Sunday, July 13, 2014

MCM Training Week 3

This week has been a whirlwind.

My middle kid, Vincent, went off to summer camp for the first time.  He hasn't gone for more than an overnight before and this time he's away from his mama for 11 whole days.  I've been beside myself.  I cried the first two days, slept with his stuffed elephant and have just been a general basketcase.  And, just as luck would have it they ended up under a tornado warning and I was a freaking mess until I heard from the camp that he was fine.  He doesn't come home until Wednesday so I still have a few days to go.  I'm telling you, when he gets here I'm going to kick his ass for not writing like he said he would (I even sent him with stamped envelopes!!).

On the camp bus.  I miss you Vinny!!!!

While Vincent's been away, his room has been occupied.  By my mother in law.  Now, typically I'd be pissing and moaning, but believe it or not, this has been a pretty decent visit.  For good reason, too.  She's moving out here.  She's getting older and her health hasn't been the best and she's not liking being so far away from the only family she has left (us).  She's also got a few business projects in the works that she wants to include Nick and I on and that would be much easier if she were here.  So, she's looking to move out here by the end of the summer.

With that said, we've amped up the house search.  And........ we may have found our place.  I should know for sure in the next few days, but I just might become a south hills resident soon.  ;)

It's exciting and bittersweet.  The one thing that concerns me is my running.  Here, I walk out my front door, down to the end of the block, cross the street and start running.  A mile has me down to the North Shore Trail and I have all that running space... fairly flat unless I cross a bridge and even then it's not bad... traffic free for the most part.. and most of all familiar and safe to me.  Where we are probably moving to is very VERY hilly.  And not just little hills, but steep Mt Everest type climbs.  And the main roads are pretty busy.  I'm also (currently) unaware of any trails or low traffic areas to get longer runs in.  I am excited that there are 2 tracks in very close proximity that I can use to do my speedwork, but I can't see myself using those to "just run".  So far it's looking like I'm going to have to travel to do my long runs, especially as they increase in distance.  I'll either take the T to the Jail trail I guess or drive to South Park or elsewhere.  Or I could really start utilizing the running groups I'm a member (even paid! ugh!) of.  The only thing that bothers me about running with groups is all the stopping.  On both group runs I went on while training for the Pittsburgh Half the only, and I mean only thing that bothered me so much that I'd prefer to just run by myself is all the stopping.  Every time there's a fluid station set up, everyone stopped to BS for a few minutes.  Meanwhile I'm jumping around keeping my muscles loose thinking "come the hell on, let's go already!".  I mean, do you do that during the race?  No.  Does the race clock just stop at mile 10 for as long as you need it to so you can get a drink and a snack and take a selfie?  Not that I am aware of.  When I'm running, I just want to keep running.  If I stop, there had better be a good freaking reason.  Like a bus coming down the street when I'm at an intersection.  Hell, a stress fracture didn't even get me to stop during a race.  Just go and get it done.  Talk and pic taking is for after.  lol.  But hey, that's just me and I'm nutty and I know it.  I truly mean no offense to people that prefer this method.  It's just not my bag.  I do love to run and talk with people, I just don't want to stop for very long if at all.  I'll figure my stuff out somehow.

Well now that I went on a tangent over something really ridiculous, let's talk about my marathon training this week.  It went awesome.  It was my first cutback/recovery week.  My plan is written to build for 2 weeks, cut back the long run the next, repeat.  It works for me, though it may seem wimpy to some.  I'm ok with that.  This week I did both a run with the middle part at half marathon pace as well as a faster steady run.  I also did my first true recovery run, which honestly was more difficult than any of the faster runs I've done recently.  I have no idea why.  It just felt weird.  But the easy aerobic run the day after was really awesome, so I'll take that as the recovery "worked".  Right?  I got in all my strength training and core and flexibility work as well.  I had to jockey my workout times a little bit to compensate for my MIL's presence as well as other scheduling conflicts, but I got it all accomplished and felt great doing it.

I also got to run with Victoria this week again.  She ran a bit over a mile with me on Thursday.  She's to the point now where she's not going out too fast so she's not stopping to walk before the interval is up.  She's also increased her overall pace as well as consistently makes her last interval her fastest!  I'm so proud of her!

Thankfully even though we've had company all week, my nutrition has been pretty decent.  I'm trying to make sure I'm getting good forms of carbs and healthy fats.  It's so easy to just nosh on the junk, but it is definitely better to stick with the real yummy stuff.  I can always tell a difference in my running if I'm eating crap or eating well.  But, I do have a sweet tooth and I love dessert (best meal of the day!) so I have had my indulgences... especially with my boy gone.  #mamadrama

Egg white omelet & cheese with blueberries and toast with raspberry preserves, turkey chili with avocado and sour cream on top and yes, delicious frozen yogurt with decadent toppings from Sweet Frog.

I've enjoyed this week and all its craziness, although I miss my buddy.  He'll be back in a few days and then after some together time I'll be saying farewell to the oldest as she goes away.  In the meantime, this coming week I'm increasing my mileage again.  Here comes week 4 of marathon training!


  1. Maybe there is a closer place to run by your new house that you haven't discovered yet? South Park and the jail trail both sound like good options for longer runs though. And great that you have two nearby tracks! Anyway, sounds like a good recovery week training-wise even though you missed your son. Just a few more days until he's home!

    1. He came home Wednesday and I've been just loving him up. He's so spoiled. lol