Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekly Review - 5/4-5/10/2015

We're coming up on a busy time of year here in this household.  The kids' school year is winding down and that always comes with festivals, awards ceremonies, field trips, other activities, and generally a whole lot of running around in addition to what is the norm.  My husband is working a bizarre schedule as well.  I really don't mind the bustle of activity because it helps to keep my mind off my own crap.  Getting away from my own mental battering is tough when I'm either here or at the gym or here or at the gym, etc.

This week I got to watch my daughter take the stage in the All City Honors Chorus.  She's a soprano just like her mama.  I used to do the music festival circuit as a kid so it was cool to be on the other side of the stage later in life and have that perspective. :)

My singing lady!

My oldest two kids also participated in their school Science Fair and both won awards for their efforts.  My daughter did her project on: "Which Tomatoes Rot Faster - Organic or Conventional" and ended up winning Best Procedure (we bought tomatoes of both kinds and she documented through writing and photos each day what happened).  My son did his on "Would The Titanic Still Have Sank If..." and his theory was based on what would have happened if the water tight compartments would have extended the entire length of the ship instead of only a portion of it.  He won Best Conclusion.  I am so proud of both of them!
Before the Science Fair.

Climbing trees outside the school is fun!

I also got to celebrate Mother's Day with a little program at the kids' school as well as over the weekend.  My youngest got me a little flower and it had a sweet poem to go with it.


We even did a little "find the flower part words" game in the classroom!

I loved watching them play even if I couldn't join in.

Also, if you haven't watched Disney's Monkey Kingdom yet, it is worth the time and money spent at the theater.  What a great movie.

Well, I guess I'll tell you how I fared in my workouts this week, since you probably came here for that and not to listen to me talk about the kids.  Although really this is something I do reflect on while injured - I really get wrapped up in running when I'm going at it full on and I have a tendency to want to push the importance of it higher in my priorities of thought in my head than it really should be.  I mean come on, it's not paying my bills or even changing my cat litter.  It's just something I *do*.  It's supposed to be for fitness and fun.  It's not my life.

Monday: I walked a mile around my neighborhood.  I just took it easy, and felt ok.  I also did a killer Chest & Triceps workout.  I had DOMS so bad for the next two days that it was hard to function.  My triceps even hurt to the touch.  God I love that!

Tuesday: I walked another easy mile around the hood.  Really the goal is just to stay loose and get my heart rate up a bit but not push anything.  I also did my old PT legs routine.

Wednesday: I did a shoulders & core workout.  I love working shoulders.. it's probably my favorite part to focus on.  My shoulders respond quickly and well to targeted exercise and I think maybe that's why I find it so fun - quick results, you know?

Thursday: I did a 1 hour yoga workout with a concentrated effort on balance work.  It felt really great and I was very loosened up when I was done.  I ended up walking a little over 2 miles around my neighborhood afterward!  I went the slightly hillier way too!

Friday: I did a core workout that I dug up from last MCM training cycle.  I picked it because of the superman variations.  I figured my pelvis could use the stability work.  I followed it up with a short 10 minute yoga session.  It was a lighter workout day than Thursday, but I'm not complaining!

Saturday: I did a 20 minute yoga video - more balance practice.  It felt great and I ended up feeling pretty accomplished with the week.  No real need to push anything else from here, given the circumstances.

Sunday: No scheduled exercise, but I did spend the day out and about and ultimately ended up at a playground with my kids.  I acted like a kid too and got on the swings and then did some strength moves on the monkey bars... lol.  This was actually probably the worst thing I did all week - the swing irritated my pelvic wing a bit and I landed a little hard on my feet after one of my bar sessions.  Oh well - I'm feeling fine today.  My attitude is currently that I can't let trying to live in a bubble for running purposes control my world.  Yes, I want to get out there and run and heal up and all that but at the same time I have to be able to live and have fun and play with my kids too.  They're growing up and I'm getting older and I can't stop time.

I think I had a pretty good week, all things considered!  I go back to Ortho on Wednesday and we'll see what happens from there.  Next week I'm planning on undertaking a pretty heavy lifting challenge.  I just hope the rest of my supplements get here on time.  Right now I'm personally looking at June 7th as my first "test run", unless my doctor has an objection to that.  Until then, I'm pretty content doing what I'm doing.  In addition to the walking, I'm going to be adding some elliptical and bike to my routine in the coming weeks.

I hope you're all doing well out there and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.  I promise I'm going to get caught up on reading all my blogs.  My schedule changes again starting tomorrow and I'm hoping I can dive in tomorrow late morning!

It is super hard to take selfies while impressing your kids with your swing skills! Haha!


  1. Good to see you taking it slow and getting back into the swing of things. Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day

  2. I love hearing updates on your kids! Their projects sound great and you should be really proud. I remember doing science projects and doing all city orchestra (I can't sing at all so it was just instrumental for me!). Great week of taking it easy but still working out. Hope your appointment goes well!

    1. Thank you! I sang and played the flute. My husband played the tuba - we actually met at a county band festival in 9th grade! Music nerds unite! :)

  3. It's funny how something bad like an injury can actually be really good in putting things in perspective, like realizing that running is not as much a priority as other things in your life. That's something I need to get better at. I know my husband wishes I wouldn't be so focused on running 24/7, and I know I shouldn't be. Life is too short not to enjoy all the other things too! So I love this post--all the photos and stories of your kids, your own smiling face, the great workouts you're still doing, and the balance it represents. This summer my main goal will be focusing on things other than running! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Aw, thank you. I think it's because I have an addictive personality that I can get so hyperfocused on something and running falls so easily into that category. Back in my younger years it was cigarettes, bad boys and other random rebellion (haha), and now it's exercise. I guess this is healthier anyway! But yes, I'm focusing on finding balance too. I want to enjoy many things, not just one or two!