Monday, March 2, 2015

Marathon #2 - Training Week 9

Welcome to March, folks!  Week 9 is complete!  Do you know what that means?  It means we've hit the halfway point... it's all downhill from here... the home stretch is approaching... however you want to put it.  Yeah, 9 more training weeks (8 weeks and 6 days from today!) may seem like a lot still, but to me it's not.  Especially with the plan I'm using and how it's broken up.  This coming week is a recovery week followed by the last week in Mesocycle 2.  Mesocycle 3 is referred to as "Race Prep", so it's really starting to hit home.  If 9 weeks still seems to long for you, try this:  6 more building/hard weeks to taper.  You can push it for 6 more weeks!

Here's how my week went:

Monday:  I started my new strength workout.  This is one I made completely on my own using exercises that would hit each muscle group and exercises that I just find fun.  I ended up making 2 different strength workouts so that I could alternate them and I made a separate core workout.  This was Strength workout #1 and I followed it with the Core workout.  I was hurting the next day.  I guess my plan isn't as easy as it looked on paper.  I think I may take a couple sets out this week and see what happens.  But all in all, good stuff.

Tuesday:  6 recovery miles on the treadmill.  I was really feeling Monday's workouts!  oof!  I also did yoga.

Wednesday:  14 mile medium-long run.  Yeah, I agree...  I don't consider something over the half marathon distance "medium".  It's a damn long way!  I was on the verge of devastation when I found out they were closing a large part of the North Park lake loop for 30 flipping days (seriously, they couldn't have found another time of year to do this?  We're training for a marathon here and the trails suck!!).  But I snapped myself out of it - put myself in "adapt, modify and overcome" status and figured this would be a good time to try out some new roads.  So I chose to take on a Kummer Road/McKinney/Lake Shore Loop.  Twice (plus an out and back to make up the miles).  I'd be lying if I said this wasn't damn hard.  I had to really trudge up Kummer the second time up and my heart rate went over range so much just shy of the top (sooo close!) that I had to take a short walk break to bring it back into range.  Just keeping it real here.  But - I ran 14 miles on a freaking weekday!  Who does this crap?  This was my first and last midweek run of this length for this training cycle.  *heaving sigh of relief*

Route map.

Elevation.  Yeah.

Thursday:  6 more recovery miles.  I was able to hit up North Park instead of staying at the gym today.  It was a little cold, and I was hungry and had to pee for most of it.  So it wasn't the greatest run ever.  I was still a bit tired from yesterday's "medium long" run.  I had another round of strength and core training on the schedule, but I really didn't want to workout for another hour, especially given how hard I remembered my plan was.  So, I compromised with myself and said that I would make it more of a circuit and do two rounds through the strength plan (instead of doing all the exercises 3 times for 10 reps, I went 1 time for 10 reps each and then repeated it) and then 1 round of each exercise of the core workout.  It ended up coming out to just over a half an hour and I was satisfied with that.  I actually think I might do this regularly on the days I also run.  I'm really exercising a lot these days and I definitely don't want to go overboard on extras when I'm already tired.  Make no mistake - my marathon training plan is freaking hard and my running comes first.

Friday:  Glorious rest!  A welcome thing because I had one hell of a hangover... ahem.

How Calloway prefers I spend my rest day.  He's gonna smother me one day and I know it.

Saturday: The Spring Thaw!  - 15 mile race with a 1 mile warmup.  200 miles logged in February!  My performance during this run prompted me to do three things that evening:  Renew my SCRR membership finally, sign up for the JASR 30K, and sign up for the Pittsburgh Marathon.  Yep, you heard it here first - I have not been registered for this race this whole time.  I'm such a coward...

Sunday:  6 recovery miles on the treadmill.  My legs were tight and I have a cranky foot from where my shoe tongue obviously tried to attack me, but I got it done and felt better.  I did a short yoga session, practiced some Eagle pose, and relaxed the rest of the day.

Total Miles Ran: 48.25
Total Running Workouts: 5 - 3 recovery, 1 medium long, and 1 race!
Total Strength Workouts: 2

Nutrition this week:  I give myself a gold star for this week.  I did a lot of prep cooking and had tons of pre-made healthy foods ready to go.  I know this is what I should do all the time but I'm lazy and make excuses/find other things to do that keep me from doing it sometimes.  Such is life.  Oh, and yes I did indulge in some Girl Scout cookies since this was delivery week and I've been surrounded by them.  But I was smart about it and didn't just gorge on sleeves of thin mints while watching Netflix (although that was freaking tempting).
My little cookie monster.

I had a really great week and I hope you did too!  Keep getting those miles in.  Spring is coming - the weather report is showing near future temps in the 40s!!  We might be too hot in that!  haha  May 3rd will be here before we know it.


  1. I'm so glad that I read this..I had no idea they were closing off part of North Park! Do you know why they are? I'm surprised they didn't put it off till after the marathon is over since so many people train there!

    xx Gretchen @

    1. I believe they are widening the road? I'm not entirely sure but Ingomar Road between Babcock and Kummer are closed until almost the end of March. Now I've heard some people have gone around the gates and ran through anyway, but I've also heard that the construction workers and park police have gotten really pissed when people have done it while they're working. So take it for what you will. I guess I'd rather save myself the drama and find a way to get my miles in without being in the way.

    2. I thought they were doing that when I saw things being laid out a few feet from the sidewalk. That'll be so nice to have a wider lane where there's more traffic. Thanks for letting me know :)

  2. Damn did you rack up the miles this week. I am planning on heading to North Park this Sunday, so knowing the road is closed is a big help. I am not too fimiliar with all the roads out there, so I hope i can find a new route to run.

    1. One of the other good things about North park is even outside of the lake loop, people are used to runners around.. so at least for me I still feel more comfortable running along the roads there than some other places. I'm sure you'll have no problem getting your miles in. :)

  3. Another great week of training! You are in total Beast Mode :-) !

    I just got my Girl Scout cookies and I told my husband to hide them from me before I get home from work so I don't stuff myself with them (self control is not something I excel in).

    You better get signed up for that marathon - I heard the other day that they are almost sold out!!

    1. Oh no worries, I signed up Saturday night (along with JASR before the price went up). I actually just sucked it up and registered for the 5K about 10 minutes ago. I was going to run anyway and I heard there's an extra medal involved. SOLD! ;)

      Girl Scout cookies are their own food group. At least they should be.

  4. Congrats on the 200-mile month and...that Wednesday workout?! You are a beast! It hurt me just looking at the elevation map. I think if the marathon was this weekend, you'd be able to run it and kick serious butt. Way to keep rockin' your training plan!

    1. Thanks! In one way I'd be happy if the marathon was this weekend because I'm confident that I'd be able to at least cover the distance and... well, it'll be done. BUT... I think I'll give it a few more weeks to warm up and the snow and ice to melt first!