Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekly Review - 5/18-5/24/2015

So, yeah.  I've gone a week without posting anything but the recap, but I'm just too busy living outside the computer.  Sorry, not sorry!  I do have another post partially in the works, but I haven't finished it.  We'll see if that happens this week.  If not, oh well...

The first week of my plan went great!  I have been sore in places I didn't know I had, identified new weaknesses (and strengths - woohoo!), and overall, just enjoyed myself in my workouts this week.  Not running has really taken the stress off... Yeah, I'm still a bit obsessive about numbers (in lbs lifted or heart rate on the cardio... yes, I'm still training by heart rate even when not running!), but I'm not beating myself up over anything.

Physically - with regard to my injury - I feel good.  Only after doing something really crazy (like running around the kids playground at an 8:49 pace the other day for a short bit or doing tabatas including high knees and shuttle runs followed by incline walks on the treadmill) do I feel a bit of a twinge out of my hip, but it doesn't get worse during the activity and it is gone shortly thereafter.  So, I'd say I'm definitely healing, but not totally back to normal again.  I might not ever be, but I'm taking it one step at a time.  Still doing MCM no matter what.  Trip is already planned and committed to, right down to the hotel.

I'm thinking my weekly reviews might be really boring for the next few weeks as I'm doing this routine.  I'm doing the same split workouts - with slight variations within - each day.  My cardio changes a little, though.  The plan is still to post, though, even just for my own record.  So feel free to read as you wish.  :)

Monday: Chest Day.  I've always been kind of weak in this area, but I surprised myself by putting up some crazy high numbers (for me).  I think it's the new preworkout I'm using because I followed this pile on the weight and feel great thing all week long.  Other than kind of crashing in the afternoon and requiring a cup of coffee to pull me back up I am having no ill effects from this one.  The last stuff I tried had me feeling like I was in permanent anxiety and/or rage mode so I was a little scared to even try another.  Glad I did, though!  This might be a classic case of "you get what you pay for"!  After the chest weights I did a treadmill incline workout I found on Pinterest called the "Glute Burning Interval Workout".    It was really fun and I was able to walk 2 miles during it!

Tuesday:  Back Day.  Fun!  More PRs!  Then I did 30 minutes on the crossramp machine.  I really like the crossramps - they're not quite an elliptical because they don't have the fluid motion (or the handles to pull/push) but they're not a stair stepper either because your feet and legs do have more of a ROM.  I like the largely adjustable incline.  Anyway, I did the "Go Big Interval Challenge" and it was tough!  I was drenched in sweat but it was seriously fun.  Something else I notice about using the preworkout is that my heart rate is still way high heading into my cardio so I'm really burning off the calories.  On workouts like this when it's "easy" I try to have my heartrate at my easy run range.  When it's the hard interval part, I let my heart rate go to race pace heartrate.  Hey, it's keeping my mind active and keeping things interesting and fun.

Wednesday:  Arms and Core.  What I thought would be the easy workout of the week really ended up being the most challenging.  oof!  I did supersets and trisets with no rest periods and really threw down some weight on the cable machine.  Then I did a core tabata workout.  I did 8 rounds each of stability ball crunches, planks, and twists.  After all that I put in 30 minutes on the spin bike for a bit over 12 miles.

Thursday:  Leg Day.  Holy freaking crap.  I always forget that leg day is like the long run day of weightlifting until I get back to it.  Just trashed... but in that good way.  Hardest part was the damn leg curls... stupid freaking tendinosis of the hamstrings let me know it was still alive during these...  But I made it through!  Although it made the 30 minutes on the elliptical (yeah, the "real" elliptical, which I still do not have a love for) sheer agony.  I tried a "Brazilian Butt" workout from the internet and it was just terrible.  I really tried to go hard when I was supposed to but my legs were so dead.  I barely managed a sub 14 minute mile pace ffs... I probably would have been better off just walking. lol  Oh well, all part of the learning experience and the plan.

Friday:  Thank God the legs got a bit of a rest! lol  This was Shoulder day.  Getting better all the time on these exercises!  Cardio today was an incline HIIT workout on the treadmill (another Pinterest special).  I did NOT like this one at all.  Instead of varying the incline and speeds it pretty much just went from nothing to maximum incline and then stayed there and just varied the speed slightly.  I got annoyed and started playing around with it halfway through.  But, look on the bright side - another 2 miles on the legs!

Saturday:  Arms and core again!  Same workout as Wednesday.  This time instead of following it up with the bike, I got on the crossramp again and did a Glute Burner interval workout that was really fun.  It definitely made up for Friday's stinky cardio.

Sunday:  Rest day... or at least it was supposed to be.  While the kids were playing at a playground I took the opportunity to use the little trail/path that goes around it to walk.  Then I thought, I want to try to run a little.  So I did 2 short little running intervals - I don't even know how long they were I just kinda counted to 50 in my head, and completed the walk for a mile.  I didn't know how fast I was going until I looked at my phone afterward (I was using Endomondo to track) but I was going around 8:49 when I was running.  Meh.  What I do know is that while it didn't feel bad, it didn't feel amazing either, so I'm not ready to start making a conscious return just yet.  The good thing is that I wasn't in pain, just felt weird, and nothing ever intensified throughout and - most importantly - I didn't feel anything at all later on that day or the next.  Again, one step at a time.  And I've got time. :)

Here at the end of week one I'm feeling accomplished and driven again.  I like this.  I've lost 2 lbs (probably all water weight, don't get excited) and almost a full percent of body fat.  I blame most of that on nutrition, really.  I'm not doing anything fancy - just higher protein (1g per lb of bodyweight minimum) on lift days and higher carb on rest day.  I'm not denying myself anything, I'm just making what I want fit in.  I've drank beer, even (PNC park requirement!).  I've even gone out to eat.  I'm not starving, not doing anything stupid.

I put 25.14 miles on my legs this last week!  I know it's not all running, but it's something!  Anything to keep the cardio fitness going is winning to me!  Also - I did do yoga most days, just very short and self guided sessions.  I didn't do videos or written out guides and I didn't time myself.  I just sort of went with it!  Who am I?

Mom brag of the week: We went to the kids school for a Showcase of Innovations and each of the kids had a station where they were presenting something.  It was really fun and it seemed all the kids enjoyed themselves!  Above: Garrett and his partner were testing various objects for conductivity (these are Kindergarten kids!  Wow!), Vincent took apart a baby toy and can tell you what each part on the inside does, and Victoria was doing a presentation on the Navajo Indians and how they came up with their names based on the book "Sing Down the Moon".  All the kids there really impressed me.  It's always great to see kids excited to learn and share and be PROUD of themselves!  I'm a very big fan of celebrating accomplishments instead of always pointing out the negatives.  Who wants to keep working and learning when you're wrong constantly?


  1. So good to see you are still committed to MCM. Just take your time and heal up so you can run the race. I can't believe kids are learning things that early, I swear at the time I was learning something they teach in pre-school. Very impressive and I agree show off accomplishments rather than point out the negatives

    1. I know! My older two are just finishing up 3rd and 4th grades and they're doing geometry, chemistry and things I know I didn't even touch until middle or high school!

  2. Great week! You're a beast girl! So proud of you for keeping up your spirits and working out in new ways. Such an inspiration!

  3. Ah, this has me SO excited to focus on strength for the next month! Great workouts!