Sunday, April 5, 2015

Marathon #2 - Training Week 14

Unless you've been living under a rock in the local running community, you are more than well aware that it is crunch time.  As of today, the Pittsburgh Marathon is just 4 weeks away!  Time to get in those last long runs and start to shift gears into recovery mode.  Are you excited?  

This week was a fairly solid week of workouts for me.  After JASR I had a little bit of an ITB flare up, but a few days of good foam rolling technique and I'm fine again!  I found I was getting a little lazy with my rolls... I do my same foam roll routine that physical therapy gave me for injury rehab every day.  However, after a little self evaluation I realized that 1) I needed to apply more pressure to the correct area and 2) I need to roll longer and slower.  I guess I had gotten into the "do it real quick before bed" habit and that wasn't doing me as many favors as it should have.  Lesson learned!

Here's how things played out this week:

Monday: Strength & Core workouts - I'm finally starting to have ab definition to show again.  Well, ok, on the days I don't make a total swine of myself (looking at you, Easter Candy).  I also need to upscale my planking again because it is back to easy mode.  I always laugh at clients/people in general who say they won't plank because it's "too easy and I don't get anything out of it".  ROFLMAO.  There are so many ways to make them more difficult and work every last shred of ab muscle you thought you never had.  The generic forearm or pushup plank doesn't even scratch the surface!

Tuesday:  The plan called for 8 miles with 5x600m repeats.  So, that's what happened.  I overdressed, as I tend to do in these in between seasons, and that made me a bit uncomfortable during the hard part of the run.  Which makes me mad.  Which makes me push that much harder because I'm mad.  haha.  My 600m repeats were to be done at 7:15 or less pace.  They ended up being 7:06, 7:07, 7:08, 6:57, 6:46 (see, I was hot and pissed off on those last two).  I really should have more self control than that... but hey, it happens.  I did have a good time during this run... I felt good (other than being hot) and my legs felt great, which was a concern after the harder effort at JASR.  To think I can recover and be back in the swing of things in such a short time after running like that still boggles my mind.

I did some recovery yoga later in the day.

Wednesday:  11 mile medium long run. Other than overdressing (again) this run was a breeze.  I ran from the South Side to the Jail trail and through the Northside and back.  It was a great day!

Thursday:  Unfortunately, Wednesday night our van shut off and would never start again.  We'd been having some issues with it lately and well, I guess it decided it had made its final trip (major electrical/computer failure.  More expensive to fix than replace).  First of all, thank goodness the kids are on Spring Break so we didn't have to worry about school and activities!  Second, this meant that until the van got replaced, I couldn't get to my normal run spots and had to suck up running around here.  Two things about this neighborhood: 1) Hills - everything from just rollers to extreme ups to extreme downs. 2) The sidewalks are terrible - either nonexistent or cracked/uneven and the streets are almost just as bad.  But, you do what you have to do, right?  Thursday was a rest day - when I took the time to map out a few routes to try out over the next uncertain time period.

Friday:  4 mile recovery run in my neighborhood.  I don't think I could have mapped out a more hilly run if I tried.  Wow... But, it was warm outside.. rainy, but a nice warm spring rain, so instead of getting irritated and putting that negativity in the whole run, I just shook it off and tried to enjoy some new scenery and a gentle low heart rate run (even if it meant I had to walk twice due to extreme hills jacking up the heart rate).  It was kinda funny.  Needless to say I went back to the drawing board for a new route.  

I did get in a strength/core circuit workout after my run, which I was pleased I had the oomph to do this week. 

Saturday:  10 mile easy run was the plan, and I did get that accomplished!  It sucked that it went from shorts weather the day before to cold weather gear again that morning, but oh well.  My husband worries about me running around here and since this was a longer run he was really worried (and I wasn't really thrilled either).  So what I ended up doing was mapping out a 5 mile loop from our house.  I did a loop, then came up to the back door of the house to check in, wave and say I'm all good, and then did another.  It worked out well.  The route I made was much better than Friday's run - at least the hills were more gradual/rolling instead of drastic ups and downs.  Saturday also brought other good news that afternoon - I had wheels again!!  Whew... while I was glad to make do with the local running for a couple of days I was glad I didn't have to do my long run here!

Sunday:  Happy Easter!  After two days in a row of hills hills hills, my legs needed a bit of a break.  So instead of going to North Park like I had originally planned for this run, I went down and ran my good ol' favorite city trails loop.  I felt really great.  It was a gorgeous day - bright sunshine, loads of people on the trail, it was warm, and I was just loving running for the love of running.  17.01 miles for the day.  I had to earn that Easter candy... Peeps, peanut butter eggs, jelly beans, chocolate bunnies... mmm.. I could feel guilty about all I ate today, but nope! I'm not gonna!

Total Miles Ran: 50.23
Total Running Workouts: 5 - 1 interval workout, 1 medium long, 1 recovery, 1 easy, and 1 long
Total Strength Workouts: 2

Nutrition this week:  Really, not bad until today.  haha. :)

One more 50+ mile week... Just one more... I've got this!

Sorry for the lack of pics this week.  All my pic taking energy got sucked up by my daughter's science fair project.  Sorry for the lack of even a cat pic.  Fail!


  1. Great week as usual, Nichole! Can't believe the race is only 4 weeks away..crazy! I know you'll keep rocking it. You definitely did earn that Easter candy! Luckily I'm not really a fan of most (I'm mostly a gummy addict) but Dan's obsessed with peeps and pretty much any kind of junk food. He stocked up on peeps this year!!

    1. Thanks! I'm with Dan, Peeps are great!

  2. Awesome are going to crush it during the week. I only ran sunday to get candy and not feel bad, lol

    1. Haha, that's a great reason to get up and run!

  3. Another fantastic 50-mile week! I have pretty much completely forgotten about foam rolling this whole training cycle. Last week I managed to do it a few times and want to do it again a bit this week.

    1. I was never in the habit of rolling until having to go to PT. There they made me do it before letting me do anything else.. I guess it became a habit and has stuck with me all this time. I definitely notice if I miss a day, which is rare, but happens.

  4. Great week! Me and the foam roller reconnected this week as well! Stay focused, it's almost time!