Monday, January 26, 2015

Marathon #2 - Training Week 4

If nothing else, you know you can count on one thing from me:  brutal honesty.  Given that, there is one word to describe my training (well the running part, anyway) this week:  Frustrating.

That's not to say that my runs weren't good, because for the most part they were.  My training was frustrating due to all the technological/other problems that decided to pop up this week.  I guess I should be happy they popped up early in the training cycle instead of later on when I'm much more stressed in general, but it still sucks.

Monday:  Workout A of my strength training plan. I am happy to report the pushups are getting smoother again (and believe it or not I credit the yoga challenge for helping with this)!   Then I did #30DaysofYoga day 18.

Tuesday:  Here's where the issues started.  First of all, my laundry wasn't dry so I had to wear my "last resort" bra that I really don't like for running.  It's great for everything else, but just doesn't feel right while running.  So I spent some of my run being annoyed by that.  My run was planned to be 8 miles, with the last part being 10x100m strides.  I went to the South Side and did my loop over the bridges.  Sometime during the first few miles my hrm started acting funny.  It happens sometimes and usually shifting it a little to get it to pick up some sweat for conductivity does the trick.  Not this time.  I kept having to pull myself back because I was running too fast on the easy part.  When I finally got in a groove I totally zoned out and missed the start of my strides! lol  So I had to tack on an additional half mile to get them all done.  All issues aside, I was pretty freaking stoked to have my pace dip down into the 6:20s without a lot of effort and while feeling good!
After my run I did #30DaysofYoga day 19!

Wednesday:  I headed to North Park to do my 5 mile recovery run around the lake.  It was pretty snowy, but that is just fine for a slow recovery run. Again, after the first mile my hrm was just not giving me accurate readings and starting to jump all over the place.  So, I flipped the hr numbers off and instead just went by pace/avg pace to try to put myself around an 11:00 mile, which is where my recovery runs have been.  It was tough - really tough - but I came out at 10:58 average so I didn't do too bad.
Later that day I did Workout B of my strength training plan.  It went well - even those split squats.  #30DaysofYoga Day 20 rounded out my day.

Thursday:  10 miles at general aerobic pace on the schedule.  I went to the North Shore, craving a bit of a break from rolling north park, especially with my hrm not working well.  This was where I finally decided I needed to order a new soft strap when I got home.  I'd already replaced the transmitter battery and obviously that wasn't the fix.  Anyway, I had to do what I did the day before and try to pace myself without heart rate info.  Since my recent easy runs have all been around the 10:00 mark, I set that as my goal and did my best to keep a steady pace around there.  The trail was slushy but really not bad at all and I came in at 9:55 average.  A little fast, but I didn't feel too bad.  I also wore my new shoes on this run.  What a perfect way to break them in!
Sticking with the 14 until Brooks can make the 15 pretty.

#30DaysofYoga day 21 finished off my workouts.

Friday:  Another dose of brutal honesty -  I was a hungover mess Friday morning.  Thursday was my husband's birthday and we partied pretty hard.  So I was thankful that this was my rest day and doing #30DaysofYoga Day 22 really helped me recharge and feel better.

Saturday:  4 mile recovery run on the snowy North Shore Trail.  With my hrm officially dead my husband gave me his to try out.  I just could not get it to work very well for me so again I was left to my own pacing.  I came in at 10:50 - faster than I wanted/should have ran with a 15 miler the next day.  I was pretty frustrated with things by this point and honestly scared of attempting a 15 mile run the next day without my hrm telling me to slow down/speed up.  I spent the rest of the day trying to talk myself down and came to the conclusion that hey - I trained for a marathon before without a hrm for a 15 miler, obviously I'm capable of doing it again.
The #30DaysofYoga video for day 23 was shorter than the previous few days and was a welcome break.

Sunday: 3 loops around the North Park lake.  I wore a hrm anyway just in case (read "wishful thinking") it decided to work.  It was obviously still caput in the early miles that I pretty much took off out of the boathouse running at race pace because my watch was having a GPS fart in addition.  :-\  I got myself settled in a bit by the end of the first loop (I was running faster than I should have but really did feel good at this point) and then I remembered reading about how some people have an easier time getting a hrm to read with the transmitter tweaked to the side a bit.  So I yanked the strap over and whaddayaknow - something happened and it picked up reading right where it should have for how I was running.  So the second loop I happily ran as usual and I felt great.  Then the third loop happened.  I felt good the first mile and a half to two miles and then I just fell apart.  Those early too fast too hard miles were starting to catch up with me and I just got tired.  By 13 miles it felt like work to keep my heart rate up where it should be.  I did let my pace fall off a little for 1 mile and then I kicked it in gear and finished where I should.  My average pace was 9:04, and it really should have been around 9:15.  I know 11 secs per mile doesn't sound like a whole lot of difference, but over the course of many miles it really is and takes its toll.  But, the run got done, I don't feel too terrible (a bit more tired and achy than previous long runs) and I can move on.
#30DaysofYoga Day 24 felt amazing.  I sometimes moan and groan about "having" to do it when I'm tired after a run but it feels so good (and probably helps a lot!).

Total Miles Ran:  42.6
Total Running Workouts:  5 - 1 easy with strides, 1 easy, 2 recovery, 1 long
Total Strength Workouts: 2
Total Yoga Workouts:  2

Nutrition this week:  Aside from Thursday night's birthday party (pizza, cake, cookies, and ice cream) and booze binge this was a great week.  One thing I am coming to terms with again is the fact that I need to make sure I'm eating enough.  I dropped 5 lbs again and am literally .1 from being underweight again.  Not good.  So my focus this week is going to be on calorie and nutritionally dense foods.  I always find that more difficult when increasing carbs for marathon training.  I burn carbs off like wildfire.  It's that whole metabolism thing.

On to week 5!  This is actually my last "working week" of this endurance building cycle before a recovery week.  Here's to getting it done so I can enjoy some rest!  My new hrm strap is supposed to be here by Thursday so hopefully I can run effectively until then.


  1. Stupid technology! You had a great week despite the HRM issues. Good that your new one is on its way!

    1. Thanks! My new soft strap arrived today actually. I'm excited - expected delivery wasn't until Thursday! I love fast service!

  2. WOW! Awesome week! You are seriously rocking it!

    I also get easily annoyed by things during my runs - it can be my socks sitting funny on my toes, my shoe laces hitting off of my leg, even my ponytail being too "bouncy". I already have a hard time distracting myself for 15 miles...I don't need anything else to make it harder!
    I really want to run with my HRM, but that's another thing that annoys the hell out of me. Basically, I'm just really!

    And yes, Brooks really needs to improve upon the Adrenaline's color scheme. :-)

    1. Yes I get annoyed by that kind of stuff too - you cracked me up with the ponytail bounce thing because I've actually yanked mine tighter or more loose if it didn't feel "just right". haha. darnit I want the freaking run to be perfect - hair, clothes, gear, pace - is it too much to ask?? And I would love to know who Brooks consults over the colors. Why are they on a trend of either boring or gnarly?