Sunday, March 8, 2015

Marathon #2 - Training Week 10

Another week down.. This was a recovery week for me.  I sometimes don't know what to think about recovery weeks.  I know my body needs them.  I know they are just as important to the plan as the buildup weeks.  I even crave a step back from the intensity of the harder weeks when they're getting to me.  Then I get that time to rest and I'm bored.  My runs are mostly on the easy side of life and while that should be super happy fun time, I find it meh.  I think it is because (other than making sure you really rest) there are little to no tangible goals to smash.  You're kinda just hitting "pause" on yourself for the time being. But, ask me about this next week after putting 55 more miles on these legs - including another 20 miler - and I'll probably be crying for another break.  lol

Monday:  I did my strength workout and my core workout.  That core workout is killer and I love it.  I get a sick pleasure out of hurting when I twist for the next day.

Tuesday:  8 miles in the easy range.  I took on McKinney and then what shall be called the North Park Horseshoe.  It was an ok run.  What I will mention is that I noticed that there were a larger amount of birds chirping loudly the entire run.  It was kind of chilly that morning, but I think the birds knew warmer days were coming soon!

A little hard to see, but there was a HUGE woodpecker just drilling away at this tree!  Everyone that walked or ran by looked up to see what was making that sound.  I even heard it over my music!

Wednesday: Well, as luck would have it we had another bout of crappy weather.  It figures... this was the day of my only "hard" run of the week.  This time we had massive flooding in front of another winter snow storm.  We just can't win!  My back yard was such a mess that when I stepped off my back porch I went right into a puddle of water.  Great.  Now in the morning it was just rain/light snow but I knew the bad stuff was coming and I really don't like to do speedwork in conditions that might or might not be catered to injury.  So, I went to the gym.  Safety first.  My plan called for 8 miles, including 5x800m repeats with 400m recoveries.  My goal was to do these in 3:45 (7:30 pace).  I did them in 3:45, 3:45, 3:42, 3:39, and 3:39.  Success!  I felt great doing them too.  Probably could have gone faster, but the treadmill makes it easier to control myself than the outdoors.  ;-)

I also did a brief yoga video - Yoga With Adriene's Foundations of Yoga video on Half Moon Pose.  I was actually able to get myself into a half moon successfully for the first time with no support!  Yay!

Thursday:  Another school cancellation for the kids and another treadmill run for me.  5 recovery paced miles.  It was a good run, aside from a calf cramp I got toward the end.  It went away and I haven't heard from it again, so I'm guessing it was just treadmill monotony getting to it.  Just one of those things.

Later on I got in my strength and core circuit.

Friday:  Rest!

Saturday:  I had another 8 easy miles on the schedule, this time with strides during the last mile.  I went to North Park and saw Amanda and Jennifer as I was just getting warmed up.  That badass Amanda was just finishing up 14 miles after running doubles (seriously, girl got on the treadmill twice that day) the day before!  My run went pretty well, although I must say I enjoyed the fact that it warmed up so much especially during those strides at the end that I was hot!  That just pumped me up to be able to wear less clothes for my long run.. ha!

Sunday:  Recovery week means a "short" long run and this week I was scheduled for 14.  Earlier in the week I was excited about only running this far, but the night before/morning of I was really just not motivated.  I think it was the combination of "Spring ahead" and the fact that Garrett is sick and wanted to sleep in my bed all night.  Since I knew if I tried to get up early I'd just feel like shit I allowed myself to just get up whenever.  Admittedly I loved - and must have needed - the rest.  As did Garrett. :)  My run ended up being more of a late morning/early afternoon run and that was ok with me.  The run wasn't all bad.  It was even warmer than Saturday and even with less/thinner gear on I still felt overdressed!  My heart rate was spot on, but the back & forth of the North Park Horseshoe kinda sucked.  I started off doing the McKinney loop and that was fine, but not being able to complete the lake loop really stinks.  And.... yes, I'm going to come out and say it and I say it every year - I hate North Park when the weather gets nice.  Reason being - way too many people and dogs.  All of a sudden there are like 3 times more runners around.  Also, heaps of walkers and groups of walkers with strollers and/or dogs (and it seems to be dogs who don't know how to walk on a leash without lunging at everyone that goes past) walking 3-4-5 wide acting aghast and prissy if you need to go by them.  If you read this blog you are more than aware that I hate having to weave and shuffle around.  I've come to accept it as the norm in race beginnings but on a training run?  Eff that, I want smooth sailing.  Hopefully this week the warm temps will melt off the yucky stuff on the city trails and I can safely run elsewhere.  A girl can dream.  At any rate - 14 miles in the books.

Total Miles Ran: 43.08 (yes, I promise this was a cutback week!)
Total Running Workouts: 5 - 1 easy, 1 interval workout, 1 recovery, 1 easy + strides, 1 long
Total Strength Workouts: 2

Nutrition this week: Can I just get away with an LOL?  Just being honest this week I ate a bunch of crap.  I ate some good stuff, too, don't get me wrong - I even came up with one of the best smoothie recipes I've ever made - but I did inhale a buttload of cookies and ice cream.  In fact I'm pretty sure that's all I did on my rest day was eat.  Friday was also our tradition of "Family Movie Night" where this week we ended up watching all the Tinker Bell movies and I think I ate the hugest bowl of popcorn in existence.  That's another thing I dislike about recovery weeks - even though I'm working out less I'm still just as hungry.  I did get some fantastic cayenne hummus at Aldi that I've almost eaten all of.  Gimme pretzels, baby carrots, grape tomatoes or a wrap and hummus and I'm a happy girl!  I'm definitely going to get back to work this week on the food front as well as the running.

It's back to the hard work this coming week.  This week I will hopefully hit another weekly distance PR and I've got my second of three 20 mile runs happening.  I'm fairly certain that this is the last one I'll do alone, though.  The last one will happen when SCRR does the "marathon course preview" run.  This week I've also got my last and longest tempo run of my plan.  It's all coming together, I've just got to put in the work and be smart about it.

Here's to more warm running days ahead!


  1. I'm with you on recovery weeks- they frustrate me but are extremely needed, especially in the middle/end of a training cycle! Sounds like you'll need this rest to get ready for the upcoming week. Good luck with your workouts!

  2. I love recovery weeks, I always feel so much better the following week. I was at NP on Saturday too, too bad I didn't see you. Here's to some warm weather finally for us!!

    1. I can't wait to (hopefully) get all my runs in outside this week. I don't even care about the rain!

  3. I was at North Park Saturday and Sunday too! I'll have to look closer the next time I'm there to find you! Great job this week!!!

    1. After I saw your Fitsnap earlier I swear I remember seeing you (or at least someone that looked just like you in shorts and calf sleeves) on Sunday! I've usually got my shades on - yeah, sunglasses and a ponytail, real vague, huh? :)

  4. I'm in awe at your recovery week being 43 miles! North Park in warm weather will be new for me, but I'm sure I'll hate it as much as the North Shore trail in nice weather, when everyone acts like they are the only ones on the trail & huff if you pardon yourself to get by....and don't even get me started about people not controlling their dogs! See, winter's not even over & I'm complaining about warm weather already, lol!!!

    1. lol! That's why I (try to) run as early in the day as possible in the warmer months. There's something nice about being one of a handful of people out there in the morning as opposed to late morning or all afternoon when everyone in town is out!

  5. Holy crap - I am always amazed at all of your weeks, but especially those recovery weeks! So. Awesome.

    And I feel like I need to come clean...the second part of my double was outside. I thought about getting on the treadmill again, but...I just couldn't do it. I think that takes away the Badass Title, lol! :-D

    Hope Garrett is feeling better!!

    1. No, that doesn't take away at all! I'm in awe of anyone who can run 3 times in two days. See for me, starting the run is the hardest part.. haha!

      Thanks for asking about Garrett. :) He's doing better. He's just got whatever public school "crud", as I call it, is being passed around. Snotty nose, cough, fatigue. Standard stuff.