Friday, July 18, 2014

100 Days to Go!

100 days until MCM!! (Actually at the time of this post it will be 99 days, 21 hours or something)

I'm still really excited.  The training has been flying by it seems and I've gained a lot of my confidence back.  I've been able to not focus on "when's the pain coming" and "gotta hold back" but more on "let's get to work" and "let's enjoy this".  I'm over halfway through the first mesocycle, which is based on endurance.

My pace has definitely come back down and my biggest struggle is not fully rolling with that and keeping with my training pace plan.  I haven't gone out of my boundaries so far, but darn is it tempting some days.  Especially the last couple of days when the weather has been in the low 50s and my legs just want to go.  After that first round of intervals at the beginning of training, they have gotten easier and easier.  I just need to work on consistency.  But, as with anything else, that will come with time.  I keep reminding myself that I'm still only on week 4 with 14 weeks to go and even though it seems like that's no time at all, it's plenty of time for something ridiculous to happen if I'm not careful.

While I'm glad that we have a few days of cooler weather, I know we still have quite a bit of hot, muggy days ahead before summer fades.  That said, with my runs getting longer I believe I'm going to need a larger hydration bottle.  I really don't think I'd like a fuel belt... I think bottles sloshing around my big hips would drive me nutty.  But, I don't mind my Spibelt most days, so maybe I'm wrong.  The times my Spibelt bothers me are when I'm wearing really slick fabric on the bottom (like compression shorts) and then it just rides up and down and flops all over and drives me crazy.  I think I'd just rather get a larger handheld.  My hands never seem to cramp up, especially if I switch off from time to time and I like having the bottle "right there", so to speak without having to dig it out of my back or wherever.  The Amphipod I'm using right now is 12 oz?  I'm currently looking at the Nathan 22 oz.  If any of you reading this have any favorites or suggestions, please let me know!

In other gear related news, I need new shoes.  Right now in my 3 shoe rotation (I always rotate 3 pairs of shoes.  I don't remember how or even why I started doing this, but it's what I do and it seems to work), I have a pair of Adrenaline 13 with 475 miles on them, a pair of Lunarglides with around 300, and a pair of Adrenaline 14 with just over 200.  I want to fully retire the 13s and the Lunarglides.  They are dead.  Totally dead.  Like the words on the bottom can't be read anymore because they aren't there.  In the case of the Lunarglides, they are just flat on the bottom.  Here's where I speak of my disappointment with the Adrenaline 14 too - they have a HOLE in them.  I haven't worn them any differently than any other shoe or put them through anything out of the ordinary.  They look like they are practically brand new except for the hole.  In the top.  I can nearly put my freaking toe through it.  I've heard that I'm not the only one who prefers the 13s as well.  Why they changed a great shoe I don't know.  Boo, Brooks... Boo.  They're still wearable, I guess... just the fact that they seem to be coming apart at such low mileage is upsetting.  All my other Adrenalines I've been able to take to between 450-500 miles before calling it quits and even then they didn't look bad.  So, in the near future I'm going to be hitting up running stores again and getting some new kicks.  Necessary evil.

I made the mistake and got on MapMyRun the other day and mapped out potential 15-20 mile routes.  Oh my goodness.... that's a long freaking way.  haha.  I kind of psyched myself out a little bit.  I have a few more weeks before needing to dive into that.  For now I'll just keep on my path of building up to that point.

Honestly, I don't have much to update with regards to my training.  I'm feeling great (knock on wood), getting all my runs accomplished as planned and fitting all the supplemental stuff in.  I'm well on my way, I just hope I keep improving and getting stronger.

100 days!!


  1. Sounds like you're in a great pace with your training! As for the hydration, the bottle at my hip bothers me too. So I wear mine at the smallest part of my waist. You aren't supposed to wear them like that, and I've never seen anyone else wear it like that. But it fits tight against the small of my back & doesn't bounce around at all so I don't really notice it.

    1. That makes sense. I might have to give that a whirl in the store and see how it feels. I know when I tried a belt on around my waist I felt like a construction guy with a belt full of tools wobbling around. ha!