Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekly Review 6/22-6/28/2015

Yeah, yeah... another week with just a summary post.  I'd say I'm sorry but that's silly.  I'm pretty busy right now and when I'm not busy I'm either really tired or trying to keep myself from being bummed that my Vinny is off at camp for a few weeks.

It looks like he's having fun, though... this is a pic of Vincent and his best friend enjoying the slip and slide at camp.  I love it when they update the online camp page!

Well, let's get to the workouts. 

Monday:  3 mile recovery run. 4 minutes running/30 seconds walking intervals.  Even with the walk breaks I was having a hard time keeping my heart rate down in recovery range and had to go very slow.  Granted, I'd just run for an hour for the very first time post injury the day before so that could have been it.  Who knows.  I wasn't in pain or anything.. just tired in the legs.  After running, I started my new lifting plan.  This is something I threw together to try and see if it works out.  I'm combining muscle groups since I'm lifting just 3 days a week.  Today I did shoulders, arms and core.  I liked this workout, but I felt incredibly weak lifting after running.  Oof.

Tuesday:  It was a brutally hot and humid morning, but I was running no matter what.  I adjusted my heart rate zones to compensate for the temp and humidity and got to it.  I did 4 miles using the ratio of 2 minutes running/20 seconds walking.  I really enjoy that ratio for some reason.. it just feels good.  Anyway, I was able to run much faster than I have been lately and I felt freaking amazing!  And my heart rate didn't get that high at all!

Wednesday:  Legs and Back.  No cardio other than a 5 minute warmup on the elliptical today.  I went a bit lighter on the weights and increased the reps since my focus is on healthy running now.  Overall, this workout was good but I think in the future I'm going to do less sets of a couple of the exercises.  I was plenty fatigued at the end and I don't want to break myself down too badly and not be able to recover for my run the following day.  BUT - I do have a new favorite exercise: Face pulls.

Thursday:  Another 4 mile easy run.  4 minutes running/30 seconds walking intervals.  This is actually the first run where I can say I forgot about any injury and felt "normal".  The stiffness and weird disjointed feeling that comes with running after a bone injury is about gone.  Hooray!

Friday:  Chest, Shoulders and Core lifting.  This workout was pretty "meh", so I do believe I'll be changing some things.  The core part was great, though.  I was really psyched to do some hanging leg raises again.. always so much fun.  After my lift, I put in 30 minutes on the bike for 12.3 miles.  This is the day which could potentially morph into a short easy run day in a few weeks, but for right now the crosstraining is winning.

Saturday: It was storming and there was flooding everywhere around here.  Even SCRR cancelled their group run!  So, I figured this was the powers that be telling me to take my "long" run indoors while they really aren't so long.  I just wanted to go for another hour since running today would put me at 5 days of running in the last 7 and I didn't want to overdo it.  I kept things really light and easy but upped by run time to 5 minutes and my walking time to 1 minute.  I also did a solid 1 minute walk warmup and a walk cooldown so I really ended up being on the treadmill 1 hour and 2 minutes.  :P  I did get in a 10K, though - 6.21 miles total - so I did go a bit farther than last week anyway.  And I felt great!

Sunday: Rest!

I ran 17.25 miles this week!  I rode 12.3!  I'm completely happy with this! 17 weeks to go.

Goals for this week:  Get at least 1 mile of a run in without walk breaks (I actually did this today!).  Do more yoga.  Stay sane.  Add another mile to my long run if I can.  Stay away from Joe Joe's. ><

In non workout news:  I have an interview tomorrow that could be life changing, so any positive vibes shifted in my direction would be greatly appreciated.

Facebook makes me not like people... especially "family" members.

I miss Vincent.
Meatball did not want Vincent to leave for camp... she stole his duffel.  These days she's all messed up in the head and resenting us.  She sits at his door and glares at me like he's gone forever and it's all my fault.  That doesn't help with my missing him, silly old cat.


  1. Hope you hear the news you want from your interview, I will send some positive vibes your way. Even though you were busy it looks like you still managed to get in some good workouts

  2. Another great week with smart training. So glad to hear that your running feels good & pain free. So you adjust your HR range for heat & humidity? Hmmm...never thought of doing that. Sending positive thoughts for your interview!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I do adjust my zones for the weather. The general rule (at least what I follow) is:
      If the temps are in the 70s and the humidity is low - increase zones by 2-4 bpm
      If the temps are in the 70s and the humidity is high - increase zones by 5-8 bpm
      If the temps are in the 80s and the humidity is low - increase zones by 5-8 bpm
      If the temps are in the 80s and the humidity is high - go as easy as you can!

  3. My kitties do the same thing when I pull out the duffels or suitcases!! It's kind of heartbreaking.... I hope Vincent is having a blast at camp!! How do you think the interview went?? I'm sure you knocked it out of the park!

    WAHOO for another great come back week!! That is really awesome that you're starting to feel normal again!

    I do have a ? re: heart rate training. I've calculated my zones but found two different charts. One lumps recovery and long runs together and the other separates them. I've also calculated what my half marathon target heart rate zone is and it is almost exactly the same as what my long run zone is. Does that sound "right"??
    For reference my long run zone is 151-164, and my race zone is 163-168, and my recovery is anything under 155. I'm not sure what to do. Long runs in the 155-160 range, maybe?

    1. I think the interview went pretty well! hopefully I'll hear something positive in the next couple of weeks. A girl could use some better pay! :P

      Heart rate stuffs: I don't know that I've seen a recovery and long run range lumped together... Easy and long, yes. Anyway, my calculations have my half marathon target 8-10 bpm higher than what my long run max is... so if your HMP max is 168, your long run max should cap out at 158-160. Doing your long runs at 150-160 would be good. And as far as recovery goes, it's really everything less than easy/long. Like my easy run range is currently 146-157, so I keep the recovery runs at less than 145 and realistically try for even less than 140 just to make sure I'm not tiptoeing the line too much. If your long run zone starts at 151 I'd keep your recovery at less than 150.

      I guess bottom line is - how do you feel at 163-168? Does that feel like a realistic race pace for you? Give it a try for a few miles and then see if you need to shuffle numbers around a bit.

    2. Thank you!! That makes a lot of sense! I'll give that zone a try!

      For what it's worth, this is the chart that lumps them together ( It had me all sorts of confused so I just used the other chart on the website!

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