you do Hal Higdon training previously? I'll be starting the intermediate HM plan soon. I like that you run progressively farther at race pace. I feel like I need more miles at race pace. And that's a genius plan to run on that trail then jump in the pool at Sandastle! I might have to try that--I bet it felt awesome!

    1. Yes, I did train with Higdon's plans before! I've used his Intermediate plan for most of my half marathons and I used his Intermediate 10K plan for last year's Great Race. I originally picked his method because of what you mentioned - the progressive race pace runs. I like that they are the day before the long run, too, that way you get a good feel for running on already tired legs. I have nothing but good things to say about it! :)