Friday, May 1, 2015

My Goals for this Weekend

I'm sitting here enjoying a cup of Deadman's Reach.. which is by far the best coffee on the face of the planet.  I refuse to believe otherwise.  It's fantastic and worth the reaming I take from Whole Foods for it.  It will pick your tail up and send you flying that's for sure.  Even my husband says he can't tolerate a lot of it sometimes.  This is great stuff, folks... I really think if they gave this coffee to people in comas they'd wake right up.  It would be like that old movie Awakenings. RIP Robin - no one lived your struggle but you.

I'm debating going to the expo.  Nick wants to go.. pretty much for the GNC booth (getting a Gold card at race expos is free - which is a huge savings over the course of the year) and to shop around (and get free shit), but I don't know that I really want to be there.  It's not really worth picking up my packets.. I'll never wear the shirts for a race I didn't do and no one wants a full marathon bib right now.  And.. you can't transfer the 5k either.  So, I'm just out a whole lot of money (again) and when that doesn't always come easily around here it makes me mad.  Between last year and this year I have lost more money to Dick's/Pgh marathon than I have paid into the Marines.  That's SO not right.  If I didn't think I hated Dick's before for political reasons this sure doesn't give me any better feels about them.

But - whatever this is my life and I gotta get busy livin or get busy dying, right?  My main goal for this weekend is to make it through with my sanity intact.  I'm fully in the "up & down" phase right now.  Some moments I'm all "meh, whatever I don't care" and then others I'm either sobbing hysterically or going on an "OMG F THIS I HATE THE WORLD AND EVERYONE IN IT" tirade.  It's just not fair... but it is.. but it really isn't.

Pittsburgh Public Schools is even awesome enough to have scheduled the All City Honors Choir rehearsal (which my daughter is involved in) at the school that sits right on the 5K course on the North Side on Saturday morning.  That seemed super convenient when I was actually running the 5K, but now?  ugh.  They couldn't have picked a better place and time are you kidding me??

Hey, on the positive, though I've been eating pretty well the last couple of days (save for the red velvet cake) and I'm losing the long distance training carb bloat finally.  I don't feel too bad - really for what this injury supposedly is, I'm not doing bad at all.  I did a little lifting last night (upper body only) and I'm still walking ok.  The doc said I can do anything that doesn't hurt.

Other than just trying not to feel too sorry for myself, I'm looking ahead of course and trying to plan out the coming weeks.  A lot of it will be based on how I heal, but I'm going to do some nutrition cycling and strength train and flexibility work.  My son also said something pretty profound that's been circling my head but I'll get into that at a later date.

Don't get me wrong, though - I have my fingers crossed for everyone running on Sunday and I hope you all do even better than you hope to do.  You've already done all the work, you just have to get one last long run in.  Oh, and run it a little fast.  lol  You're all awesome runners.  I don't know any non-awesome runners.  Yes, that's a word. Hush.

One thing I do want to bring up after seeing many statements on Facebook, DailyMile, Twitter, private groups, and everywhere really - the weather.  And I'm only saying this as someone who on a good day does have a caring heart and has spent a chunk of time in Emergency Medical Services.  It is going to be warm.  You're not going to know you're dehydrated until it is too late.  Please take care of yourself.  I know you're all trying to make yourselves feel better by things like "It's not that hot" and "It's only going to warm up later" etc... and I totally get that.  But please don't let that cloud your judgement and the simple fact that (especially for full marathoners) it could get dangerous out there depending on how long you're on the course.  Temps in the 60s can negatively impact performance, too so don't be hard on yourself if the pace you've been running all these months feels harder than you think it should.  For example, had I been running Sunday, I was going to attempt a 3:45 marathon.  That's given "perfect" 40 degree running weather.  At 50, my expected performance would go down to 3:53 at the same effort, at 60, 4:01, and at 70 it would be 4:10.  Also, don't forget about the fact that at least in the beginning you're going to be tightly squeezed on the roads with 30K other people - that generates even more heat.

The following links are from an awesome running wiki and give info about running in warmer temps.
Impact of Heat on Marathon Performance (this is where the stats on performance came from - there's a cool chart in there)
Running in the Heat

I swear I'm not trying to be a downer but if I can save your behind from a med tent and keep the ERs clear for emergencies at least I'll have accomplished something good this weekend. ;)   I'm just someone who has seen people in the back of an ambulance for all kinds of things. Stay hydrated, dress appropriately (if you think you'll be chilly at the start wear stuff you can peel off as you go), and keep focused!  You'll be fine!

Most of all - have a ton of fun, cross that finish line in one piece, stuff your face with allll the food afterwards and then contemplate where your next adventure is taking you.


  1. Enjoy your weekend and relax, you deserve it. Like I said before we will miss you at the races. I too am not a huge fan of DICK'S after this marathon and have vowed to never shop there again.. I will explain why after the marathon.

    1. Oh, I can't wait to hear the details. I already know you had a good run (was tracking you - I swear I'm not a stalker) and I can't wait for your recap most of all. :)