Monday, August 4, 2014

MCM Training Week 6

And this completes the first of the three mesocycles in my training plan!  That sure went fast!

I'm feeling pretty good about where things are.  I've been trying to train smart, not just hard and I've mostly been trying to remain positive.  I think the mind control is harder than the physical aspect of training sometimes.

This was the last cutback week before the really hard training starts.

Tuesday I ran 3 miles easy with 4 striders.  All in all a good run, but I felt like I really wussed out on the strides and didn't give them a full effort.  Then again, I reminded myself that this is a recovery week so I didn't need to be going all out anyway.

Wednesday 5 recovery paced miles on the trail.  It was nice and cool, but my legs were tight and tired.  Still a good run.

Thursday I ran a nice and easy 3 mile loop from the house to the stadiums and back and it was one of those "I needed that" type of runs.  You know the ones.... you've had a couple BLAH ones in a row and then you get one that just breaks you out of the funk.  This was that run.  :)

Friday was the Liberty Mile with the kids and we had a great time!

Saturday I was scheduled for 6 miles uptempo and I was honestly afraid of it.  But, this came easily and felt amazing!

Sunday This "long" run almost didn't happen.  During the previous evening, my leg was cramping up and I iced and wrapped it for a while.  When I woke up bright and early, it still ached a bit.  I also had a terrible night due to going through old things and packing for our move and ended up staying up way too late having an emotional breakdown.  I figured that if I was going to miss a long run, it was ok during a cutback week when it was only scheduled for 9 miles.  So I went back to bed for a few hours.

When I woke up, there was a crazy thunderstorm - lightning and all.  I felt pretty good though and was starting to kick myself for not running earlier.  By late afternoon the skies were mostly clear again and I was really feeling back to myself... no pain at all.  The kids wanted to go to a playground, so Nick and I planned to head up to North Park.  My plan was to run the lake loop.  If it sucked after the first loop, I'd stop and at least have 5 miles in.  Otherwise, I'd play it by ear.

My legs must have missed dear old North Park because they just wanted to fly around that lake!  That first loop was amazing - I was holding a consistent pace (again, rare!) and as I passed the playground the family was at I yelled "I got this - see you in another loop!" and headed out again.  The second loop was a bit tougher - the nice mist of rain went away and in its place came full on sun and heat, but I was still holding that SAME consistent pace and feeling pretty darn good!  I ran all 9 miles and then walked the last mile back around to meet Nick and the kids where I started from.

I'm so glad I let myself get some extra rest and I'm really thankful that seems to be just what I needed.  I still prefer early morning workouts, but hey, sometimes you do what you have to do.

I also got in all of my strength/core/flexibility supplemental workouts.  If I can be totally honest here, I'm getting bored with the strength and core ones.  I have added sets of biceps curls to the strength circuit and longer planks to the core, and that seems to help.  I know I said at the start of training that I was going to stick with these same workouts for the duration of marathon training, but I don't know.  I don't like getting to a point (like this morning) where I dread "doing this same workout AGAIN".  We'll see.

Mesocycle is one of them there fake words according to spell check.  However - at least Wikipedia is on my side.

A couple of things were achieved this week.  I hit 121 miles total for the month of July, which is the 3rd highest mileage month for me ever.  If all goes well, I should break my record here in August.  This week I also ran 6 days in a row, due to the Liberty Mile.  I have not ran 6 days in a row since before my stress fracture.  So, while I'm not able to put up any new PRs (yet - keeping my fingers crossed for next Sunday), I am making good progress and doing what I need to do.

The second Mesocycle focuses on not only building more endurance but improving on my lactate threshold.  Hopefully it goes as well as the first!


  1. Awesome! Congrats on finishing your first mesocycle and being in such great physical & mental shape. Also great that you fit in your long run in a way that worked for you. Hope this next cycle is as good as the first!

  2. Congrats on doing the cycle!!! Looks like your training is going very good