Friday, January 2, 2015

36 for my 36th

Happy Birthday to ME!!  Another year older, none the wiser. ;-)

I told the fam I wanted a fruit flavored cake this year and they couldn't decide what to make me.  This is what they came up with: Strawberry cake, Pineapple cake, and Lemon cream icing.  It was actually really good!

I thought something fun would be to make 36 statements to mark my 36th birthday.  They may be little known facts about me, goals I have, or embarrassing moments.

Hopefully you'll get a kick out of reading them, maybe learn something about me you might not have wanted or needed to know, and have a laugh along with me.

1.  I had a huge emotional sobbing meltdown when the clock struck midnight on my 30th birthday.  I thought I was soooooooooo old.  haha
2.  My two oldest kids have the same initials (ALL initials, not just the first name like the Duggars).  Since the youngest came along a few years later (surprise) we really didn't have any ideas for continuing the trend.  I often wonder if it will affect him someday.  ?
3.  My favorite color used to be black.  Now that I'm older it's more of a grey.
4.  I have Adie's Pupil.  My eyes will never be in "PERRL" status and it freaks newbie docs & nurses out until I tell them.
5.  #4 gives me some light sensitivity which is why I wear sunglasses more often in certain situations.
6.  I used to live in South Carolina.  I moved back to PA because I was afraid of the huge palmetto bugs.
7.  I am absolutely terrified of snakes.  Even typing that word made me shiver and I just looked under my desk.
8.  One of my kids is an ASD kid and I will totally go to bat for him any time, anywhere.
9.  I have been playing World of Warcraft for 10 years.  My main is a Troll Priest.  For the Horde!
10.  I ran track for a short period of time in high school.  I got kicked off the team for "having a horrible attitude".
11.  I used to be quite the singer. I was a first chair soprano in competition and went on to be a lead singer in a group.
12.  Once, after singing a lovely solo, I proceeded to turn around, walk too far and fall off the stage. (I was fine physically, but my ego was very bruised.  Yes, I was sober.)
13.  My first adult beverage was Southern Comfort in orange juice.  I don't think I'd choose to drink that today, but feel free to pass the Jack Daniels.
14.  I am a very shy person.  But once I feel comfortable with someone I will be the biggest mouth ever.
15.  I'm a list maker.  I have a list for what to do today, this week, this month, a store list for every store I need to go to, a list of things I want, a list of things I need.  It's all about the list.
16.  I used to really love Vera Bradley purses until everyone started carrying them.  Once I traveled back to central PA where I grew up and saw people with them, that ended that relationship.
17.  One of my pet peeves is excuses out of people for why they can't exercise.  Do you think I always like getting up at the crack of dawn to run?  Or that my fitness costs don't add up and wear me thin sometimes?  You have to decide what's really important to you!
18.  I used to think I felt safer in the country than the city.  As with other things, over the years this completely changed.  There's safety in numbers, right?
19.  My highest weight as an adult was 212.  My lowest was 93. I'm now in a happy place.
20.  I haven't taken my Christmas decorations down yet.  It might wait until Monday, to be honest.
21.  My toes are absolutely gnarly after training for and running a marathon.  Even my kids are grossed out by them.
22.  I think high heels are ridiculous and unhealthy and I refuse to wear them more than maybe once or twice a year.
23.  I really want another tattoo and am currently in the design making process in my head.
24.  I love watching garbage television when I have nothing better to do (or to avoid doing things I should be doing).  What's garbage?  Pretty much anything on TLC - 90 day fiance, Sex sent me to the ER, etc.  So stupid!
25.  One of the things I'm proudest of is killing my soda addiction.  99% of the time if I drink it now it's mixed with alcohol (and that's not an all the time thing).  I can't stand it otherwise and regret any time I slip and order it and all the free refills at a restaurant.
26.  My largest and fastest chunk of weight loss came between Kid #1 and Kid #2.
27.  I can NOT stand the leggings and boots (Ugg types especially) fashion trend.  But sometimes I cave and wear it too if I feel especially bloated and don't want to put on jeans.
28.  I believe in the Loch Ness Monster.  Really.  But not Bigfoot.
29.  My middle kid kicks my ass at Hearthstone.  And I have better cards than him!
30.  My favorite brand of makeup is Urban Decay, but I rarely wear makeup.  I hate sweating it off.
31.  I've never been to a Penguins game.
32.  I'm extremely afraid of heights.  I hate rollercoasters, airplanes, glass elevators in tall buildings, etc.
33.  I don't have a favorite type of music.  I can listen to most anything.  There are songs that suck and songs that are great in every genre.
34.  I think paranormal investigation is fascinating and I'd love to go along on a ghost hunt.
35.  Ever since having my thyroid tumor removed my metabolism has skyrocketed.  It's a blessing and a curse.
36.  My future fitness goals include running an ultramarathon, qualifying for the MCM club (running 5 MCMs = automatic entry forever), running in another country, qualifying for Boston before I'm 50, doing an unassisted/unsupported handstand, trying aerial yoga, and if I'm ever unable to run as much as I do now I want to delve further into bodybuilding and enter a fitness or physique competition.

Thanks for reading!

Balloon Tori picked for me! <3


  1. Happr birthday! I loved reading these. #12 cracked me up! I'm the same about #15. My husband makes fun of me because of all my lists. #17: I once read something from Oprah's old trainer Bob Greene where he said if a client gave him 3 excuses about why they can't exercise, he would refuse to work with them because clearly they didn't want it enough. I agree with that!

    1. Thanks! I heard that from Bob Greene too. Totally agree. I actually have a little questionnaire I have clients fill out before the first session and one question is "What is keeping you from attaining your fitness goals currently"? Usually the answer(s) they give to that one question tell me if they are going to succeed with me or not. You have to want the help and follow through!