Sunday, July 19, 2015

Marine Corps Marathon Training - Week 2

What a strange week.. Weather went from good to "Welcome to Hell" hot.  I got some really good runs in, I got my boy home from camp, got to spend a few family days together before sending my daughter off to camp, went to Picklesburgh, and watched Minions in the theater for the second time.

The details:

Monday: Super easy 4 mile recovery run followed by lifting arms, shoulders & core.  The gym was irritating this morning... I can't seem to put it into words without sounding very mean spirited/rude (this is at least the third time I've tried), so let's just leave it at there are a few people with very particular "gym stereotypes" that are grating on my nerves currently.  I obviously have watched too many BroScience videos on YouTube.

Tuesday:  Tempo run - 2 mile warmup, 1.5 miles at tempo, cooldown.  A little over 5 miles total.  This was a great run and again I surprised myself with how darn easy it was.  Winning!

Wednesday:  Heavy legs & back lift.  I think I finally have this workout solid.  I felt like I did enough and didn't too too much that it affected my running the next day.  Woohoo!

Wednesday morning we got Vincent back from camp!  I was glad to see him - even his mountain of dirty laundry and camp gear.  He wanted to do something fun together, so he conned us into going to Olive Garden for lunch followed by Minions (since Tori and Garrett blabbed that we took them to see it last week).  Minions is such a cute movie.  I will be owning it once it comes out.

Thursday:  800s.  Same deal as last week - 2 mile warmup, 2x800m with equal recoveries for time, then cooldown.  I feel more successful with this run this week than last.  Last week I "did it", but in reality, my pace was too fast at first, then slower to bring my average to where it was supposed to be on both intervals to compensate.  This week I was able to catch myself in the act quicker and hold a steady pace during the intervals.  This is what training is for!  Love it!  Of course the fact that it was really cool outside (mid 50s) was great too.

Friday:  Since last week's little warmup run test at the gym went well, I added 5 minutes onto it this week.  I ran a little over a mile in 10 minutes before lifting chest, shoulders, and core.  My lift rocked too - I'm finally hitting a stride with heavier front raises.  Rawr!  And does anyone else think hanging leg raises are ridiculously fun?  I love them!  They make me feel like a kid!  After my lift, I did 20 minutes on the bike.  Since I'm adding to the run, I'm taking away from the ride so I'm not doing too much.  It works out.

Friday evening we headed down to Picklesburgh.  Vincent was especially excited for this because he LOVES pickles.  And that's an understatement.  He eats more pickles than any person I've ever known (like bowls full of them), and even chugs the juice out of the jar.  We read online about all the cool things to see and do and EAT there and planned to have a great time.  Unfortunately it ended up being pretty disappointing.  The event was too crowded for the bridge.  You could hardly move a few inches without being pushed or knocked into.  Definitely a challenge with little kids.  Also - when we got there they were sold out of most of the pickle items!  WTF??  Pickle ice cream: Sold out.  Pickle dogs: Sold out.  Kid crafts: all out of those too.  Lots of non-pickle related stuff.  Poor planning, much??  The lines for the things that had yet to sell out spanned the entire way across and down the bridge.  Ugh.  We had pickle funnel cake that was tasty, but nothing special.  We also had some pickle Italian ice that was probably my favorite part.  There was a guy dressed as a pickle wandering around and some people were handing out the pickle pins that you could have gotten by going to the History Center.  But really, it wasn't worth the drive in, dealing with the crowd, paying for parking, etc.  Vincent left saying "I thought I was going to eat more pickle things".  :(

The giant pickle balloon was cool, but overall Picklesburgh was a fail.

Saturday:  I got up and looked at my weather app and it was already really warm.  When I started my run it was 75 degrees and 90% humidity.  I knew I was going to feel this one, and I did.  The goal today was to do 8 minutes running and 30 seconds walking intervals for 10 miles if I could.  I did!  I was grateful for those walk breaks at times, though.  The challenging miles were the ones on the trail by the stadiums where you're totally exposed and the sun was just beating down.  The run was much easier on the shady parts of the trail.  Don't hear me complaining too much, though.  I enjoyed this run.  I need these challenges to get back in the game with strength and confidence so I'll take what I get and work it.  Here's the best thing - I'm back into double digits and feeling great!!

That holy crap am I melting away feeling post 10 miles in brutal heat and humidity.

Saturday afternoon Tori got on the bus to go to camp.  She'll be gone for the next few weeks just as Vince was.  I miss her like crazy already.  It's amazing how you realize what place everyone holds in the family dynamic when one is missing.

Before getting on the camp bus!

Sunday: REST!  I slept in much later than usual.  It was great!

This week I ran 25.3 miles, rode the bike, and lifted like a boss.  I think next week is the last week I will use run/walk for my long run, but we will see.  If it stays hot like this, I may just leave them in for the relief (and the fact it is easier to chug fluids while walking)


  1. Great job with more consistent pacing on your 800s! I felt the same about picklesburgh. It was so crowded that we couldn't even see what all the stands were, and no way were we waiting in line. Oh well. I guess the organizers had no clue that pickles would be so popular.

    1. That's what I thought too.. I think they underestimated everyone's love of the pickle. I hope they give it another try and expand on the idea a bit. It could be really successful and fun.

  2. Another awesome week, and way to hit the 800's. Some of those items at picklesburg don't even sound good, ice cream! No thank you. I was at Beerfest and kept wondering why people were showing up wth pickles on their shirts, then it hit me where they were at. From what everyone said I hear it was a good time

    1. I wish I could have gone to Beerfest, but that was kind of impossible with 3 kids.. lol. I'd arrange a sitter for the night, but Vince just got home from camp and Tori was going to leave so we wanted to spend the time together. I think the people that were able to have the best time at Picklesburgh were the ones that were able to get there early and take advantage of the tasty beverages. ;)

  3. What a great week! Completely agree about the weather and Picklesburg. I think it turned out to be more popular than they expected. Definitely too crowded for a bridge! I got there on Saturday night and most things were sold out, but what we got was marked down which made it worth it. The crowds were also smaller at this point which was nice.

    1. Oh yeah, markdowns make most things better! I'm a sucker for a sale.. lol. I'm really bummed I didn't get a cupcake. I really wanted a dang cupcake. Maybe next year they'll make it bigger and bring more vendors and options!

  4. I thought I was the only person that chugged pickle juice from the jar! So glad I'm not alone :-)

    BIG CONGRATS on double digit miles! That is great and definitely calls for a victory dance/celebration! Keep it up :-)