Sunday, April 19, 2015

Marathon #2 - Training Week 16

Here we are at week sweet 16.  Taper week one.  I'm not going too crazy just yet, but I do have a lot on my mind and I'll be posting about a couple different things this week.  But let's get to how this first week of taper madness went for me!

Monday: Strength & Core workouts

Tuesday:  This was my third installment of the 8 miles with 5x600m repeats run.  I was really happy to feel good during this run after running 20 miles on Saturday.  I was in a bit of a time pinch due to an awful succession of accidents on route 28 that morning.  I wish people would learn when there is an accident that the best option is to deal with it and be patient.  Getting aggressive in combination with rubbernecking is only going to cause another accident.  Ugh.  But - on a positive note, I really brought those intervals home again.  My paces ended up being: 7:01, 6:49, 6:58, 6:44, and 6:52.

Later I was able to get in a nice longer yoga session than I've done recently with focus on stretching out my hamstrings.

Wednesday: 6 mile recovery run.  Totally out of my element for the middle of the week.  I know it sounds silly but it was kind of a psychological letdown and while physically I didn't feel too bad (although I thought my IT band was starting to give me fits again - thankfully diligent rolling kept it in check), it was hard mentally to feel good about this run.  It happens, I guess.  Taper crazies.

I got in my full core workout again - and to make myself feel better about the run I added 45 secs to all my plank holds.  Because torturing myself is cool.

Thursday: Rest day!  I felt really freaking weird doing nothing this day.  I didn't feel like I needed rest or to recover from anything.  But, I was a good girl and didn't go crazy enough to try to squeeze some kind of workout in.  I know extra rest at this time - even if I don't think I need it - is important because I DO actually need it.

Friday:  I had an important meeting to go to early in the morning so a morning run was a no go.  But, I took my running gear along, changed when it was over, and headed out on the trail (thankfully I was nearby!).  I followed the plan and did a 4 mile recovery run with 6 sets of strides at the end.  This run just felt weird.  My legs couldn't decide if they wanted to go slow or fast, whether they wanted to lock up and be stiff or just glide along.  I know this is a typical effect of taper, at least for me, so I took it in stride (har har).  Honestly, the best part of this whole run was the strides.  I'm loving strides lately.
From all dressed up to this in a flash! I couldn't have planned it better!

Saturday: 9 mile easy run... although I wouldn't say this was the easiest "easy" run I've done this cycle...  This was the hottest temps and humidity to date and boy did I feel it!  It wasn't bad while I was on the tree lined shady part of the trail, but when it opened up to the concrete by the stadiums and on to just past the Casino the sun beating down was pretty bad.  AND like an idiot, I forgot to put on sunblock and now I've got a perfect tank top sunburn.  Boo.  My dermatologist would beat my ass.  My back is already covered in scars from her cutting "abnormalities" out of it and doing biopsies.  :(  Oh well, lesson learned (remembered, is probably the better word).  Anyway, my pace was faster in the shade than the sun and a couple of times I had a little trouble managing my heart rate, but really, it was an enjoyable run.  I'm really digging the sunshine and happy feels these days.

Sunday:  Last long run!!  I was really excited to hear on Facebook that the North Park lake loop was completed so of course I was going to give it a whirl!  I had 16 miles on the plan and I figured 3 lake loops plus a little out & back action was just what I needed.  I wanted to get up  and out early, but as most moms know, trying to get kids up and moving on your schedule sometimes doesn't go as you plan..  So, I started running a little later than intended.  Oh well.  It was another gorgeous sunny day and I planned to stay in a positive mindset and just enjoy the run.  This mostly worked because I did get irritated with the crowd on several occasions.  I really wish there were signs every 2 feet that stated "STAY TO YOUR FREAKING RIGHT".  I think I weaved in and out more today than I've done in races.  I tried not to let it piss me off too bad, so when I'd feel the anger monster take over I tried to look around at how sunny and green and pretty things looked and remember that I'm really blessed to be able to be out here doing this.

The first loop just flew by, the second one was ok, but was the one I really got irritated the most on, and the third I just got in a headspace of "think about the race... what to do, what to do" and I was really zoned out for most of it.  I think I may have had an out of body experience and just glided to the end, I don't know.. lol.  I do know by the third loop I was really hot and my heart rate was creeping up.  Usually I like to keep it on the lower end of the range, but it was getting toward the upper end of my long run range for sure there for a bit.  It was a successful run in that I worked out some mental kinks I had regarding race pacing and I was able to try out a long run in very warm temps.
Post long run sweaty selfie.  I was so happy to be done, but now I get to panic over whether my training has been enough!

Total Miles Ran: 43.11
Total Running Workouts: 5 - 1 interval, 1 recovery, 1 recovery with strides, 1 easy and 1 long
Total Strength Days: 2 - 1 total body + core, 1 core only

Nutrition this week: I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back because I did a great job this week (yes, even with the banana pudding).  After making a list based on my logs on My Fitness Pal from last cycle's taper, I did some shopping and stocked up.  This house is a happier place for my tapering runner self.  And I figure I'll crave less bullshit food if I have a whole bunch of other stuff here and ready.  One huge pet peeve of mine is wasting food - especially fresh veggies and fruit - so if my house is full of it I'll be in the frame of mind to "eat it before it goes bad".

Melty mozzarella, fresh tomato and pesto - yes please!
First week of taper - survived! Last long run - DONE!  This coming week I'm only running 4 days!  And my longest run is "only" 12  miles!  If I'm going to go crazy, I think this is the week it will happen.

I hope taper is starting off well for everyone.  We don't have much longer to go before this is all over and we have awesome medals!

Do you think he loves me?  At this moment he was purring so loud it was deafening.  


  1. Don't panic on if you trained enough, you know you have and you will do great!! Awesome week!!! I didn't know the loop was back open, that is some good news to hear

    1. Thanks! Yep, it's open and they did a great job on it! Nice wide lanes for runners and bikes and it's FLAT - there's no tilt like there was.

  2. You've been killing it the entire year girl! Can't wait to see your hilarious taper-madness updates on Daily Mile :) Good luck this week!

  3. If anyone should panic over whether his/her training was enough, it is NOT you. Your training is really a model for all the rest of us to follow. You have kicked butt since January, so don't let the taper craziness get to you! I'm religious about sunscreen. I do everything I'm supposed to...and I STILL got a little tan on Saturday! I think the sun was just too intense. That panini looks delicious. And I love that kitty picture! You can see he's like, "I want to be as close to you as I can possibly be..."

    1. I guess I got out of the habit of putting sunblock on much more than my face since I was covered up all winter. oops! I swear Calloway thinks I'm his mom. We got him after he was rescued really young (probably should have still been with his actual mom another two weeks or so - he fit in my hand) and I really babied the heck out of him.. I carried him up and down stairs, took him to the litter box, picked him up into bed so he could sleep on my chest, etc. And... this is the product. lol!

  4. Holy awesome repeats!!! You have NAILED this training cycle...I know I keep saying this but I seriously am in awe of what you've done! Total inspiration, and I can't wait to see how well you do on race day!

    That Panini looks deeeeeeeeeeeeelicious!! My fat cat, Peanut, also loves to smother me with lovins when I'm trying to sleep/lay down. I am a stomach sleeper and usually look like I'm dead because I sometimes bury my face in my pillow and he will drape himself across my neck like a scarf, and he just purrs and purrs and is so damn happy I hate to disturb him. Even though I am struggling to breathe with the 20 pound addition to my neck!

    1. Thanks! I think at this point I just want the race over with so I don't have to worry about it!!

      That's how I am - I don't want to move him, but geez, let me breathe! I always say Calloway loves me so much he's going to smother me in my sleep one night.