Monday, March 23, 2015

Marathon #2 - Training Week 12

It about that time.  What time, you ask?  That time in my training plan where I come out and admit that I'm tired.  I'm tired of running, planning to run, figuring out where I'm going to do specific workouts, calculating every gram of carb and protein when I really want to eat more bacon and instead have to eat more couscous, worrying about running, worrying about every sensation in my body, worrying about getting sick, worrying about making my times, worrying about whether I'll be able to PR, worrying that my training might not be going right, doing running laundry, figuring out how to juggle money for race fees and running needs (you go through shoes pretty quickly running 50 miles a week), missing lifting heavy more than 1 day per week, balancing "real life" outside of being "a runner", blogging, and about a million other things.  This happens at a certain point in every training cycle I've been through for every race I've ever done, so I expected it.  I'm actually impressed that I waited until Mesocycle #3 to have my meltdown.  When I trained for MCM this happened in Mesocycle #2.  Then I just drifted off into the abyss, quit blogging, and then all of a sudden - BAM - marathon over.  Goals crushed.  So, I guess this is progress.. I "hit the wall" later and I don't plan on going away so you're all going to have to deal with my whining.  You can always hit the X or the back button!

This week wasn't all bad, though, and thankfully I had some flexibility in my week.  Per "the plan" I was supposed to have an all-out race (10-15K) on Saturday followed by a long run on Sunday.  However, this is one area in which I deviate from the as written plan because I know myself.  When I go all-out on a race, I really go all out (we all know that I ran from the 6.67 mile point to the finish of the EQT 10 Miler with a broken pelvis because I'm a hardass).  There's no way in hell I'm running a good long run the day afterward.  So, during the couple of weeks that call for this type of thing I'm just subbing in some easy miles or pace miles if I feel fantastic or resting if need be.

Monday: Strength & Core workouts.

Tuesday: First day of harder intervals.  8 miles that included an easy warmup, 5x600m repeats with 300m recoveries, then cooldown.  The wind was awful that morning, and unfortunately since I was doing an out & back half of the run was into it.  Ugh.  I was wearing my MCM hat and it blew off twice!  The first time I was lucky enough to catch it, but the second time it went rolling down the trail and I had to turn around and go after it.  The good thing was that it happened at the end of an interval, but it still threw me off.  Anyway, my plan was to keep all my 600s around 7:15 pace.  In true form I ran the first one WAY too effing fast - 6:58 pace! - but the others came in at 7:15, 7:15, 7:11 and 7:05.  Proof that I still can't pace myself worth a damn.  lol  I did some recovery yoga later on that felt great.

An Irish girl enjoying her Irish fare.

Wednesday: 12 mile medium long run.  After running intervals a longer run is like a vacation... haha.  I did have some, uh, effects from indulging in corned beef, cabbage, soda bread and Guinness the day before, but I got the run done and felt pretty good.  I still am in awe sometimes that I consider this distance a regular ole thing during the week.  Didn't this used to be the run I worked my way up to on the weekends?  lol

Thursday:  rest day!

Friday:  Now I have to out myself and admit that this is the first time this cycle I have both skipped a run and cut a workout short.  First of all, I didn't sleep for shit the night before.  Garrett has been horribly ill and was to the point of screaming in pain so off he went to Children's.  After spending until nearly 4 AM there, he finally got some antibiotics and pain medication.  I wish doctors would start listening to me before shit gets to this point.  Garrett is my third kid - I think I know by now if he has "just a cold" or something more serious.  When we had him at the doc several days prior, we were given the "oh it's just a virus, it'll go away on its own" answer.  God I hate that!!  I truly miss the days of my childhood where you went to the doc, got some damn penicillin and/or codeine and went on your way.  Now it's like pulling teeth with docs to get them to write a damn prescription or even get a chest x-ray.  I know they're afraid everyone and their grandmother is drug seeking these days and people have it in their minds that antibiotics are the devil but seriously.... this is ridiculous and kids shouldn't have to go through this type of crap because some other people have their heads in their ass.

whoooa... sorry for the rant!  Anyway --   So, I was tired.  I felt like crapola, I had some nagging BS happening in my butt/hip (piriformis - foam roller to the rescue).  A five mile recovery run on the plan?  Nah, how about I recover with some rest... I tried to get in a strength/core circuit and cut that a cycle short too because I just didn't have the strength for it.

Saturday:  Like I said, I had some flexibility in my plan this week because of Saturday being a scheduled "Race Day".  Given the fact that it was supposed to be a 10K - 15K distance, and I didn't get my recovery run in on Friday, I figured I'd get out and try for 10 miles in the easy range.  I haven't done a full easy run in a while and I thought it would give me a good prediction of how I was feeling and what I should do about my long run on Sunday.  My legs started off really tight - it honestly felt like I was trying to will tree trunks to run - but thankfully by the second half they were loosened up and I was feeling good.  My legs are usually stiff and sluggish at the beginning of a recovery run, so I'm guessing I was just feeling the same kind of effects since I did miss my recovery run and didn't get to slog the junk out of my muscles then.  I finished the 10 miles feeling strong and confident that I could at least get the miles in on Sunday.

Sunday:  I loved taking a break from North Park, but I do know that my city trails are mostly flat and I don't want to lose any hill fitness that I've gained from running NP so much this winter.  Also, JASR is coming up and I wanted at least one more stab at making McKinney my bitch before then.  My plan was to start from the boathouse and head up the way the JASR starts for the 30k (which is what I'll be running), then take McKinney, and then back around the boathouse, and do the horseshoe, and then back up McKinney again and then another out & back past the boathouse to Babcock and back.  I felt pretty good, considering how tired I'd been in the days prior.  No lies - the second time up McKinney felt tougher than the first, although looking at my Garmin stats I was only 4 secs slower that time, so it couldn't have been that tough.  The only thing that really sucked about this run was the fact that since I started mid-morning instead of early or later in the afternoon I went through the whole gamut of temperature changes.  At the start it was pretty cold - I had my gloves on and my hands were still cold.  I was ok a few miles in, but then by the end the sun was high and shining bright and it was so warm.  I had no more need for the gloves or the earwarmer and I had my jacket unzipped.  If I would have had the option I probably would have stopped and put my jacket and stuff in my vehicle, but I didn't, so I just kept on going.  I really do need to keep this in mind in the coming weeks, though.  Easily removable layers or just simply under-dressing for the beginning is what wins for me in the Spring.  I absolutely hate being warm when I run.  But, at any rate, 17 miles done at 8:31 pace is pretty good no matter how you look at it..  It's amazing how far I've come in a year... even just the past few months.

I love this trail even though it's flat. :)  I'm hoping it "greens up" soon.

Total Miles Ran: 47.06
Total Running Workouts: 4 - 1 interval workout, 1 medium long, 1 easy, 1 long
Total Strength Workouts: 2

Nutrition this week: You know, given the fact that it was St Patrick's Day I did well this week.  Yeah, I probably drank enough Guinness for myself and 2 non-Irish, but the rest of the week, even with the stress and sickness in the house I really did right by myself.  Again, prep cooking FTW.  Oh, and fresh Spring asparagus being available.  I can eat roasted asparagus any meal of the day.  I also tried out Tropical flavored Nuun this week - very yummy!

This stuff is great - and it's local!  More places should be carrying it.  I can't stand having to hunt for it!

My kids all love this stuff.  I have to hide a pack when I bring it home because I won't get any otherwise!

It was a week.  It was good and bad.  That's marathon training for you!  On to the next one!  This week I have another race (that I'm not racing and it'll still be a PR.. haha), and I'll have an announcement on my fall racing plans by midweek!


  1. Great week, I know what you mean at hitting a point where you just don't want to do anything. I usually hit a point and all I can think is "I just want this race to get here and be done with" the mental part of training is one thing that sucks.

    1. Yes that's exactly it! I wish the race were next week or even this weekend. I just want it over with so I can move on to something else... But like you said, this is the mental part of training, which is just as important. Just gotta keep pressing on.

  2. You have regularly been logging 10-12 milers mid-week, really long runs on weekends, tough speed workouts, and lots of miles in general, so it's no wonder you're feeling tired of everything! Seriously, my long weekend runs are 10-12 milers, and I cannot imagine those being my mid-week runs! Also, someone once said in a blog post somewhere that it's one thing to skip runs or cut them short just because you don't feel like it. But it's something else entirely to skip when your health or well-being is in jeopardy. Trying to run when you have a family emergency and lack of sleep like you had on Thursday night, when your body and mind just aren't up to it, is like asking for an injury. You did the right thing. I am beginning to understand that if my mind or body really needs it, it's okay to take a day off. I think you are a running superstar in general, and I continue to be inspired and motivated by your training. Race day will be here before you know it, and I have no doubt you're going to kick some serious butt. I will see you at JASR!

    1. Aw, thanks, that really means a lot. For me NOT running or working out is harder than actually doing it. It's tough to throw in the towel and say "nope, not today", but you're correct in what you said. That's why I didn't even finish my strength workout - it really felt like it was doing more harm than good.

  3. OMG I love that seaweed snack from TJ! I like to crumble it and sprinkle it on top of avocado toast. So good! Good luck at the JASR!! Wish I could go but I'll be visiting Dan's family :)

    1. Thanks! I'm just doing my long run with some pace miles thrown in like I did at Spring Thaw, but I'll still get the race jitters beforehand I know it. lol Trader Joe's is evil. I can't go in there for just one thing.. I'll come out with a cartload of stuff I never intended. I'm still kicking myself for not buying that new swirled Cookie Butter the last time I was there. Hello cravings!