Sunday, July 6, 2014

MCM Training Week 2

Two weeks done already!  Gosh, I hope this whole process doesn't fly by.  I kind of want time to slow down so I can just enjoy it.

The strength workouts are really coming along.  First of all, I'm back to owning pushups.  Pushups are one of those things for me where I can build them up quickly, but if I stop doing them for 2 weeks it's like starting all over again.  I always feel like a major badass when I can whip through a set of pushups and hop off the floor feeling great and wanting more.  Also, as far as the core strength workouts go, I'm back to planking longer/easier too.  Funny how some things come back easier than others.

My running is coming along as well.  I did strides again this week and they were much easier than last.  I didn't do a fast steady pace run this week, but instead I picked up the pace during the last couple miles of my long run, per the Hal Higdon 3/1 method.  The interesting thing about that 9 mile run was I was starting to feel like I was getting stiff and crampy after 6 miles... I was honestly debating chucking the pace pickup and just trudging to the end of the run.  But, my hardheadedness kicked in (because I wasn't feeling bad or injured, just blah and tired... it's been quite the couple of days here with the holiday) and I stuck to the plan.  Believe it or not - I felt better once I picked up the pace.  The stiff/crampy stuff immediately went away and I felt like I was on a fresh run.  I finished out the run much better and easier than I originally thought.  So, I don't know what was up there, but like I said it was interesting.

Oh, I tried out that Vanilla Clif Shot gel at mile 5 of my run this morning and it was YUMMY!!  I also think it worked pretty well too.  I was skeptical because it didn't have caffeine and I'm a caffeine junkie (hence my love affair with Espresso Love Gu), but it seemed to do the trick.  I don't know how it would go for me on a longer effort, which is why I tried it today, but I'd give it a go.  It was thick, delicious and effective for today.  Thumbs up!

We had a great 4th here.  We ate the standard fare, I battled a hangover (lol), and we walked around downtown enjoying the festivities.  We wrapped it all up with the awesome fireworks at the Point, followed by the typical sparklers and noisemakers at home.  Getting to bed late almost every night this week hasn't helped my running, but I'll do better this week and get some extra sleep.  I'll fully admit to going back to bed after my early Saturday 5 miler for a couple of hours.  I read that Deena Kastor also does this so it can't be wrong.  haha.  At least my nutrition was much better this week... well, all except the holiday.  But holiday calories and stuff doesn't count, right?

Awesome sunset to enjoy while waiting for the fireworks to start!

Today I am taking my middle kid to camp for the first time.  He'll be gone for 11 days and this will be the longest I've been without him.  I hope he has fun but I am going to miss him so much.  I'm really emotional about it.  Help?!

Here's to another week completed!  Next week is actually my first cutback/recovery week already.  My longest run is only 6 miles.  I do still have some faster runs to do, though.  All part of the plan...

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  1. Good to know that you're doing a Hal Higdon plan. I'll be starting my first HH plan soon--the intermediate HM. Sounds like a great week. My coworker is also training for MCM.