Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekly Review 6/8-6/14/2015

Another week down.  I'm just plugging away at my plan..  Now I'm gonna be real straight up honest here when I say that I've been thinking a little more about running this week since a) my ortho situation made a turnaround and b) I've actually been running.  But, I've kept my focus on my weightlifting plan, which ended today.

This week was full of really intense workouts, and I worked out every single day.  No rest days this week!  I don't know when the last time I've done that.  I mean, I've had "rest days" that included yoga or stretching and rolling, but that doesn't count.  I'm talking I lifted and did cardio  Oof!  To say that my body is really tired right now is an understatement.  I'm going to take tomorrow totally off, sleep in, not track a damn thing I eat (ok, this is BS - I'm too neurotic to not at least half ass track just to make sure I eat all my veggie servings and get my vitamins), and relax.  Depending on how I feel on Wednesday I might just take a light (yoga or walk) day then too.  But I'm hoping that I'll feel nice and peppy and can get out for my first outdoor run in a while.

Here's how my week went!

Monday:  Chest.  Since this was the last chest day I went as heavy and as hard as I could.  I've increased my press (which I've always been pretty lacking in) 35 lbs since the start!  Tabata: high knees, shuttle run, stair sprints, and jump squats.  Yep, this week another tabata exercise is added and the general/steady cardio is shortened.  Speaking of steady state, I did 15 mins on the bike this day - 6.2 miles.

Tuesday:  Back.  I've also increased my lat pulldown 35 lbs and my deadlift 55 lbs!  I've gained in all my lifts, but I'm just listing the shining stars here. :)  Tabata: box shuffles, step ups, stair sprints, and jump squats.  I've come to the conclusion that I don't like jump squats and they don't like me.  They bother my hips (both of them so I can't blame it on an injury).  I don't know if it's a weakness/form issue or just a personal issue but it's the only tabata exercise that I really grew to loathe out of this whole plan.  For my cardio I ran again!  I did 2 minute run/30 second walk intervals with a 1 minute walk warmup and was able to do 1.39 miles in 15 minutes.  It felt great!

Wednesday:  Arms and Core. I really threw down some weight today (my hammer curls and reverse grip pushdowns have increased 40 more lbs from the start) and the bros finally realize that they can't mess with me on the cable machines.  I have to admit that I don't like the core part of this plan.  There are only three exercises, done Tabata style, which is cool enough but I just don't think it's enough for me. The stability ball crunches and med ball twists are all fine and good, but tabata planking just doesn't cut it.  20 secs on, 10 secs off is nothing when I can hold a plank 5-7 mins depending on the day.  For cardio I put in 30 minutes on the crossramp - 3.02 miles.

Thursday:  Leg Day woohoo!  Talk about progress... I've added 150 lbs to my leg press.  Hell yeah!  I'm kinda bummed (but also kinda relieved) this was my last dedicated leg day for a while.  Tabata:  kettlebell swings, box shuffles, shuttle run, and stair sprints.  Confession:  The shuttle run was supposed to be jump squats, but I just couldn't hack another round of them since I was so trashed after the heavy lifting and I really wanted to run.  I got on the treadmill for another run/walk using the same intervals as before and covered 1.84 miles in 20 minutes.  I felt so good... it sucks to stop, but I know it's all for the best.

Friday:  Shoulders.  Still my most weak area, but I have been able to increase every lift anywhere from 8-15 lbs. All good!  Tabata: box shuffles, shuttle run, stair sprints and then another round of stair sprints for good measure.  Afterwards I put in 15 minutes on the elliptical for 1.51 miles.  It was actually a pretty enjoyable elliptical workout, and that's rare for me to say.  It was probably knowing this was the last scheduled elliptical day... lol

Saturday:  Arms and Core - last time!  I really put it out there and lifted as heavy as I could.  I actually had a dude at the gym say to me "That was impressive" after watching me complete my pushdown set.  It's always cool to hear someone say something positive, especially when it's first thing in the morning on a weekend and even you are thinking you're crazy for doing this stuff... haha! Best part of this day, though?  I got in a 30 minute run!  Same 2 min/30 sec intervals as I've been doing, but man.. I really felt like I was on a roll.  I increased my pace a few ticks and that was wonderful too.  When my timer stopped I was at 2.86 miles and while hitting 3 miles was really tempting I stuck to my plan.  I'll get there soon enough.

Sunday:  Ok... so no one works out on Sundays at this gym?  I got there at my same buttcrack of dawn hour expecting a similar crowd and there were two people in there that left shortly after I got there.  Then it was me.  Just me and all this gym all to myself.  It was frickin awesome.  This was a longer tabata workout day.  The exercises were: Ice skaters (which felt awful!), oblique crunches, shuttle run, Russian twists, kettlebell swings, and box shuffles.  It was interesting and fun to just come in and do something a little different.  After the tabata I hopped on the treadmill to attempt to run for a second day in a row.  It wasn't bad at all!  I could tell my body was pretty worn out, but the run felt good.  I increased my intervals to 3 minutes running/1 minute walking.  1 minute walking is way too long for me.  By the time 1 minute rolls around I'm not only bored to tears but my heart rate has plummeted (which really is a testament to my fitness and I'm pleased about that) and when I start running I have that "starting over from scratch" feeling again which sucks.  I think I'm better off with the shorter walking intervals.  I'll keep playing around with it though... who knows. The good news is that I successfully ran two days in a row and I wasn't any worse off for it.  I got in another 1.85 miles in 20 minutes.

This is about the only time I feel comfortable taking a selfie at the gym - when I'm alone!

Like I said, it was quite a week and it didn't end there!  This week's mileage was a meager 18.67 miles, however 7.94 of that was run/walking!!  I ran 4 times this week.  So it's not much, but it's a good start and I'm over the moon with it!

This upcoming week is going to be more laid back.  I'm planning to run a few times and do some flexibility and yoga practice.  As usual at the end of a cycle, I'm taking a week off of the heavy weights and then I will start up a maintenance plan to carry me through my marathon training cycle.  I'm not entirely sure what that looks like yet, but it is getting worked on.  For now, I'm going to enjoy a recovery week and be grateful for any time I get to move my feet outside!


  1. Not a bad start at all for getting back out there and running. Overall you had a kick ass week and crushed the gym. I need to be more like you and hit the gym harder

    1. Thanks. I feel more confident about bringing the running back in gradually this time because a) I know that to "feel for", so to speak and b) I wasn't nearly as badly injured as before and have healed up better/faster.

  2. Wow! Your progress with all the weights is impressive! When I lift, I usually only progress 5-10 pounds. Clearly I haven't been pushing myself enough. Four runs is awesome. I'm glad you're taking it slow _& steady. It is working really well! Enjoy your recovery week. You deserve it!

    1. Thanks! I am hoping the rest helps heal up any little nagging things that might be lurking around and that I'm able to keep plugging away at increasing the running. I'm also really looking forward to being OUTSIDE again! I enjoy the gym but sometimes I feel like a caged animal when I look outdoors and the sun is shining and it's looking like a good day.

  3. DAMN!!! That progress is impressive! So is your control to stick to your running plan - I am crazy OCD about mileage and have to end on a .5 or 0 so stopping at .86 would have had me twitching! Slow and steady right now is exactly where you want to be!
    ENJOY that rest week - you most definitely earned it!