Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winner, Winner!

It's a major award!

Ok, not quite like that.  And yes, I realize Christmas is over but my love for this movie and this moment is year round.

I just wanted to share something pretty cool.  Last weekend, as part of the Kick Off Training Run, the Pittsburgh Marathon was offering a virtual option.  This way you could still be part of the excitement and be entered to win some cool prizes.

Like I posted before, I was going back and forth over whether to physically attend the run or not and due to the ice I opted for the treadmill (after some more delicious sleep, of course).

The pic above is what I posted to Instagram and used the #GameOnPgh hashtag.  I didn't think much about it afterward - I mean, everybody was doing it. ;-)

I was completely shocked when I got this comment to the pic on Monday:
Talk about excited!!  I've only been tempted by a FitBit for FOREVER.  I know I've said this before but I'm nerdy, I like gadgets and numbers and stats and graphs and all that jazz.  This plays right into my obsessive needs and desires!  I can't wait to do things like track how I sleep (crappy, I know - my cat has been sleeping on my face lately and I'm up and down a lot), and how many steps I've taken in a day.  I used to use an old school pedometer like 10 years ago when I first started walking for exercise.  I'm currently using a GPS watch and other trackers on my phone (endomondo, etc), but just how many steps is in a ten mile run?  I want to know this!  And I will!  I also think it is great that it connects to MyFitnessPal which I use on a daily basis! 

So yes I'm giddy - just like old Dad was over his leg lamp.  I got an email this morning that they were sending it out today so I should be getting it soon.  Can't wait to share my geeking out with you!

Thanks again to the people at the Pittsburgh Marathon!


  1. Very cool! Are you going to the rescheduled run this Saturday? I'll be there.

    1. As of right now I have to say no. I want to, but now that the school year is in full swing again my middle kid has a regular Saturday group he goes to and I have to get him there. If he can ride with a friend I can make a Saturday run but we'll see.