Sunday, March 29, 2015

Marathon #2 - Training Week 13

Where did that week go?  It went zipping by me, that's for sure.  It was an interesting week, with both high points and low ones too.  Here's what happened...

Monday: Strength & Core workouts.  I don't quite know what happened today but everything from the kids getting to school to my work getting done was just late.  But, it got done, so that's that.

Tuesday:  8 mile easy run on the North Shore.  I always know when the weather is getting nice and races are coming up because the trail tends to be more littered with GU packets, etc.  It makes me sad that people think it's ok to toss them just anywhere.  I always put them back in the pouch of my Amphipod or even in my pocket.. even if it's messy.  I can wash my clothes or the bottle, it's no big deal.  I've even been known to stop and turn around during a run if a wrapper blows out of my hand or I drop it.  That's just me.  I guess I still have some Girl Scout in me.  I was Alcoa's mascot (a walking can!) to promote recycling in an Earth Day parade years ago too - betcha didn't know that one!

I did some yoga later that day as well.  Still sticking with it!

Wednesday: Speedwork Day!  The plan called for 9 miles including 5x1000m repeats with 500m recoveries.  My target pace (7:15) was much easier to hit on these than the 600s last week!  I was a little WTF? about it at first but after thinking about it, I think I know the reason why.  1000m gives me more time to ramp up and hold the pace whereas a shorter interval like a 600 or 400 I feel like I gotta go bat out of hell crazy or I'm screwed.  Then I just end up running at least the first one way too fast and then being really tired for all the subsequent ones.  At least that's what my assessment of the situation is.   This was a great overall run, though.  Of course I was riding a high because I just found out I got into MCM too!

Thursday:  I had to mess around with my schedule this week due to Just A Short Run taking place on Saturday.  Initially, I was supposed to have Thursday off and then run a 12 mile medium long run on Friday, but I felt better about running those 12 miles today and then resting on Friday before the race.  So, that's what happened.  I was a little sluggish feeling after just doing a hard 9 miles the day before, but it's what needed to be done.

I thought maybe I'd be able to at least get a core workout in later, but honestly I was wiped out.

Friday:  glorious rest.

Saturday:  Just  A Short Run 30K - 18.87 miles on my Garmin.  I also did a little run/walk warmup, but I didn't time it, so I don't know.  Probably around a half a mile.

After what he called the "Murphy's Law of a 30K", my husband went out and got me these as a little gift.  How sweet!  I've used them once so far and now I totally get the hype!  They are awesome!  I'll have to let you know what I think of them after a week of training and getting outdoors with them.

Sunday:  I was a little stiff when I got up this morning and I certainly wasn't up for going out in the cold again.  I knew in my heart a few days ago really that I was going to the gym today.  I never know what to expect out of a run the day after a long run/race, but this was really great!  Now, my foot hurts like crazy (if you read my JASR recap you'll know why), but it doesn't seem to affect my running, so I'm not really worried about it.  I have been icing it, though.  There's really not even any swelling - it's just a good ol' bruise/soft tissue trauma and chafing.  Otherwise, my legs feel great, and as usual I feel a million times better after a well paced recovery run.

A little bit of yoga, and my week is complete.  :)

Total Miles Ran: 52.94 as tracked on my Garmin, but I'm gonna go ahead and bump that up to an even 53 - like I said, I didn't track my JASR warmup.  I'm sure it was more than .06 miles, but I'll just take the round up, ok?  Cool.
Total Running Workouts:  5 - 1 easy, 1 interval workout, 1 medium long, 1 long run/progression "race", and 1 recovery
Total Strength Workouts: 1

Nutrition this week: pretty good!  I did a lot of prep cooking (homemade goulash and crockpot chicken were highlights) and went back on my reminder of "eat a fruit or veg for a snack FIRST", which really helps me not just dig into the pretzels or chips or whatever my rungry hands want to grab.  Victoria & I did a mother daughter night and I let her pick our dinner which ended up being pancakes, eggs, and turkey sausage.  This was another 50+ mile week, which means that I've been constantly hungry, but I'm really pleased that I haven't been eating just crap all week.  I did score some Easter Bunny Kit Kats (so cute!) though so don't hear me being all miss perfection here.  Moderation, folks.
Mmmm goulash.

 This is Meatball.  Meatball has decided in her ripe old age that she's addicted to celery.  Any time we bring it home, she jumps in the shopping bag before we put it away if we don't do it fast enough... Then, if you leave the fridge open for 30 seconds to put creamer in your coffee, she will run in from another room and do this.  What a weirdo! Bad kitty!  No wonder I go through so much celery these days!

2 more weeks until taper!  5 more until race day!  One thing that getting into MCM has done is taken some of the stress of training for Pittsburgh away.  I'm really happy about that.  I'm eager to get to race day, give it all I've got and see what happens.


  1. Great week! I hope you love the yurbuds as much as I do. Sometimes I use other earbuds and I don't know how they never bothered me before! Hope you have just as much luck :)

    1. So far so good with the yurbuds! Thanks for the advice!

  2. Hahahah that cat looks so funny with his head in the bag like that. I never heard of a cat that likes celery. You really had a good week, despite the crappy weather.

    1. I think meatball is just getting old and weird. At first when I turned around and saw her like that I was ticked, but then I figured what's done is done and had to get a pic.

  3. That's hilarious that your cat loves celery! Another great week. You are almost to taper! The time really is flying by.

    1. She just started doing this about 6 months ago. I have NO idea why. I swear she can smell it coming in the house! She especially likes the leafy stuff at the top - she'll roll around on the floor with it like it's the greatest thing ever!