Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekly Review 6/1-6/7/2015

First week of June 2015 is in the history books!  I had a great week - got some really tough workouts in, enjoyed some fun activities with the family, finally got to do a focused run/walk to test out my healing, and then of course treated myself by getting a little tipsy (on low carb beer) and eating a good amount of pizza and wings.  Hey, we all have our vices, I'm not mad, not even feeling a little guilty about it.  It's all part of living and loving life. :)

Monday: Chest. I had some issues with the gym being a bit crowded again and instead of doing some reps on the pec machine as planned I substituted with doing some dumbbell flyes on the bench.  The rest of the workout was flawless.   No biggie, but it kind of irritated me.  Monday's tabata was 8 rounds each of kettlebell swings, high knees, and box shuffles.  I also did 20 minutes on the Crossramp.

Tuesday: Back.  Also known as "I love the cables and I love deadlifts Day".  I am owning back day.  Tabata was high knees, shuttle run, and jump squats (8 rounds each - standard).  Then I did 20 minutes from hell on the elliptical... I really hate the elliptical.  But I keep doing it because I hate it because if I substitute something else for it it means that the elliptical won and I lost and I'm not having any part of losing.  Psychoanalyze that! lol

Wednesday:  Arms and Core.  This is the longest and toughest workout of the week and I do it twice a week.  It's crazy.  It takes nearly an hour and I do a whole lot of reps of pretty heavy (for me) weights.  I do supersets and tri-sets and when I'm done I don't even want to lift my arms over my head.  I love that.  Afterward I did 30 minutes on the bike for a little over 12 miles.

Thursday: Woohoo it's leg day!  The leg curls are finally not bothering my hammies like they were, so that's a good thing.  One thing that ticked me off about the gym I went to for this workout is the weight stack on the leg extension is broken.  And of course it's broken in a place that affects me so I either have to make the choice of lifting something I know I can't quite do for as many reps as I need or lifting too light.  I try to lift heavy and then take it down, but I can't stand the compromise.  Otherwise this was a really great workout -  my legs are looking and feeling great and I owe it to lifting heavy like this.  Today's tabata was high knees, box shuffles, and jump squats, which I will tell you are damned BRUTAL at the end of leg day. OMG.  Then of course I did 25ish minutes on the Crossramp.

Friday:  Shoulders.  It was a good workout, but it's still my weakest area.  Although, I have come a long way so I'm focusing on that.  Tabata: kettlebell swing, high knees, shuttle run.  25 minute incline interval walk on the treadmill rounded out the day.

Saturday: Round 2 of the Arms and Core workout.  The gym was thankfully empty(ish) so I was really able to focus.  It was great.  And speaking of great - I ran on the treadmill.  I was going to do my tester run/walk on Sunday but I decided to do it as part of my cardio here on Saturday for 2 reasons.  1 - I could have a full rest day on Sunday, which is good because I'm about to do a 7-8 day streak with no rest as part of my plan. 2 - I could decrease the amount of time I spent on the elliptical after running... hahaha.  So, I ran.  The plan was to run 10 minutes using run/walk intervals of :30:30.  I started with that but it really felt too easy, so I increased it throughout the run to 1:00 run :30 walk.  I probably could have done longer runs but I didn't want to push it.  I kept the pace nice and slow and that was hard too - my legs just wanted to GO.  But I've been around this block before and I'm sticking to the plan.  I got to the 10 minute point and I still felt great so I figured what the hell, I'm getting a full mile in.  I did 1 mile in 12:25 run/walking. My run pace was around 10:30 and my walk around 15:00 or slightly slower. I can totally live with that.  I wasn't in pain, didn't limp the rest of the day and felt generally good.  I had that "weird" feeling just like I did the last time I returned to running after a stress injury, but I recognize the feeling and I know it's something that I have to work through that will gradually go away (isn't bone remodeling great? lol).  I felt on top of the world, even though I still had to suffer through 20 minutes of torture on the elliptical..

Sunday: rest day!  And I enjoyed every minute!

As far as mileage goes, I only got 22.66 on the legs this week but I got an actual run in which is awesome.  I also did less minutes of steady state cardio because I added an additional tabata exercise each of the days I did tabata.  I want to see how this last week of this plan goes (it actually ends after my Monday workout a week from today) and then I think unless something drastically changes I have some interesting feedback as far as HIIT vs Steady State/Low Intensity cardio for me personally.  As someone who has spent a good chunk of time basing my workouts (mainly running, of course) on low heart rate, I think LHR training works better for me.  I thought going crazy on HIIT would do something a lot different for me and I haven't really seen that (yet).  Again, I want to see how these last days ago and I'll report back with what I've learned about myself, I promise.  I also believe I have a nutritional issue going on, but I'm going to be experimenting with that as well.  This stuff is so fun for me!

The kids took a pic of Meatball after they put shades on her.  I don't think she's too amused by it... lol.

Meatball actually hasn't been feeling too well.  She's nearly 14 years old now and she's definitely slowing down a bit.  She has also stopped caring for herself like she used to and we realized the poor girl had huge mats in her fur where she obviously isn't reaching.  So we've been showing her some extra attention and making sure she's comfortable.  I still hope we have many years left with her because I will be a wreck if we lose our Meatball any time soon!

Garrett wants everyone to know he was a Star Student this week!!


  1. Awesome week and it is nice to see that you even were able to get that run in. Now that I am nursing an injury I am planning on taking a play out of your play book and hitting the gym hard for a week

    1. That's a great plan, Shaun. Not only will you stay in shape, you might just work out any weaknesses you may have! Quick healing vibes to you!

  2. Yay! So happy to hear your test run went so well. I love reading about your strength workouts. The jump squats at the end of a long leg workout??? I BET that was brutal! I can't wait to hear your HIIT vs LHR post. I used to be an elliptical lover before I got into running. I loved it but haven't done it in years. Congrats to Garrett!

    1. Thanks! I don't know why, but the elliptical just doesn't feel right to me. I always hear people say it is comparable to running and it is nowhere near it for me! I feel so fumbly and awkward on it!