Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday Randomness #2

It's time for another random babble post.

But first - Happy 4th of July!  Whatever you're up to today, make sure you have fun and be safe.

The Furries are in town!  I love the Furries.  If you're not aware of what a Furry is or what they're about, go to and check it out.  These are just fun people having a good time.  I personally enjoy the vibrant spirit they bring every year.  Never met a Furry I didn't like.

Yes, we are still house hunting.  I think we'll probably always be sometimes... Does anyone ever find the perfect place?  We looked at a house in Swissvale the other day that we liked.  It was a bit smaller than ideal, but not much worse that what we're dealing with right now.  AND - it has a yard.  And a garage.  So those are upgrades on their own.  We'll see.

Mother in laws... just... yeah.

We are having a blast at Kennywood and Sandcastle.  This year the weather has been great - especially for Sandcastle - and we've been going quite a bit.  I think we went to one or the other every day for a week straight.  Since this week is the 4th of July, Kennywood has been doing fireworks every night and those are always a nice treat.  I've said it once and I'll say it again - those season passes are well worth it.

My middle kid is leaving for camp on Sunday and I'm starting to get itchy about it.  I know he's going to have fun but I'm going to miss him a lot.  I'm also a little concerned as to how he's going to handle waking up before noon every day as well as not having video games at his disposal for almost 2 weeks.

I'm having a love/hate with personal training.  I mean, I never got into it to get rich, so I don't mind the pay thing.  I simply enjoy helping people and encouraging them to move and make healthy choices.  However.  I can't hold their hands through every hour of the day.  I can't be at their disposal 24/7.  I can't give instantaneous results to people who have no desire to work for it.  If you eat a cake and a medium pizza and think that working out for an hour with me is going to fix that, you're mistaken.  I can't MAKE those pounds melt off.  I also get irritated when people think I can drop what I'm doing at any point to attend to them.  I had a guy get pissy with me while I was at Sandcastle with my kids because I couldn't come do a session within the hour.  Um, yeah dude... just let me leave my 3 small children to fend for themselves so I can come drive 45 mins away to deal with you.  Whatever.  The tough clients are made up for by the ones that come in truly interested in their health and fitness and who give me 110% every time with no complaints.  I cherish those ones and am probably just as excited to see their success as they are.

Speaking of training, my marathon training is going well so far and I'm loving it.  During my speed intervals the other day I had my pace lower than it has been in ages and it felt SO good.  My "easy" pace is getting progressively easier too.... Although I'm still planning on staying smart and not pushing it.  Re-injuring myself is NOT an option.

Sorry Nuun lovers.... so far it's a fail for me.  It's yummy for sure, but I don't think it "works".  I've tried it twice and I'll give it another go because I don't want to waste the rest of the container, but for now I can't sing praises.  And it makes my Amphipod leak.  Boo.  The new Fierce Green Apple Gatorade is freaking awesome, though!

I'm dying for funnel cake here.  The fact that I smell it everywhere I go around here these days doesn't help.

That's all for now.  Again, have a Happy 4th!

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