Friday, July 24, 2015

Real Neat Blogger Survey

I think I'm going for a blog PR this week - this is my third post!  lol  Luckily I have some extra time on my hands but I don't expect it to last... I'm enjoying it while I can!

So I was tagged by my pal Shaun (if you don't follow him, it is a must.. trust me) to do this Real Neat Blogger Survey.  I've seen it circle around lately and was pondering answers to some of the questions as I read others, so I'm excited to be able to share.

First the Rules:
1. Put the award logo on your blog
2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you
3. Thank the person who nominated you, linking their blog
4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking their blogs
5. Let them know you nominated them

1.) If you weren't happy with yesterday, what would you do to change it?
Yesterday had a good start and a pretty shit end.   To change it I probably would have kept my cool better, and not be so quick to lose my temper and open my mouth.  Sometimes it's best to just walk away and not say anything at all... but sometimes I fail at that.  And....I'll just leave it at that.

2.) What is your favorite book?
The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama.  I bet that's a shock to some people.  It changed my life though, and I think it is a must read for every single person on Earth.

3.) What is your biggest success and biggest challenge?
Success:  I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who did what they had written in our Senior Yearbook for the "what will you do after graduation" question.  I got the hell out of the backwoods, backwards thinking, everyone's nose in your business little town I grew up in and (with the exception of a very brief - and I mean less than 1 year return) stayed gone.  I feel bad for every single person who couldn't/can't escape that vacuum of misery.  I actually had a cousin write me a few years ago to tell me how much she admires and respects me because I'm "the only one that ever had the courage to get out".  Now I've struggled a LOT over the years to keep my head straight and above water but it has all been worth it.

Challenge:  I find it hard to give myself a break and chill out.  I always think I have to be doing something.  In fitness, I feel like I'm slacking if I'm not hitting PRs in lifting heavier, running faster, dropping bodyfat and building muscle, etc.  In other aspects I feel like if I sit here on the internet for too long I need to get up and clean for hours to compensate.  Or I shouldn't watch a netflix marathon, I could be writing out my meal plan for next week instead.  Just once I want to be perfectly ok with "I'm going to hang out in my PJs and do jack shit today".  I do that from time to time, don't get me wrong, but it's always coupled with terrible guilt and feeling that I just wasted production time of some kind.

4.) What does your perfect day look like?

See my challenge above?  Well, I just want to wake up one morning and not worry about all the things that need to "get done now".  I don't want to know what time it is, I don't want to have a schedule or a to-do list.  I just want to go with the flow and do whatever.  Laying in a hammock on an island somewhere with a high alcohol drink sounds good for starters.

5.)  What is your favorite memory?

This was the hardest question for me to answer because I have a lot of great memories.  For this I'll pick the night that my husband and I spent at Downtown Disney during our belated honeymoon.  I'm pretty sure I drank everyone in the state of Florida under the table and did a ton of crazy stuff but it was the best night ever and I would love to relive it.

6.) What is the craziest thing you ever done?
Ha!  Well I've done a ton of crazy shit, but for this I always say it is get married on a whim in Vegas at ten till midnight in the middle of January 2002.  My then-fiance and I were sitting at a Red Lobster one night planning our wedding.  It wasn't a fun process from the start and was just dragging along.  If you met our families you'd learn they are totally opposite.  My family is like something out of a Jeff Foxworthy show and his is a combination of The Sopranos and a monarchy.  They do not mesh AT ALL.  It made the whole "big wedding" thing just not fun.  And especially back in those days, Nick and I were all about just living it up and having fun.  Anyway, something else you need to know for this story is that I am terrified of airplanes.  Like OMG give me general anesthesia for this terrified.  Sitting in this Red Lobster in January 2002, I had never even attempted to get into a plane before.  Well, Nick leans across the table and says "I dare you to get on a plane and fly to Vegas and marry me right now".  To which my stunned self replied "now? like after dinner now?".  He said yes... and I grew some balls and said ok and we immediately went home, booked a flight, drove to the airport, and after a few connections we were in Vegas.  We didn't have a hotel booked, we didn't know where anything was, we were just there.  We got a taxi and got a good deal on a place to stay, then had a car take us to get a marriage license.  After the holy crap fast process it was to get a marriage license we started asking where we could go to get married real quick and we were directed pretty much across the street to the courthouse.  There we were married by some county clerk whose name we still laugh about looks and sounds like "masturbate", with the night guard Pedro as our witness.  We had no rings, we were wearing jeans and t-shirts, and I think the whole process took less than 20 minutes from license app to the kiss.  LOL  But yes, this is probably the craziest thing I've done.  Still afraid of airplanes, though.

7.) If your life were a movie title what would it be?  What the Hell is She Thinking?

8.) If you could do anything right now what would it be?

With regards to what?  What I want to do with my life or what do I want to do just this second?  Life: Be happy doing something that legitimately helps people and makes the world a better place, no matter what that is.  This second:  I want to make a brownie sundae and chill in bed and finish watching the rest of the season of Nurse Jackie.  But I'm gonna settle for oatmeal because I have to run in the morning.

As for who I tag - I'm gonna be a rule breaker and not be specific.  If you haven't done this survey, do it!  I love reading these and learning more about everyone!  I know we all do more than run and workout!


  1. I love the getting married in Vegas on a whim story! That IS crazy but so cool. We are a lot alike with the not relaxing thing. But I just feel like there's so much to do that I can't just sit around! Even on vacations, we are always on the go. I think there was 1 single day over 16 years of vacation that we actually did nothing. But, our vacations are for exploring, not relaxing. I do want to try to relax at home more though. Oh, and I forgot to mention, congrats on your new job!

    1. Yes! That's how I am too on the vacations. I always have an itinerary... it's such a blessing and curse. Thanks for the congrats too!

  2. Really liked your answers and definately was not expecting some of them. I can't believe you got married on whim like that in Vegas, and I like how you say you drank everyone under the table on your honeymoon, lol!! My type of friend!!

    1. haha, it was crazy.. by the end of the night (meaning early the next morning) we had shot girls that were carrying around those little shot trays with Snakebites and Liquid Cocaines that knew to bring us a tray out and just leave it. And I remember carrying around a bucket - like a little kids sand pail thing - and kept going into this one bar to have it refilled with some beer/margarita concoction. It was fun... I don't remember getting back to the hotel, but I do remember having a lot of fun!

  3. That is so cool that you just hopped on a plane and got married! I love those kinds of stories! And a brownie sundae sounds sooooo good. I need one. It's only 8 AM, but who cares?!
    Have you ever read the book The Magic? It's kind of cheesy in some parts but the overall message is really powerful and inspiring!