Monday, January 12, 2015

Marathon #2 Training Week 2

Anyone who has been living in this general area of the world knows one thing:  It has been a messed up week for running.  The weather was ridiculous - snow, well below freezing windchills, etc.  Even our hometown marathon and local running groups cancelled their runs.  Your choices were to either take the runs indoors (seemed to be the most popular choice), skip them completely (I don't fault people who chose this either), or do what I did:  just suck it up and get the damn miles in.  I don't know that I will always go balls to the wall and choose to tough it out, but I was having a particularly mentally strong week and I wanted to run with it while it lasted.  Pun very intended.

Monday:  Last day of Phase 2 of my Strong Curves-esque program.  Workout C: pausing hip thrusts, reverse grip rows, goblet squats, close grip dumbbell presses, kettlebell swings, weighted side steps, straight leg full sit ups, russian twists.
Monday was also day 4 of #30DaysofYoga.  I've really been loving this program but want to make a separate post about it and the things I've come to learn and realize about myself and yoga in general.

Tuesday:  The plan called for an 8 mile easy run with 10x100m stride outs.  The kids ended up having a two hour delay due to snow and when I hit the trail it was completely covered and pretty thick - up the sides of my shoes for sure and still coming down.  The easy miles were just that - very easy, but I didn't really do all out strides.  I did pick up the pace those 10x100m, but they certainly never reached all-out.  Traction and snow don't always mix.
Biggest mistake?  Not wearing my Oakleys when there's snow.  Too bright!  ouch!

Day 5 of #30DaysofYoga was called "Feel Alive Flow!" and it definitely lived up to its name even though it was a very short session.

Wednesday:  This marked the beginning of Phase 3 of the strength training plan.  Workout A: Weighted hip thrusts, bent over rows, box squats, pushups, deadlifts, side lying leg lifts, stability ball crunches while holding a dumbbell, and planks.  I really liked this routine, although since its been a while since I've done pushups I'm kind of weak on them again.  Boo.  It'll come back with time.
#30DaysofYoga Day 6 was 16 minute of ab focused practice which was exciting to me as it made for a perfect cap to a strength training day.  Oh My God this may have been one of those most intense ab workouts ever.  I've done a lot of ab routines over the years and I don't know whether it is because I'm fairly green to yoga or what but I was totally feeling this!

Thursday:  Windchill from hell day!  I opted to wait until the advisory was over at least to attempt this run.  And yes, I mean attempt.  I was fully planning on bailing early if I thought I was putting myself at risk being out there.  But I had to try.  The advisory was over at 1, so I was able to do my #30DaysofYoga before the run.  It was a full body practice and I do believe it helped limber me up for the run.

I'm not going to lie here: the first mile or so sucked.  It legitimately hurt and I thought about throwing in the towel.  But I know by now never to judge a run by mile 1, so I kept at it.  Sometime after mile 2 my handwarmers finally heated up to full strength and I at least felt better in the hand department.  By mile 4, I was totally warmed up and it felt like any other chilly day run.  No issues other than my nose running.  That and the fact that I was going realllly slow for me.  My heartrate didn't want to stay down at the pace I'd been running my easy runs at lately and any time there was a wind gust it spiked.  But, I stuck with it and went with it and I'm glad I did.  Those 10 "easy" miles felt like nothing by the time I was done with them.  I even walked a couple of times because in a couple spots up the trail (out by the old jail) people had snow shoveled in high piles that came up to my shins and there was no running through that.  All said, this was one of my proudest runs ever.  I definitely felt like a Runner of Steel.

Just a friendly PSA, though:  If you're going to be running in negative windchills, be prepared for your iPhone to freeze!  I didn't know it happened until I took it out after my run, but it even had ice around the buttons and took a little while to thaw out.  I kept wrapping it in napkins to keep it dry on the way home.  Something to be aware of...  It's fine, btw - it just freaked me out.

Friday:  Rest day with #30DaysofYoga Day 8 Guided Meditation.  This was a godsend!!  Just what I needed.

Saturday:  I started my day with #30DaysofYoga Day 9, and after the kids were chauffeured around to their various activities, I got out for my run.  This was another day I was ok being "late" to run because of the wicked cold.  But this day was a whopping 3 degrees and felt a million times warmer than Thursday (no lie).
Here's a milestone for you:  This is the first time I've ever done a specific "Recovery Run" correctly.  Before, I've never gotten the concept that you're not supposed to exert yourself/spend a lot of energy on these runs.  To me, if I was running, I was getting a workout!  Well, in the spirit of sticking to my plan and embracing the slow, I kept my heartrate way down in real recovery range.  Yes, it was wicked slow.  Yes, it felt like I was barely above a walk.  But you know what?  This run was awesome!  I don't feel like I lost anything during this run and I felt totally prepared for the tough long run workout the next day.  There's something to be said for doing things the way you're "supposed to"!

Sunday:  Every few weeks my training plan calls for a long run with a set amount of miles to build up to running at race intensity.  In training plans I've done in the past, there was usually a pace run on Saturday followed by a standard long slow run on Sunday.  So, this is new territory for me.  I didn't know how I was going to do but I was excited to give it a go.

Since I decided to ultimately skip the Frigid Five Miler, I was feeling a little bit of guilt about missing out on the hill.  To make up for it (haha, if you want to call it that), I decided to run the JASR half marathon course as well as not take the easy way around the lake loop by cutting through tennis courts and instead going up and around the hilly way.  I figured that would be perfect because I'd be able to keep myself in check and go nice and slow up McKinney hill, though the first part of loop #1 and then hammer down the rest of the way.

It was a challenge!  I forgot how that steep downhill after McKinney can really do a number on your legs and I did question my route decision a bit when I was feeling like I might not have the strength to pick up the pace later on.  But, I did recover - using my hrm to keep the rest of the first 5 miles nice and slow - and by the time it came to pick it up, I was able to. I even ran a couple of miles a little too fast... North Park is always pretty tricky to pace (at least for me).  Just being honest here, I was starting to "feel it" miles 10-11, but then I perked back up and felt like I flew to the end.  13.12 miles of success!  I will say that I am glad I don't have to run my long run like this every week.  ;-)

Total Miles Ran:  36.3
Total Running Workouts:  4 - 1 easy (with pickups), 1 just easy, 1 true recovery, 1 long w/pace miles.
Total Strength Workouts: 2
Total Yoga Workouts: 7 - I'm on a streak here!

Nutrition this week: Much better than last week!  With all of the holiday/birthday junk gone, it's much easier without the temptation.  This week included mostly whole foods and good ol' home cooking every day.  The majority of my junk food came last night in the form of a slice and a half of pizza and a few bites of ice cream.  Yeah!

Oh, I also got my FitBit from the Pittsburgh Marathon!

I've been wearing it for a couple of days now.  It's a pretty cool little gadget.  I plan on making a separate post about it after I've used it a little longer.

I love reading everyone's training stories.  I think its amazing to see a bunch of people who are totally different in backgrounds, abilities, needs and wants have a common purpose/goal.

Train on, my friends!

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  1. Great week! Love that you stuck it out instead of hitting the treadmill. I plan to go balls to the wall and tough it on no matter the weather, but we'll see. Luckily it's supposed to be milder this week. Yeah, that long run sounds like a killer. I love that downhill after the McKinney hill climb! I just want to put up my hands, yell, "Whee!" and run down while pretending I'm on a roller coaster! On our lake loops, we also do the hill by the boat house instead of cutting through. I want to train mostly on hills to get ready for Pittsburgh!