Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weekly Review 6/15-6/21/2015

This was an exciting week for me.  I started off by finishing out my strength building plan and then ended it with my first hour long run in a while!  I've finally got a taste of the fantastic (ahem) heat and humidity you've all been dealing with.  It's definitely a change to monitor your heart rate in the summer as opposed to the winter months.  Instead of nice slow climbs that are pretty easy to control it's really quick to go from low to OMGWHATAREYOUDOINGSLOWTHEHELLDOWN!!  Ah, gotta love it.  Heat adjustment please be fast!

Monday:  Last day of the strength plan!  This was a full circuit workout - everything from pulldowns to crunches to dips to squats, etc.  I hit every body part with something.  It was great.  After that was done I got on the crossramp for 20 minutes for 2.24 miles to kick off the week.  Not bad.

Tuesday: I took the liberty of being a sloth this day.  Just kidding, I did show up for real life and I also did some stretching and rolling and all that.  Otherwise I enjoyed not being soaked in sweat by 6 am for a day.

Wednesday: My first outdoor run in weeks!  I did 3 minutes running and 30 seconds walking for 40 minutes.  I didn't have any expectations of pace or distance or anything other than enjoying being outside and giving my heart rate a glance for the first time in a while from a running perspective.  I'm honestly happy to see that my cardio fitness hasn't lost very much.  Yeah, I have some ground to make up, but not nearly what I feared and not anywhere near having to start over from scratch.  I made it 4.05 miles!

Thursday: Another morning of enjoying the outside world.. My goal was 30 minutes. This time I tried another interval ratio - 2 minutes running/20 seconds walking.  I laughed at the end of the run when I saw that my average pace was nearly identical to the day before.  The difference I noticed while running was that 20 seconds walking didn't get my heart rate quite as low as 30 therefore it jumped back up faster when I started to run again.  I had to concentrate today to make sure I didn't get out of range.  That's not a bad thing, it's just something to note.  This was a really great feeling run and I was able to go 3.05 miles in my 30 minute time.

Friday: So, I debated with myself for a while over to give a third day in a row a go or just go do some cross training or even take another rest day.  I was feeling very good, though - no aftershocks or soreness or anything so I figured what the heck.  The deal I made with myself (yeah, I'm nuts, ok) was that I would go to the gym and use the treadmill that way if two minutes in it was awful that I could just hop off and get on the bike or something.  I also went back to the 3 minute/30 second ratio.  Well, I was plenty shocked and happy to have yet another great run!  I did keep the pace slower, so I didn't get as far in 30 minutes, but hey, another 2.94 miles is fine for me!

Saturday: Rest day!  However I did walk to the library and back, which was a little under 2 miles round trip, but I won't count that.  I did get a nice workout carrying a backpack full of stuff, though.

Sunday:  The goal: One hour.  The ratio: 4 minutes running/1 minute walking.  The weather at 6 something AM: 71 degrees and 92% humidity.  Lord have mercy!  Well, I did it!  I felt really good for the most part but after 4 miles I did start to fade and I did have a couple of run intervals that were more work than others.  It was just thick air... just thick.  I'll get used to it, I just have to give myself some time to catch up.  :)  But damnit if I didn't run over 6 miles in my hour!  Not too shabby for my first "long run" in what seems like forever.  6 miles is actually my first planned long run in my marathon training plan, and that's two weeks from now so I'm feeling pretty confident now that I did it today.

Holy crap I was roasting.  How do people live and run in tropical areas?

Well, that's been my week!  I actually ran 16.09 miles this week.  The rule was I could start back up at 50% of my training volume from when I got injured... The week preceding my injury I did 43 miles so half of that would put me at 21.5 but I feel better about starting off more conservatively like this.  Like I said in my last post I'd rather be undertrained at the starting line than sitting at home wishing I was there.  I'm fine going about it a little slowly.

I'll be starting some lifting again at the gym tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it.

In other news I saw the movie Inside Out and it was adorable.  I can totally see parts of myself in all those emotion characters.

Victoria left for Girl Scout Camp today.  I thought it was kind of weird they left on Father's Day of all things, but at least they didn't go until afternoon.  She'll be gone a few days and then Vincent leaves for Sarah Heinz Camp the day after.  He'll be gone for..... almost a month (his choice).  I am going to miss him like freaking crazy but I won't be that mom that holds their kid back from things they want to do because of being a clinger.  They've gotta learn and grow, right?  Remind me I'm this positive about it in a couple weeks when I'm going crazy because he hasn't written and I don't know what to do without my gamer buddy or kid that won't let me go to bed for myself unless his room is "just so". :)

Have fun at camp, Tori!


  1. I am so happy for you that you are back running, finally it seems like we are getting healthy and ready to conquer our fall races. Now let's just stay healthy and keep getting stronger

  2. Nice that you're back at it, feeling good, and haven't really lost any fitness! I don't know that there's such a thing as heat adjustment for me. After 1.5 months of hot weather runs, I still cannot keep my heart rate down. Even when I walk, it jumps up as soon as I start running again. These next few weeks will be easy runs for me, so I'm going to really try to focus on keeping my HR low. It's a challenge, for sure!

    1. Some people are more sensitive to the heat than others, you may be one of them! You trained like crazy all winter long and it hardly phased you while a lot of people were miserable. It's a good idea to take it really easy the next few weeks. You don't have anything to gain by working yourself too hard and feeling terrible in general about it!