Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekly Review - 5/11-5/17/2015

Hi everyone!  Sorry I kind of left everything on an odd note the other day.  I haven't had a lot of time to check back in.  I'm still here, still happy and active as ever!  In fact, I'd even bet that I'm getting more activity now than I did when I was running 50 miles a week!  I'm getting more quality vs quantity in the sense that I'm doing a lot of different things.  It's been fun weaving my way back into the "I'm at the gym to throwdown and workout" culture.

So today I started my new plan.  I'm focusing my next few weeks on leaning out and burning fat.  Training with long distance running being the focus tends to increase my body fat percentage - I mean, that's where you store the delicious carbs, yo!  But I don't need all that right now and I want to look as great as possible at Sandcastle all summer.  So, I'd like to drop my fat a few percentage points in the next month.  I'm not so much concerned with losing weight as much as shuffling around my composition a bit.

I'm upping my protein intake, taking some new supplements and I'm going to lift 6 days per week and do 6 days of cardio.  I'm doing split workouts because a) you get a better - more focused - workout that way and b) I just think it's fun as hell.  I'm going to throw in some HIIT, especially when it comes to Abs, and my cardio will be varied between walking, the bike and the elliptical.  If all goes well I may be able to add some running in during the very last week of this plan.  But I'm trying not to focus on that.  If it happens - woohoo!  But take today's workout for example - it was chest day followed by an incline treadmill walk which scorched calories!  So fun!

BUT - I'm getting ahead of myself here.  This recap is for last week, during which I kind of prepped myself for this plan by putting myself through some tester workouts.  Monday's workout was the only one I did fully at home... the rest I went to a "real" gym for.  I evaluated some strengths and weaknesses and reassessed my cardio fitness (which thankfully is still largely intact since I didn't have to take weeks off of exercise like the last time I got injured!  Yay!!).  I'm wearing my Polar HRM for every workout.

Monday:  I did a chest and core workout in my home gym that included chest presses, pushups (75 of the things - oof!), bench flyes, crunches, air bikes, etc.  Afterward I went outside in the heat and walked around my neighborhood.  I got in a little over 2 miles and felt pretty good.. the only time I truly felt anything iffy out of my hip/butt was going down a big hill.

Tuesday:  Back day!  I have no idea where this strength came from since I have not done these exercises on my own (just to demo for clients) for a long time.  I hit a new weight record on every single thing this day except the back extension, which didn't surprise me because of the nature of my injury.  I did pulldowns, several row variations, used the barbells and dumbbells as well as the cables.  Very pleased!  Then I put in a little over a half hour on the bike.  I did a "Random Hill" workout that really kicked my ass.. in that good kind of way!

Wednesday:  I had my awful Ortho appointment I posted about before early in the day so I didn't go to the gym.  I chose to have a pretty chill day, which ended up being just what I needed after that bummer of a visit.  I did a 36 minute yoga workout before bed, though, which really helped me find a sense of peace and serenity about the whole ordeal.

Thursday:  Arms and abs were my focus today at the gym and boy did I find some weaknesses here - particularly in the triceps!  Goals to work toward.. that's how I take it!  I did many variations of curls - dumbbells and barbell, dips, pushdowns, etc.  For abs I did air bikes, v-ups, and hanging leg raises.  I forgot how ridiculously fun swinging around like that was and I lost rep counts so I'm sure I did some extra.  For fun, of course.  ;)  After the monkey swinging I hopped on a spin bike and did a standard endurance workout.  It was really fun, although I had a little trouble with the resistance knob and it took a while to get my heart rate in the zone.

Friday:  Shoulders! Presses, rows, and raises.. loved it!  Fun to look at myself in the mirror and act like a badass.  haha.  Later on I figured "what the hell" and tried out a treadmill workout I found on Pinterest.  It was a walking incline workout and it looked like fun.  I can definitely say that it was more challenging than I thought it would be!  But that was great and I got another 2 miles on my feet!  I felt like I was really getting a great workout in and it was a little fun, I admit, to get a little obsessive about numbers and speed for a while.  I ended up cruising Pinterest again later and saved a whole bunch of different workouts for both the treadmill and the elliptical.  I'll get some use out of them these next few weeks!

Saturday: Another relaxing yoga day. :)

My lilacs finally fully bloomed!  They were beautiful and smelled wonderful!  Unfortunately they did not last long with the storms and whipping winds.  :(  I'm hoping I get more blooms out of it this year.

Sunday:  A total rest day.  Granted, I walked all over the place doing things with the kids, but nothing measured.  And that's okay.

I feel very positive and accomplished about this week!  I got in some great workouts and had some fun.  I will confess that my eating wasn't squeaky clean, though.  Since I had this plan mapped out that started today I did allow myself to eat a bit of junk the last couple of days.  My bedtime snack last night was a huge bowl of ice cream with whipped cream and caramel sauce.  But hey, it did have a banana chopped over it so I got a serving of fruit there.  lol  I'm committing to my macro balance for this challenge, though!

Oh yeah... cronuts happened too.

That's it - nothing much else is new here.  I'm staying positive and I'm still planning on a tester run here in a couple of weeks.  Down, but not out by a long shot!


  1. Love that you are staying positive and still getting in some good workouts. If anything from all this lifting you will be a monster. :)

    1. I'm hoping so! I got pretty strong the last time I had to focus more on lifting than running so I'm hoping to improve on that again. I figure once I don't feel like such a dang weakling I can get into these crazy obstacle courses some people like to rave about... ahem.. ;)

  2. Nice! You're inspiring me to ramp up my strength training too, which I've been wanting to do this summer. 6 days each of strength & cardio is hardcore! You have me thinking I should do more days of strength and devote each to a different area like you're doing. Usually I just break them up between upper & lower.

    1. I highly recommend splitting lifting days if you want serious muscle definition and targeted strength through lifting heavy. For a lot of people a few days (2-3) per week of a light total body routine is fine for general fitness purposes in addition to the standard moderate cardio. But if you're looking for improvement in aesthetics and total strength a targeted routine is better.

  3. That's great that you're setting new goals for yourself and still staying positive! This is only going to help you if you're able to run again, or just make you more healthy and well-rounded in general. Great job!

    1. I am definitely hoping that's the case! Thanks Gretchen!

  4. You are awesome. I love that you are able to refocus your energy to other fitness outlets; I feel like sometime we all get so hung up on running that we forget about this whole other world out there with so many different ways to stay healthy and active!

    AND...If you're ok with it, I'd love to pick your brain over a few strength training related items at some point. I am so stoopid when it comes to that stuff!!

    PS - I also LOVE lilacs! I am still waiting on mine and can't wait. I'm making do with all of the honeysuckle that has started to bloom though!!

    1. Yep, I am first class guilty of getting into narrow minded running only mode. They aren't kidding when they say running is an addiction! lol

      And yes I am absolutely ok with you picking my brains over anything! Email me - darknessalive at gmail dot com. I'm happy to help!