Monday, January 19, 2015

Marathon #2 - Training Week 3

Well the weather was kinder to us this week, aside from some residual ice on various local trails which thankfully melted away for the most part by the end of the week.  The temps were even warm enough to take a layer or two of gear off a couple of days.  Gotta love that in January!

Monday:  Workout B of my strength training plan - single leg hip thrusts, upright rows, bulgarian split squats, military press, good mornings, weighted side steps, planks with feet elevated and kettlebell side bends.  Oof... those split squats are a challenge.  I followed it up with #30DaysofYoga day 11 which included lots of poses and movement to stretch out the hips - perfect for the day after a long run.

Tuesday:  I had a 10 miler on the schedule and I was really feeling North park again.  So that's where I headed and had a nice and easy time of 2 lake loops.  Later that day I did my yoga (day 12) and it was a short and sweet practice that included tree pose, which is one of my favorites.

Wednesday: This was the first week of adding a 5th run to the training plan.  Today called for a 4 mile recovery run which I ran on the South side trail.  It was a little icy and I had to just shuffle through in a couple of spots, but given that it was just a recovery run I didn't care.
I also did Workout C - weighted hip thrusts with a pause at the top, chest supported rows, parallel squats, incline press, back extensions on the stability ball, clamshells, reverse crunches and planks.
I followed it up with #30DaysofYoga Day 13.  It was my longest day of working out in a while and I was tired!

Thursday:  So the plan for the day called for a tempo run.  Something I'm being more liberal with this training cycle than the last is playing around with my faster paces until I find my niche again.  When I trained for MCM I pretty much just based everything off my performance from last year's Pittsburgh Half even though it wasn't my best.  I did this for the sake of not pushing myself too hard, too fast and just focusing on going the distance.  Well, I'm at the point where I'm done playing around so I chose a much harder training plan and I'm also trying to train closer to my "old" normal intensity because I feel like I'm there.  I'm also leaning on my heart rate monitor and using that as a checkpoint to see where my pacing lies.  I've worn my hrm for every single run thus far this cycle.
Anyway, back to Thursday's training... The workout called for a 2 mile easy warmup, 4 mile tempo run, and 2 mile cooldown back to aerobic range.  I ended up crushing the tempo at 7:25 average pace and during this hit a 5K time of 23:06 - which is only about a minute off my 5K PR.. That really shouldn't be all "ooooh, ahhh", but I wasn't going all out (because this was a tempo run in the middle of an 8 mile total run), and I didn't feel like I was going too hard at all.  No aches, pains, puking, nada.  I felt no residual effects the next day, either.  So, to me, that's telling me that I probably could at least run close to my 5k standard if I tried.  Which means I (and others I've talked with) are right that I can push myself a bit harder than I've been.  But - let's suffice it to say for now that I had a great tempo run. :)
Maybe zebra print makes me faster...

Thankfully, the #30DaysofYoga practice was short and sweet and as usual, just what I needed.

Friday:  Rest day, but I still did my yoga.  Today was day 15 of #30DaysofYoga.  Halfway already!  The practice focused on Half Moon Pose, which I am not up to par with, but I did my best and found my peace with it.

Saturday:  4 more recovery miles on the North Shore Trail.  Most of the ice was gone, but there were still some tricky spots here and there.  My pace was a bit faster for this run, but I was using my heart rate monitor and ran at the exact heart rate as before.  It still amuses me how the body responds on different days.
The yoga video of the day was super short and sweet (just 14 minutes) but one thing I'm learning to love about yoga is that it doesn't have to be long and drawn out every single day.  It can be just some simple movements and being one with your breath and calm.

Sunday:  14 miles at steady long run intensity.  I headed to North Park again because I wanted to train on the hill and it was convenient for my husband to drop me off and get some things done nearby.  The weather was really odd (cold to drizzly to icy to sunny to warm again all over the course of 2+ hours), but I made it through.  You have to be ready for whatever race day throws at you!  I started off doing the JASR course again, not cutting through the tennis courts just like before and then added a little out & back to make up the mileage.  For the most part, it was an easy run, although admittedly I started getting tired at the end.  But, that said, I did negative split the last 3 miles all within heart rate range, not going over so I'm pretty proud of that.
Unlike the short practice on Saturday, this #30DaysofYoga practice was pretty long.  I held off doing it for a little while after my run (hey, I was tired) but then I just got in a "get it over with" mood.  I wasn't on the mat more than a few moments before I had a kid and two cats join me and my mood was lifted.  It was a great practice too - lots of twists and stretches which are my favorites.
No, the bottom isn't a yoga pose, but who can resist kitty kisses?

Total Miles Ran: 40.3
Total Running Workouts:  5 - 1 easy, 2 recovery, 1 tempo, 1 long
Total Strength Workouts:  2
Total Yoga Workouts:  7 - still at it!

Nutrition this week:  I had a pretty great week, honestly.  Lots of fresh veggies and fruit, no dinners or lunches out, and macros calculated daily.  Two notable treats:  A Whole Foods cookie the other day and a bowl of frozen yogurt last night.  I'm really starting to hit a point after my long runs where I'm hungry the whole day but I don't know what to eat and nothing sounds good.  I need to go back through my MCM logs and see what I did for the RUNchies.  It's only going to get worse from here.  haha.

Bring on week 4!


  1. You've inspired me to pay attention to my heart rate again. I did it when I first started running, and it was really helpful. I took it off my Garmin display because I'd get stressed when I saw how high it got. But maybe that's a sign that my paces are too fast for me, like yours is a sign that you're getting faster...which is totally awesome & I hope some day happens for me! Love the last pics. My cats also try to "help" when I'm doing yoga.

    1. I did the same thing early on. I figured it didn't matter what my heart rate was and relied on running "by feel", but I've come to know that my feels are much less accurate. Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought that I'd be running 7 minute miles and 11 minute miles in the same week in the same training plan, but this whole running each run as it's own specific workout has been great. I've never felt this good at 40 miles per week! It's just been having the dedication to stick with it. Before I'd get so frustrated having to slow down to compensate.

      My cats can be hilarious pains in the butt. The one licking my nose in the bottom pic is the one who thinks it is his right to sleep on my face at night lately. He's older than all my kids - I let him get away with a lot.