Monday, July 28, 2014

MCM Training Week 5

This was an up and down week.  From rocking humidity to counteroffer negotiations to power struggles in different areas, it was hard to stay focused and positive.  But somehow I did.  It's weeks like this that I will draw on during times I'm feeling low.  I can get through a lot of crap.  Giving up isn't an option.

My Tuesday run was a short 3 miles, with the middle mile at half marathon pace.  When I got up and out during the 6 am hour it was already in the 70s and humid.  It wasn't a fantastic feeling run at all... I felt like I was panting like a dog at times, but I accomplished my goal.  At home I did my flexibility workout, which has really grown on me, especially the stretches involving the stability ball.  I've always been a little wishy washy about using the ball for stretching, but I'm a believer now.

I wrote about my Wednesday recovery run in the previous post.  It was hot and humid again, but I kept my head on straight to prevent getting into a negative headspace.

Thursday I ran 3 miles at a general aerobic pace.  During this run, I started having nagging pains in my shin/calf.  I couldn't tell if it was bone or muscle but it felt like my entire inner lower right leg was on fire.  I got through the run but it wasn't great.  I was terrified of being injured and frantically wrapped and iced the leg.  I was thankful to have a rest day on Friday.

After analyzing up one side and down the other what the heck could be going on, I really felt like my shoes were the issue.  For the past couple of runs I'd worn my Adrenalines with around 500 miles on them and my Nike Lunarglides with over 300 miles on them.  I've been putting off getting new ones for who knows why and I believe that this little twinge was trying to tell me that the time is now.  So, I went and picked up a couple pairs of new shoes.

I usually don't go all girly pink crazy, but these are LOUD.  I like loud.

On Saturday I set out to do my easy 6 miles after making my husband a promise that if I was in any kind of pain I'd stop and either call for a pickup or walk home if I could.  I wore new shoes and went out nice and slow. The first couple of strides felt weird, but then after that I went on to have a fantastic and pain free run.  Thank goodness.  Hopefully getting some decent shoes on my feet were just what needed to happen.

Sunday I ran my strongest and longest run in a while.  In fact, this may have been my best 12 miler ever.  I started off nice and slow the first mile again, just to stay cautious about the leg.  It felt fine, so I picked it up a little and was able to hold a nice steady pace for the next 8 miles!  That's so rare for me and I just loved it!  I felt amazing, wasn't over fatigued EVER during the entire run, and really enjoyed myself (other than the GI issues that picked up through the second half but didn't slow me down).  This run was supposed to have the last 3 miles picked up in pace, but since my leg was bothering me I was honestly planning to just run a straight 12 and not chancing it.  However, I felt so great that I just went ahead and picked up the pace.  I ran negative splits the last 3 miles and didn't feel bad at all.  I finished the run feeling strong and feeling like I could have gone longer.  Yeah!  The bizarre thing about this run was that I completely FORGOT to have my mile 10 GU!  On runs of 12+ miles I usually have 1 at mile 5 and 1 at mile 10.  Well after this run I realized that I never had the one at mile 10!  I don't know how to feel about it.  I mean, I finished the run nice and strong and never bonked.  But I don't want to set a trend of neglecting to fuel if I do need it.  So, like I said... I don't know what to think.  It is what it is.

After my long run I spent several hours in the car in that lovely torrential pouring rain going to visit my mother in law.  I wore my compression socks and that helped a lot.  I spent a bunch of time being goofy with the boys.

We're nuts and I love it.

I got in all my strength workouts this week, but I did miss one core session.  I'm not beating myself up about it.  In the scope of things 1 core workout isn't going to make or break MCM.

This coming week is a lighter recovery week and from there my schedule is downright scary/exciting.  This will make the last week in the first mesocycle before moving on to slightly more difficult things.


  1. Love the new shoes! Glad the pain was just due to shoes. Isn't it nice when things can be resolved with shopping, lol? The 12 miler sounds awesome. I love when runs are like that. Also, I think you posted the name of it a while back, but what is the flexibility routine you do on the stability ball? I love my stability ball but have never used it for stretching.

    1. I'm using the Flexibility workout from Pete Pfitzinger's Advanced Marathoning book. :) There's also a core workout in there that utilizes the ball quite a bit. I like it.